Though the DeFi space is nascent now, it can play a game-changing role in the way conventional financial systems function. It offers individuals irrespective of their income level or geographical location access to basic financial services and applications without the interference of any intermediaries in the system. Hence, the unbanked sections of the population are the biggest beneficiaries of Decentralized Finance development. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is being developed on platforms like Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and IOST.

Aim of Decentralized Finance Development?

It aims to create a permissionless financial ecosystem accessible to everyone in the world based on blockchain infrastructure which operates using public distributed ledgers.
It covers every activity of the mainstream financial system like trading, investment, borrowing, lending, wealth management, insurance, asset management, and payments.
It is based on DApps or protocols and ensures a peer to peer financial network.

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TRC20 token is a technical standard based on the implementation of the smart contracts when using the TRON network to issue a token. It is fully compatible with Ethereum’s ERC20. A TRON address with a smart contract will be required for creating a TRC20 token. A TRC20 token can be traded on the leading exchanges in the market, can be offered in a firm’s ICO crowdsale, in DApps as a payment method, and for developing your own projects. TRC20 tokens cannot be accessed via API and have bandwidth costs for API transfers and deposits made by users. TRC20 tokens can be used for facilitating conditional and instant transactions. The bonus distribution system works on a first-come-first-serve basis. It has a higher energy level and bandwidth capacity than the TRC10 token.

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As the number of ICO’s increases in the industry with every passing day, raising a significant amount of funds is getting more difficult and many projects are failing to reach even their soft cap.

Some of the Best Tips on Marketing an ICO are

Kickstart a powerful bounty program
Increase your visibility through productive partnerships
List your ICO on a reputed exchange in the market
Be active on Telegram
Partner with the right legitimate marketing agencies
Diversify and introduce more variety into your message
List your ICO on the popular ranking and tracking sites
Focus more on influencer marketing
Introduce attractive discount codes
Establish a sophisticated conversion funnel for your investors

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Since most of the regular users of Twitter open their accounts daily, the content will get easily consumed and shared ensuring higher traction for the firm’s project.
It helps in sharing real-time updates about your project along with details of your goals achieved and the events conducted by the firm in the future.
You can witness healthy growth by not dealing with spammy, fake, bot and inactive accounts. Create realistic action plans according to the interests of your coin by targeting the countries of your audience through the use of your hashtags.
You can become a thought leader of your burgeoning industry by engaging with an active and interested audience.
A positive ROI will be experienced if you get conversions which depend on the effectiveness and reach of your marketing campaign.
Do not indulge in random user engagement and follow targetted people related to your brand, interest, hashtags, and countries.
Twitter can also be used for sharing information about any changes to your token distribution strategy, updates in the whitepaper, reminding prospective investors about the deadline of your ICO, and warn users about ongoing scams.

Blockchain app factory having an experienced social media team well-versed with dynamic market trends. Having successfully completed several projects beforehand, they will develop a well-rounded and flexible plan for your ICO.
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Blockchain App Factory utilizes data-driven marketing campaigns for promoting ICO’s. Their team comprises marketing specialists, web developers, and content strategists. They have offices in India and Japan.

They mainly serve finance companies, trading platforms, and asset management companies. They are proficient in different platforms like Stellar, Corda, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Azure Blockchain.

Their Pre-ICO strategies include public relations, investor outreach, community management, influencer marketing, social media promotion, organizing events and roadshows, email marketing, sponsored posts, banner ads, whitepaper preparation, smart contract auditing, assistance in listing the tokens on the leading exchanges in the market, and analyzing the economic model of the token.
Their Post-ICO activities include assistance in product launch, content creation for promoting the brand’s image and ensuring secondary market price protection. They maintain constant communication with the investors, educate the users, encourage innovation on the platform, enhance stakeholder and community participation, focus on organically acquiring a huge number of token holders, build a local ambassador and influencer network, and organize airdrop and bug bounty programs to accelerate adoption.
The process they follow comprises conceptualizing a marketing strategy, implementing it, analyzing the results using various tools, and restrategizing the plan based on the feedback received.
They render featured coverage on the leading websites such as Hackernoon, Reuters, Forbes, CCN, CoinSpectator, and Bitcoin News. They supply three different packages for covering crypto-related news and events on different websites ranging from $63,000 to $261,000. Blockchain App Factory also takes steps to list your ICO project on ICOBench which is a rating platform for different ICO’s in the market.

