In order to do live broadcast, I do not need much: I have to adjust the sound, so that music will be played and done recording from the microphone simultaneously, also would be great if this will work with Skype. In practice, it is not so simple. In this article, I will tell about settings of my workstation and software that will be used during the broadcast on the Internet radio.

The above setup is a quite suitable for the music broadcasts; furthermore, it was originally made for them.


The overall structure looks as follows: even during the pair broadcasts the ready-made sound is formed on the side of one announcer, then this flow is transmitted to the server, which distributes it to the audience (it is all done by icecast2). Simultaneously, live broadcasts are recorded for the subsequent automated processing.

I use a USB-microphone Samson C01U:
ZimerMan 19 october 2011, 20:09

What is it?

We talk on the phone; we listen to the presentations and speeches in the concert halls. Some of us try to eavesdrop on other people's conversations, others make a wiretap impossible. However, such situations happened for all the above cases, where background noise prevented to hear somebody’s conversation that words became simply unintelligible. In order to avoid such problems before the operation of sound channels is carried out the acoustic examination of speech communication channels.

Channel or speech communication channel (or voice data transmission channel) – it is the physical environment, the distance that the sound goes from the starting point to ending. It may be the air, electroacoustical, vibrational, parametric, optical-electronic channel, but let us do not consider them, because our goal is measuring the most important quality criterion of sound channel - speech intelligibility.
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imageWhen I opened a mail for the domain on Yandex, I decided to open a free registration for unauthorized users to the mailboxes on mine “fancy” domain. In addition, I enabled catch-all feature, which directs all incoming mail of nonexistent mailboxes of my domain to my main mailbox. I faced necessity to reserve all the “standard” names of mailboxes for myself in order to avoid confusion, when some name already has been reserved by another user, and all “service” mail goes to someone else. Of course, you can any time expropriate any mailbox that is under control of domain. I'm puzzled: what are the names of mailboxes standard and system-defined? Yandex technical support said that they reserve for themselves only the name of postmaster @ for each domain to keep track of complaints and problems with the mail. Further, the search of results on the Internet was a bit predictable.
(On the picture is: the famous black mailbox, a place of pilgrimage for UFO enthusiasts)


First, I wanted to find RFC, which is RFC 2142, MAILBOX NAMES FOR COMMON SERVICES, ROLES AND FUNCTIONS (mailbox names for the public services, roles and functions), which was last amended in 1997. Here is just interesting information for us. Based on the document, the following mailboxes should exist and have the following functions:
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Part Two

The first part can be found here.

The software part

iPad application

Overpatching of the application took only a week for the iPad. The main time was spent on rework of the user’s interface. Dimensions of screen resolution of the iPad and iPhone are different, so if we have not considered this when designing the interface - we have a problem (especially, if we have numerous screens).
If we lead 1024 without changing the dimensions to 480, then the resulting image will be 480x360, so we get 40 extra pixels vertically. One simple solution is to leave empty space above and below. I do not like this approach. Since I only have had three screens (almost everything is in the vector), I have reworked the source materials for expansion of 1024x768 and has written a utility that moving in 480x320, and cutting (shifting) the specific parts from top, bottom or both sides that I do not need.

I completely rewrote the dialog of posting to Twitter, the old was not designed for the iPad.
Transferring a binary file into universal format took exactly one click. So, select a target “Upgrade this target to ipad”.
I used this code below to find out if the iPad is software-based or not:
BOOL isPad ()
return (UI_USER_INTERFACE_IDIOM () == UIUserInterfaceIdiomPad);
# else
return NO;
# endif
ZimerMan 25 september 2011, 10:32


In October 2008, I have found out at an ordinary meeting with two friends that they are involved in the developing of games for the iPhone. At that time I already had almost completed shareware project for the Windows. I was inspired by the desire to port it for the iPhone, I started working in this direction.


Create and adapt the development tools for the Windows platform without the purchasing of Mac device and related the development tools. Mac purchase was postponed until a full understanding of how it works. Almost finished project and tools for it were for the Windows, so I decided to do all for the Windows. I started implementing this idea after I spent a few days searching the internet.

Step one - Setting up the environment and compiler for the Windows, or to be more exact for the Cygwin

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What is MapReduce?

This is an approach, algorithm or pattern of the parallel processing of large volumes of unprocessed data, for example, the results of crawlers or the logs of web queries. According to statistics 80% tasks could be mapped on is mapped on MapReduce, it just drives NoSQL. There are different implementations of MapReduce. Well known and patented implementation of this algorithm and the approach of Google, for example: MySpace Qizmt - MySpace's Open Source Mapreduce Framework, is also used in Hadoop, MongoDb and there are many different examples that we can give. More details can be found in the article MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters

The algorithm receives at the input 3 arguments: the source collection, Map function, and Reduce function, and it returns a new collection of data.

Collection MapReduce (Collection source, Function map, Function reduce)

The algorithm is composed by few steps; the first one consists to execute the Map function to each item within the source collection. The Map will return zero or may instances of Key/Value objects
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