The CompTIA IT Project + professional is responsible for managing project quality. They must be able to monitor the project scope and project schedule. The professionals have to oversee the project as well along with the project risks. They have to take care of the vendors and procurements. It is the CompTIA IT Project + professional who handles the legal issues of the organization. They have to deliver the final product and close project procurements. The professional will handle the technical developments within the technical team.

CompTIA IT Project + | Certification, Jobs, Salary & More!
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The Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification validates the professional skills to plan, design and manages the controls that protect the IT and business systems secure. The certified professionals are leaders in subjects such as mobile device security, application development security, and cryptography.
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Generally, the Small Business Specialist is the term coined for the companies and not for an individual. It can be that a group of certified experts engaged in providing the services to the Microsoft products and supports the business plan is one of the essential responsibility of Small Business Specialist.

Essentially the responsibility of Microsoft Small Business Specialist lies in recognizing the fact that small business clients can provide high-quality results built with Microsoft tools.

These solutions are designed as per the customers’ needs and supported to ensure customer satisfaction.
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Professionals should have a bachelor degree and have proven knowledge of computer science, electronics, and telecommunications. Usually, organizations also look for people who have some network experience with copper and fiber cabling network.

Technicians further should have basic computer skills, data entry experience and knowledge of office applications in addition to having skills in computer networking

The training structure or plan of Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI) is decisive for the future of the network infrastructure industry as the industry standard certification for those working within the network cabling sector.

Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI) | Role, Salary & more!
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The Cisco TelePresence Solution Specialist is the professional who carries out a wide range of services for the user of Cisco TelePresence. They ensure the trouble-free video communication between the organizations or within the teams across different locations.

Primarily they should ensure the proper network connectivity for the Cisco Products and services.

They Solution Specialist ensures proper functionality of conferencing infrastructure products offered by Cisco to the businesses around the world.

cisco video conferencing certification
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IBM Certified Deployment Professionals must be well-versed with LINUX operating system commands such as vi, iptables, ssh, cat, tail, grep and others. They must be capable of understanding both vulnerabilities and vulnerability scanners. They must also have basic proficiency in CVSS and other scoring systems and have knowledge of shell scripting.

Deployment Professionals are responsible for managing both operating systems and databases. They must have a good understanding of hardware systems and virtual machines, networking tools, and protocols. These certified experts must be able to fulfill all information security regulations. They must further have database administration experience and experience with web server components and Tivoli process automation engine application toolsets. Deployment Professionals must also be able to use single sign-on protocols and multi-factor authentication as well.

IBM Certified Deployment Professional – Job Description & Salary
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Red Hat Certified Technicians must know how to use and manage Red Hat Linux Enterprise operating systems in a networked environment. They must have a good command of file systems and know commands relating to Linux, X Window systems, KDE and GNOME desktop environments. They further play an active role in installing and configuring Red Hat operating systems.

Red Hat Certified System Administrators must have a good understanding of how to access and manage files from a command line. They play an active role in creating, viewing and editing text files. It is the responsibility of Red Hat Certified Technicians to manage local Linux users and groups. They must also control access to files using Linux file system permissions.

Red Hat Certified Technician – Roles, Responsibilities & Salary
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A Huawei Certified Datacom Associate (HCDA) will play an active role in designing IP addresses with IP address subnetting technology. The professional will be able to handle any issues related to Huawei routing and switching devices. They also should have good knowledge of network security and firewall concepts. The associate will have an in-depth understanding of small and medium-sized networks, including general network technologies.

Huawei Certified Datacom Associate | Definition, Responsibilities & More!
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A Network Security Operations Engineer works along with a team of security administrators to ensure that the infrastructure of an organization is secure. The individual will, therefore, have to work with diverse IT security technologies and products. These engineers will have to be active team players and must have excellent spoken and written communication skills. They will implement and support the network security solutions.

The job responsibility of the candidate entails fixing network hardware and software issues.

Network Security Operations Engineer | Role, Salary & More!
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When it comes to the installation and maintenance of HP printers in your business, you need the process to run as smoothly as possible - and FieldEngineer is the perfect solution. Whatever you need, our expert pool of over 40,000 highly-qualified engineers in and around 180 countries are sure to be able to help.

Deployment of HP Printers
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