Today, everything is transforming as digitalize due to its convenience and accessibility. Finance sector is also emerging greatly after the integration of mobile apps. Moreover, getting a hold on your finances and cash flow is also important for business owners and professional accountants where fintech apps plays a major role. An innovative Fintech can make a huge impact on our global society. This is why banking & financial industries looking forward for fintech app development

What is Fintech?

Fintech is a term which refers anything that has to do with finance and technology: from platforms for money transferring to budgeting apps.
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Today, everything is transforming as digitalize due to its convenience and accessibility. Finance sector is also emerging greatly after the integration of mobile apps. Moreover, getting a hold on your finances and cash flow is also important for business owners and professional accountants where fintech apps plays a major role. An innovative Fintech can make a huge impact on our global society. This is why banking & financial industries looking forward for fintech app development

What is Fintech?

Fintech is a term which refers anything that has to do with finance and technology: from platforms for money transferring to budgeting apps.

Fintech Mobile Apps - Market Stats
A report says, by 2022 more than 65% if Americans will use digital banking. Moreover, around 70% of people across the globe will utilize banking apps and digital wallets by the end of 2021.

Fintech will take 33.3% of loan granting and applying process in the USA by 2022.

In this pandemic period, adoption of finance apps has increased by 212%.

All banking & financial sectors and companies across the globe are endeavoring to improve the digital experience for the customers. In order to survive in the market, these sectors has no other options rather than make their online existence with a brand new mobile app.

So your perception to develop a fintech app is much appreciable.

What are the Benefits in Fintech Applications for Businesses and Customers?

Initially, a Fintech application is mutually beneficial for both business and its customers. Explore some benefits below

1.Improve customer experience
2.Stimulating User Engagement
3.Low Cost of Development and Maintenance
4.Simple to use
5.Instant Process

To know more, visit>> Benefits of Finance App Development

How to Build a Fintech App?

In order to develop a fintech app, it is essential to join your hands with a well reputed banking & finance app development company. Before that, you need to be clear with some factors. Let me list it out

1.Be prepared with your app idea
2.Select your app type(Personal finance app, Insurance App, etc)
3.Pick the right project methodology
4.Formulate an effective development approach
5.Be sure in which platform you need to launch your app
6.Choose the right managed cloud services platforms
7.List out the features to be added

Once after being with all these factors, approach your project partner. If you are not sure about these factors and looking for an instant solution, then get connect with MacAndro, a leading mobile app development company who are expertise in designing and developing feature rich mobile apps for banking & financial sectors.
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Incursion of Covid-19 has boosted up the fitness industry and draws a successful path for the several online fitness apps. Fitness related apps has attained an immense user base in this pandemic period by offering myriad of benefits and features to its users like diet tracker, activity tracker, live meditation visuals, sleep tracking, on-demand fitness training and much more. As a result, fitness apps added to the most popular type of healthcare mobile services today. So there is an excellent source of constant income in fitness app.

This made several existing fitness studios to approach fitness app developers to go for fitness app development to make their business presence in online. In order to grab knowledge about development process, refer this article
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Demand for E-learning Apps in 2021:

Arrival of COVID-19 boosted the online education greatly. As schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes are kept closed in this pandemic period, students have no other options rather than going with online learning. Due to lockdown, myriad of students & educational institutes across the globe migrated to elearning marketplace from traditional method. Yet we are still in pandemic, students shift towards online learning is raising enormously.

According to the recent update from Tedros Adhanom director of WHO(World Health Organization), it could take possibly two years to see our world corona free. Moreover people are advised to “learn to live with corona”. In such scenario, there won’t be any alternative for the students and educational institutes other than online learning. Well online learning is booming as a perfect business idea to make millions in 2021 and so several entrepreneurs and educational sectors are looking to for an educational app development. In order to satisfy them, MacAndro has designed an advanced educational app with covering all the COVID-19 measures.
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As how Uber is for the On-demand industry, the same way Betfair is for Online Sports Betting Exchange. Betfair is an online gambling company which runs the world's largest online betting exchange. Once after its emergence in 2000, Betfair experienced an enormous growth and shines as the top player in the online Sports betting industry.

