Everybody loves vacation. And to make it even more desirable, apps like Oyo are offering accessible methods to book a room in seconds. This advancement in technology changed the dynamics of the hospitality industry. What more, it has grown so much, so investing in an Oyo clone is a bold business move.

Oyo has registered a revenue of over $951 million. This has been made possible by the varied revenue flow that this app offers. This foolproof method is sure to augment your hotel business and even give entrepreneurs and start-ups a good boost to kickstart a business. The revenue streams include
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In 2020, all businesses, starting from groceries to software development, have taken their trade to the online forum. One of the more traditional businesses that has made success in the online marketplace is real estate.

Apps like Zillow and Trulia offer sellers, buyers, and real estate agents a pragmatic solution to do business, especially in times of social distancing. You, as an entrepreneur, or an agent running a real estate business, can launch a robust Zillow Clone and take your trade online and cater to customers globally. Make sure you integrate features, which are the face of your Zillow Clone, that are user-friendly and make house-hunting an enjoyable experience. Consider essential features like
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Facebook and Instagram have become commonplace and users want a new social media platform that is exciting and unique. So, entrepreneurs and business owners looking for a profitable venture can invest in a Nextdoor Clone.

Connecting neighbours in a locality is the app's objective. In the 8 years since its inception, Nextdoor has received over $400 million in financing, giving it a valuation of more than $2 billion. You can also see such high profits by launching your own Nextdoor Clone. This app caters to

Local residents - Users living in a community can get to know their neighbours via the Nextdoor clone, ask and receive help, plan parties, post questions and answers on the feed, and build a safe haven through the app.
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No matter how many apps may come and go, the need for e-commerce apps will never die. That’s why investing in a Meesho Clone app is an exceptional venture. Meesho is an online reselling app where sellers sell products ranging from cosmetics to electronics. These sellers get their stock from retailers or from whole markets, hike up the price a little and sell it on the Meesho app. Another added advantage is that sellers can market their products through social media apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. This feature is integrated with the Meesho app.

If you’re looking for a profitable business venture, investing in a Meesho Clone app is the right pick. The Clone app comes with some extraordinary features for all users of the app - the customer, seller, and admin.
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Social Media Apps are popular for the connectivity and social presence they offer users. But lately there’s a rapidly growing trend in Social Media Apps - using it as a marketing strategy. Both freelancers and fully-fledged businesses leverage social media as a marketing tool.

Therefore, there’s always a need for a bustling social media platform and you can be its sought-after provider.
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In the past few years, people no longer seem to have the patience to wait in line to get their food. If it’s a fast-food joint or a 5-star restaurant, the need for a dine-in experience has changed and consumers prefer their food in the comfort of their homes. Yes, people are getting lazier. And the more they get so, the more opportunities restaurants, fast food owners, and food delivery providers have to monetize human idleness, and food delivery apps are the way to go.

Statistics reveal that as of 2020, the online food delivery industry is set to reach US$ 10,196m. It’s expected to show an annual growth rate of 9.5%. To strip things down, investing in a Zomato Clone app is going to flood your bank accounts. You might be a restaurant owner or a food delivery start-up looking for a delivery app development company. Well, you’re in the right place. Here you will learn what to keep in mind as you go about deciding which company to invest in.
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Among the many industries that are income-yielding, the healthcare industry is one such sector that will help all entrepreneurs earn a consistent income and provide a beneficial platform for their users to avail of instant medical care services. As the app owner, you can include multiple revenue models in the app. Find a suitable firm that will help you build an efficient Practo clone app for your venture in no time.

Roadmap of a healthcare app like Practo:
The healthcare app should consist of three crucial panels that have a simple and distinctive workflow. This section will elaborate on the roadmaps of the different panels.

User app:
Users should be able to initially log in to the app using their social media accounts, phone numbers, or email IDs.
They can then answer a few questions and set up their profile in the app.
Users should then be able to upload their medical records to the healthcare app.
They must then be able to view the list of available doctors and schedule an appointment with them. In-clinic visit scheduling should also be available in the app.
Users will then have to pay for the consultation via any one of the payment gateways available in the app.
After availing of the consultation, users can rate the doctor consultation experience and provide any reviews when required.

Doctors app:
Doctors will have to download the app and register with it using their email IDs or phone numbers.
They should be able to build a profile for themselves by specifying the necessary details.
Doctors should have an availability toggle to display their availability status.
Doctors must have the facility to accept or reject user requests via the app.
They can then provide medical consultations to the users during the specified time and then share the digital prescriptions.
Doctors should then receive the payments after the commission has been cut down by the admin.
They should also be able to resolve user queries via the app.

