"With fast evolving software development technologies, the global mobile games industry strides even faster. Here is everything to know about mobile game development, including trends, growth, and the future."

Smartphone usage is at an all-time high, and the trend is sustaining. Technologies are advancing persistently, and with that, smartphones are getting cheaper day by day. This trend signifies the app development industry's expansion, and the mobile games industry occupies a big amount of space in the app development industry.
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It's high time to evaluate your user experience designing an approach to avoid making similar mistakes that even experienced UX Designer does while designing their UI & UX for a mobile app. Does UI & UX matters at the time will have an impact on your mobile app?

If you still feel they are not, this is the right time to change your UX designing mindset. Below are a few UX designing mistakes that possibly impact your user experience and need to be removed after reading this article.
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Swift is now the de-facto official programming language for iOS app development. It has been created by Apple, keeping several considerations in mind. When back in 2014, Swift was introduced by Apple as the programming language that would change several paradigms for iOS development and will emerge as the only language to be used by iOS developers. There can hardly be any doubt that the prediction has come true, and Swift did and become what it promises to do and become.

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Swift has not just been a success story, but it generated countless success stories and played a crucial role in shaping the dominance of the Apple App Store and the iOS ecosystem in all these years. With every subsequent update, Swift continued to get better and more equipped and will continue to offer more value additions for Swift app developers in the years to come. So, it doesn't need any expertise that the future of iOS development is intertwined with the evolution of Swift.
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After building a mobile app specifically for business needs and developed according to the targeted consumer's physiology, you can still get the right amount of business opportunities similar to what your competitors are getting very well.

What you are missing? Have you thought about that?

What's the difference between you & your competitor's mobile app marketing efforts? Is the AI-based Chatbot integration intrigued their real-time customers glued to their new product launching, solving consumer's queries & many more benefits chatbots offer for a business if developed by a reputed firm?

Now you must be wondering how to find these organizations for joining hand with, or to incorporate in integrating a chatbot technology to your mobile app effectively, so you can take maximum advantage of having a virtual assistant to guide your users in the right direction without even checking what's happening in your business mobile application.

I have been working as a full-time & part-time mobile app engineer for many companies across the world. Still, when referring someone for Chabot development requirements, I also refer to Chatbot Service India to take the lead.

Why is that?
Indian chatbot developers are well versed and calibrated to insert the right set of technologies in a chatbot to outperform the rest of the competitors.

Let me know if you have any questions about designing and developing chatbots for your business.
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Build Interactive Ionic Apps with AngularJS from one of the trusted Ionic application development company in India, IndianAppDevelopers. Our highly experienced Ionic app developers build robust and scalable single codebase app that works on across all mobile platforms. We promise to offer high-quality and seamlessly performing enterprise-grade app solutions. Are you interested in starting an Ionic project? Contact IndianAppDevelopers now.
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2019 was the roller coaster ride for all the Mobile App UI/UX Designers, it has fluctuated most of the time, from acquiring new trends and updates into the mobile app design process, and finding loopholes and fix them for better user experience for the consumers of respective mobile apps.

After major updates in the app UI/UX designs to leverage into mobile/web and software applications, we have figured out what was the authentic process to design mobile apps in a way that becomes so smooth while interacting with features of it.

Here in this article, you will see what baby steps you have to take when you were designing mobile apps for your clients, small businesses on the enterprise.
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