Being the most successful sports betting app, betfair impressed many entrepreneurs towards sports betting app development. Its unbelievable success navigates them to develop a sports betting app like betfair. As a resolution for this need, MacAndro enters into the online sports industry with a incredible betfair Clone script.

Benefits in preferring Betfair Clone For Sports Betting Exchange App Development:

As an entrepreneur you can experience myriad of advantages while choosing betfair clone app for your sports betting exchange app development. Some of them mentioned below. Explore them

Quick Launch and Faster to Market:

With our Betfair clone, you can launch your sports betting exchange app with in a week. The alternative way of this (building from scrach) will cost more time for your app launch and postpond your success.

Less Investment:

Our Clone script will cost less while comparing to building a sports betting exchange app from scratch. With the humongous surge in the sports betting industry, we are providing you with high-quality services at affordable prices that can easily accelerate your overall productivity.

Reduces the Time of Development:

Our Clone will offer you an option to dive into this lucrative business as soon as possible. Our skilled developers are expertise in developing impressive games in less time which results in optimum utilisation of time.

Much more benefits are there, when it comes to betfair clone. In order to explore them in detail, refer this article >> Advantages of Betfair Clone

Join Your Hands with MacAndro to Build Your Own Sports Betting Exchange App Like Betfair:

MacAndro is a leading sports betting game app development company expertise in developing top class sports betting app like betfair integrated with smart features and advanced technology. MacAndro also provides customized betfair Clone app which upholds all the reliable features and functionalities of betfair to launch their sports betting exchange app.

We experts will deliver the project with

1.Live updates about matches for users
2.Live feed and real-time simulations
3.Give advantage over traditional on-site betting
4.Aid you compare odds from multiple bookmakers
5.Enable users to unfold betting experience
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Currently FMCG industry is experiencing immense growth. Today, customers interest towards global products has raised greatly due to the internet revolution. Consumer Purchases FMCG through Online More than Before. Moreover, consumers make their demand not for just global products but also expecting the quality as well as on time delivery. Well, in this high populated world, moving from one place to other seems very difficult in these days due to heavy traffic. In order to overcome this, now we are utilizing the technologies to find the safer and traffic free path to reach our destination. Well the same formula applies in FMCG industry with some added benefits.

In recent times, people sees buying in online has a lot of advantage. They started to shift from offline-buying style to online. Or started to buy online, if not entirely. Total online buyer are now more and more and the number is keep growing.
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Smarkets is the peer-to-peer online betting exchange which enables the users to bet on sports, events and politics in a competitive, modern and fair environment.

What is Betting Exchange?

Betting exchange is nothing but an online marketplace for users through which they can bet on the outcome of discrete events. Betting exchanges offer the same opportunities to bet as a bookmaker with a few differences

The major difference with the betting exchange is that, users can bet against each other on the outcome of events rather than betting against the bookmaker with his limited rules. This is major reason for the success of the online betting exchange like Smarkets, Betfair, Bet365.

How does Smarkets Makes Money?

Smarkets generate revenue by charging a small percentage of your winnings in commission. Comparing with the other betting exchanges, Smarkets charge minimum cost of two percentage from the winners money.

This method has accelerated their growth, and now Smarkets is one of the highly used betting exchanges across the globe.

As a proof of it, Smarkets announced that it has processed over $15 billion in transactions across regulated markets, but a lot of that money has flowed through the betting exchange that is the company’s bread and butter.

How to use Smarkets?

In order to make your bets in Smarkets and to make money, initially there are some basics steps. Let me direct you right from the sign up.

Sign Up:

Initially you can join in Smarkets by creating your account by providing the essential details like email id, password, date of birth and currency. If you have been referred by someone, you can provide the referral code while signing up.

Update Personal details:

Once after signing in to your account, you need to update your account by filling up your personal details such as country, name, address and more.


After setting up your account, you will be allowed to make your first deposit. Well the minimum amount for deposition starts from £20.

How to make bet on Smarkets?