Admin panel:
Admins will not have a fixed workflow for their panel. They should be able to monitor the complete activities that take place via the platform.

Make sure you include the above-explained roadmap to your app. Identify the best set of developers in town and explain all your ideas to their team. Launch the app on major app stores to gain a large number of users for your Practo clone app solution.
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The ecommerce industry has been soaring to great heights in recent times. The convenience that the ecommerce apps like Amazon and Flipkart provide is the major factor that attracts more users towards the industry. Initially, the younger generation was attracted by the beneficial aspects of the ecommerce apps. Later, the several convenient factors that were offered by the app enticed users of all age groups. Being a business person, you can set foot in the ecommerce sector with an Amazon/Flipkart clone app solution built by the best experts in town.

How to monetize your ecommerce platform?
When building an app like Amazon or Flipkart, you need to have several monetization strategies that will help you earn a consistent income. Below listed are a few sources that can be included in the app.

Users who frequently order via your ecommerce apps can be provided with multiple membership packages. You can assign a fixed fee for each subscription package and offer monthly or yearly packages.

Advertising model:
Other brand wonders might want to host their ads on your platform once you establish your brand in the market. So, you can team up with other business owners and allow them to display their ads on your app for a fixed advertising charge that will be valid for a limited time period.

For each order that is delivered via your ecommerce platform, you can earn a fixed percentage as commission. An increased number of orders will help you earn more revenue.

To conclude:
These potential revenue streams will help you earn more profit and develop your ecommerce business in no time. Build a money-spinning Amazon/Flipkart clone app with the most experienced developers and excel in the multi-vendor shopping sector.
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As an entrepreneur, you would have heard of the thriving social media industry that many businesspersons are waiting to venture into. We all know that social media apps can be used to share photos, videos, communicate with other users, and follow celebrities. Among the common social media platforms available, an app with a relatively new feature was launched in the market in the year 2018 - The OnlyFans app. It was a dedicated app to help users connect with their favorite stars personally. Users loved the experience that the app provided. They were able to receive personalized birthday wishes, shoutouts, etc., from their most admired stars instantly. It is, at present, one of the most successful social media adult content-sharing apps in the market.

Any interested business person can set foot in this sector with the clone app solutions available at nominal rates in the market. You can approach a suitable firm that provides a customizable OnlyFans clone app in a few days. Since the competition in the market is increasing, it would be wise to launch the app at the earliest.

Unique features of an app like OnlyFans:
In order to stand out from your competitors in the industry, you can include the following extensive features to your app.

Pay-per-view messaging:
With this feature, your users will be able to interact with celebrities on a payment basis. They can send private messages to stars, and when they get a response, they have to pay a fixed fee in order to view the message.

You can provide several membership packages to your users. They can quickly choose a package of their choice and pay a subscription fee via any one of the payment options available in the content-sharing app.

If users love the content that the creators provide, they can tip a little extra as a way of appreciating them. This will motivate more artists to join your platform and retain your existing stars as well.

Group live streaming:
Content creators can come together to provide a video treat to their combined fans via the app. They can live stream their content in groups and receive a fixed amount of money as a streaming fee.

Fan badges:
Content creators can choose a loyal fan and provide them with a top fan badge in order to thank them. This will enable a large and loyal user base for your brand.

Wrapping up!
These are a few stand-apart features that will help you establish your OnlyFans clone app solution in the market instantly. Make sure you integrate other add-ons to make the app more interesting. Get started now!
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Do you have plans to build a cloud-based video conferencing app? Looking for the best developers? Need assistance with the development process? If yes, then this is the right informative blog for you. Elaboration on an optimal app development process is highlighted in this blog. You can understand the complete process and then choose a firm that provides a cutting-edge Xoom/Airmeet clone app for your business.

A 6-step video-conferencing app development process:

The development process can be partitioned into six crucial steps or phases, and each one has a vital role to play in the Zoom/Airmeet clone app development process.

In the first phase, the developers and business analysts available at the firm you choose should be able to completely understand your business ideas and requirements.

Up next, you have to build a progressive and efficient app development plan with the expert developers available.

The designers should then create a design for the app and wireframe for each of the screens to be present in the app.

The feature-set of the app should be finalized, and the developers will start with the back-end development process.

After the completion of the development process, the video-conferencing app like Zoom/Airmeet will then be launched on major app stores.

Post the app launch, the support team should provide technical support and maintenance services for a limited period at no cost.

Wrapping up!
An app that completes all these six phases successfully will turn out to be an efficient and error-free app. So, choose a firm that can provide one such optimal Zoom/Airmeet clone app solution.
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