Hence they are one of the leading online marketing companies rendering customized solutions. Choose them for their massive visibility, solid reputation in the market, affordable result-oriented packages, and 100% response rates to achieve mutual success.
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Twitter is one of the leading micro-blogging platforms there in the world. With a limit of 280 characters per tweet, is the best medium for sharing quick posts and sound bytes. Many popular celebrities, companies, and other influential personalities regularly interact on Twitter. It also possesses tremendous analytical capability as advertisers gain access to huge volumes of data in the form of tweets, retweets, number of views, interactions, and likes. By not using the power of Twitter, you are missing a great chance to generate more sales and quality leads for your business.

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Investing in a digital asset management platform offers a plethora of benefits in the form of time and cost savings as all the assets can be stored in the form of a repository. It also helps in reusing and redistributing assets effectively.

The details regarding asset utilization can be tracked on a real-time basis across various geographies by analyzing the data of consumption related to area, region, and market.

Starting platform development for all assets has some challenges such as integration as you need to work with several legacy systems such as Customer relationship management (CRM) and Content management system (CMS). The maintenance expenses will be huge as the organization grows. Acquiring a cloud-based platform will reduce the costs of traffic in your network environment and it is quickly scalable according to the level of your demand.

Blockchain app factory services include governance, management, and distribution of digital assets for enterprises by eradicating the usage of outdated techniques.
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ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) have proved to be a huge blessing for startups to fulfill their fundraising goals. The tokens will be sold by the firm to investors in exchange for fiat or the leading cryptocurrencies. White label ICO software is ideal as they help in cutting the cost and time for developing the software. It will be customized according to the firm’s specifications.

Why White Label ICO Software Solutions Will Make a Positive Difference for Your Firm?

Since it is a ready-made product with all the necessary features and functionalities, it is highly cost-effective and can be instantly deployed in any market.
It can be completely customized according to the requirements of the client. One can add their own logo, brand name, design, color theme, and implement them in the white label ICO dashboard platform.
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➼ Creation of an account before developing your business idea - Get to know how to use the TRONlink Chrome wallet for connecting to the TRON blockchain network easily. Select your network as Shasta which is the official testnet for TRON. Request some Trx coins for starting your Dapp on TRON. Copy and paste your account address to receive the Trx coins. Once you configure the TRONBOX, write down the address where the contracts were deployed to. Learn how to code in the Solidity programming language. This will allow your Dapp to interact with the TRON blockchain network.

➼ Develop smart contracts - Establish smart contracts for monitoring the operations without human intervention.

➼ Create tokens - Develop tokens on the TRON platform either on TRC10 or TRC20 token standards.

➼ Install the necessary development tools - Take steps to install the development applications after reading all the relevant developer documents thoroughly.

➼ Set up the API’s - Install the needed API’s for customizing and building your Dapp.

Follow these steps to develop a successful Dapps on tron platform.
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ICO’S (Initial Coin Offerings) have acquired a huge craze among the growing cryptocurrency community. It is a cost-effective capital raising method where blockchain technology will be used to power a product or a service. A specific amount of funds will be raised and fiat currency or cryptocurrency will be used to pay for the new tokens by the purchasers who are investing in ICO.

Some Areas to Evaluate to Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Scam or a Failed Project Before Undertaking Investment in the Initial Coin Offerings Are

Analyze the background of the team members
Understand the functionality of the token used in the project
Look at the roadmap of the project
Check out the quality of the code
Observe the behavior of the community supporting the project
Verify their reputation in the industry
Analyze if all legal norms have been satisfied
The protection offered in case of any threats
Verify if they are following KYC guidelines
Read their published whitepaper thoroughly

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