Once you’ve deposited your first £20, Smarkets will give you access to your £10 welcome bonus

Follow the steps to make bets on Smarkets:

1.Select your sport and the event to make your bet.

2.Once you concluded on which category you like to make bet, then furtherly select the event. For instance, if you picked Indian Premier League, next you should choose the game in which you want to bet on.

3.At last, you need to Choose your bet type like back or lay and enter the bet amount. After completing these steps you can select place bet button
This simple procedure for placing bets and its astonishing benefits made Smarkets to attain a huge success. Smarkets success inspires several entrepreneurs to go online betting exchange development. If you are one among them, then get connect with MacAndro

Top Sports Betting Exchange Development Company - MacAndro

MacAndro is a leading sports betting app development company expertise in providing feature rich and high functioning betting exchange like Smarkets with extreme quality and smart features. MacAndro’s Smarket clone upholds all the reliable features of Smarkets and helps the entrepreneurs to launch their own betting exchange in a short span of time.
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As sports considered as a skyscraping with huge fan base all over the globe, its craziness among everyone never fades and it keeps on rising. This makes many sports apps gets into the field in recent times. With this usage of sports apps, many of the sports followers can engage lively and also helps to earn money through it. It has reached a huge attention towards youngsters via Fantasy sports app.

From 2014 to 2017, USA and Canada has involved with around 20% of their population in utilizing fantasy sports. It will definitely keep on rising to reach 50% of their population in eagerly utilizing fantasy sports app. Approximately, players utilizing this fantasy sports app yield $162 in a regular basis and $257 via traditional league matches. This is why, fantasy sports betting app development is being the most demanded business concept in the online marketplace currently

What is a Sports Betting App? 

Sports betting app is an incredible smartphone application through which users can place their bets by predicting the sports results and placing a wager on the outcome. Generally, users will bet by predicting the outcome of the sporting event and win a set amount of money if their chosen team or player wins. If not, the bettor will lose their money. Losing his full amount of money or a part in it depends upon the type of betting they pick. 

How to design & develop a Sports Betting App?

When it comes to sports betting app development, it is mandatory to approach one who are technically strong & uphold significant experience in this billion dollar revenue generating business model. This is because, tons of online sports betting developers are available in the online marketplace but the fact only an expertise like MacAndro, a prominent sports betting game app development company who has in-depth knowledge in this lucrative business model can aid you to get the market reputation by providing something beyond the mainstream and helps you flourish with myriad of opportunities & possibilities.

Speaking generally, when getting into the development process, you would require a team to handle your billion dollar project right from scratch. Well, the development team for your project consist of business analyst, project manager, Font-End & Backend developers, Teaster and admin. Pay for them will differ from each other and their pay will be according to their preferences in your project.  If you are looking to know exact pay for each and every individual in the list, reach us. 

Stay away from your competitors with a Crypto based Sports Betting App:

In order to conquer them and to stand unique, you should offer something exclusive beyond the user’s expectation. If you are gone through this, then you should integrate blockchain technology in your platform. Most of the sports betting platforms are running without cryptocurrency concept currently.

If you are looking to utilize this elite idea in your sports betting app, then once again MacAndro will be your best ever option. This is because, MacAndro is reputed and recognized in providing blockchain solutions in sports betting concept across the globe.

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Due to the arrival of Covid-19, lockdown has implemented worldwide by several governments. As a result of this people are compelled to stay at home to break the transmission chain of corona. This made several business to go down, but this pandemic situation shines as the perfect time for the online businesses. As people are limited from visiting physical stores, they have no other choices rather than going for online platform via mobile apps to fulfill their basic needs.

Well this situation made several companies to struggle to sustain with the changing business environment. But some have taken advantage of the current situation. They have taken their services on-demand, allowing users to avail them online. Many entrepreneurs build their own app for their businesses to encash on this opportunity. This made Gojek clone app development as the most trending business model in the online marketplace.

Among several apps, multi-service providing apps like Gojek are the most sought after app solutions as they incorporate multiple essential services in one app. Moreover, people feels convenient while using these apps as it enables them to book taxi, order food and grocery, make bill payments, consult doctors, send parcels, and much more. Everything by accessing a single multi-services app.

How can I make money by launching a multi-service app like Gojek?

By launching a multi service providing app like Gojek, you can connect the consumers who looks for products & services and the merchants who offer products and services. Here I have detailed the income sources bringing in most of the revenue to understand how does Gojek make money.

Charging fee to Merchants:

You can charge commission to the merchants who sell their services by utilizing your app. Well, this is the primary method how does Gojek makes money. By listing their services in your multi service providing app, you can help the merchants to build their revenues and expand their business to more significant avenues.

Charging fee to Consumers:

In this method, you can charge users a little amount as service charge for bringing a host of services to their doorstep. This service charge is integrated into their bill and they can pay it directly via online transaction. Well, this charge should be minimal as it should not be burden for the consumers.


This is the most common method used by the app owners to generate revenue in these days. In this method, you can show ads to your users and can get a considerable amount from the ad owners. You can charge amount separately for the users to show ads and also can charge additional amount once they click those ads.

Where can I build a multi-service providing App Like Gojek?

Well building a bug free multi-service providing app like gojek might not be a simple task. Integrating a 50+ on-demand services in a single app and making it to work smoothly will a challenging one. In order to overcome these challenges, you are in need of an expertise like MacAndro. Being a reputed on-demand app development company, MacAndro upholds heap of domain knowledge in providing the best Gojek Clone App Development Services. Using our Gojek Clone Script, you can launch your on-demand multi-service business in both mobile platform and as website. Our ready-made gojek clone script scan be quickly customized in just 5 days as per the business needs.
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As we all know that corona virus has brought significant changes to what constitutes “normal’ life all over the world. With lockdowns being imposed in every country, usage of digital devices especially smart phones has surged considerably.

Even though we herd lot about education apps like Google Classrooms, Zoom, and DuoLingo and some business oriented app, but silently gaming apps dominated app downloads and consumer spending.

Moreover in recent times, multi-game platform apps are playing a considerable role in the gaming industry and enticing tons of users towards it by offering a variety of tiny interesting games to the users. This provoked several entrepreneurs to invest in multi-gaming platform app development, as multi-gaming apps like MPL, Hago & Winzo evolved as money making hub in these days.

What are the benefits & revenue models of Multi-gaming Platform App?

Whatever game it may be, the major factor for developing it will be for generating money. Well, multi-gaming platform is not an exception in this case. There are several revenue generating factors when it comes to multi-gaming platform. Some are mentioned below:

Players buy coins:

In order to play the game, unlock specific characters or some specific features in your app, players will require coins. So, they will spend their money to buy coins from you which will be your revenue. If more players buy coins, your multi-gaming platform produces more revenue. 

You can also earn via conducting a competition and charging the players for participating in the competition. Simultaneously, players can also win cash (via coins) by participating and winning in the competition. Once after winning, they can convert their coins into real money. Both players and app owners get equal benefits in these kind apps and that’s why multi-gaming platform app development is gleaming as the most required gaming app concept in the online marketplace.


Once after your app reaches huge user base, you can earn by showing advertisements to your players and charge money to the concern owner of the product which is displayed in the ad. You can also charge separately for showing ads and also charge certain amount when the players click the ad. This is the most widely used method for revenue generating apps in these days. Most of the apps follow this method to generate money.

List of Games that can be added in your Multi-gaming Platform:

Adding multiple numbers of games to your multi-gaming app adds extra value to your app and results in attaining more number of user bases. Here are some of the popular games that can be listed in a multi-gaming platform app.

2.Carrom board 
4.Puzzle solving
5.Shooting games

Build your Multi-Gaming Platform App Like MPL, Hago & Winzo with MacAndro

Developing a bug free multi-gaming platform app like MPL(Mobile Premier League), Hago or Winzo won’t be simple task. In order a build a feature rich multi-gaming app and to deal successfully with money transaction, you should hire a well experienced and reputed one like MacAndro without doubt. Being the best mobile game app development company, MacAndro design and develop feature rich multi-gaming platform app like MPL with astonishing UI/UX and with integrating high end security measures. 
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