Will you ever say no to an app that has all the essential features to attract users and surge your business? The JustEat clone app is one such distinguishable food app which can make users glue to your business. Users may crave for hot beverages or cool smoothies. Quench their cravings instantly by partnering with restaurants in and around the city. This blog will give you a strong base to decide the best food delivery app for your business.

Food category- The user can easily choose the menu under the category section. The user can explore a wide range of eatables from the category section.

Live tracking- The live tracking feature is one of the most prominent features in all applications. The Justeat clone allows your user to know the exact location of the order.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has made it increasingly difficult for celebrities to engage with their followers. With modernization taking on the world at an alarming pace, the need to stay on followers’ radars has become inevitable for celebrities. Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter are great, but what if there’s a way for celebrities to earn income by monetizing their content?

This has led to the unprecedented growth of premium celebrity subscription apps for fans like OnlyFans. Are you an entrepreneur who aspires to develop an app like OnlyFans? If so, here are some cutting-edge features that you shouldn’t want to miss out on in your application.

Social sharing: Enable celebrities and followers to share their content on different social media handles, thereby boosting visibility.
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Food delivery apps like UberEats, DoorDash, etc., cater to a wide range of audiences in today’s fast-paced world. The convenience of availing doorstep food deliveries, coupled with the access to numerous eateries from a single place, has made on-demand food delivery apps the ‘go-to’ destination for people. With COVID-19 accelerating the need for such apps, restaurants are parading towards third-party delivery platforms as a measure to manage the decline in foot traffic.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wishes to launch a DoorDash like app into the market? If so, you need consistent revenue to scale your business in no time. So, what are the different income-generating sources in a food delivery app? Explore more to find out.
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Food delivery apps have become inevitable in this digitized world. A majority of the audience does not have time or energy to reach restaurants. Instead, with enhanced smartphone penetration, they can order their favorite cuisines with just a few taps and enjoy them from the comfort of their homes.

Apps like Foodpanda, UberEats, etc., have gained an irreplaceable position when it comes to popularity and audience. Are you an entrepreneur who aims to build a food delivery empire like Foodpanda? If so, this blog can be an eye-opener as it discusses the cutting-edge attributes that can make a Foodpanda clone app the talk of the town.
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With everything in just a tap away, on-demand services isn’t a novel concept. Mobile applications along with the technology advancements, has made people’s lives easier. Having a myriad of devices like TV, Refrigerator, Air conditioners etc. everything needs extra maintenance and professional services along with it. With increase in demand for home services, there demand for apps like Urban company are also increasing.

That’s why, it is the right time for you to start your venture in on-demand business using the Urban Company Clone.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled the need for doorstep delivery services more than ever. With retail stores running empty and people fearing to step out of their homes, delivery apps have become the talk of the town. Among various delivery apps, multi-service delivery apps have the capability of maximizing an entrepreneur’s profits. Apps like Dunzo are based on this model and have gained a massive response among the audience.

Are you an entrepreneur aiming to develop an app like Dunzo? If so, you need to integrate the top delivery services that people demand to experience unrestricted growth. Let’s look at a few top-performing delivery services amid the pandemic situation.

Food delivery: Arguably, the most critical service that you do not want to miss out on your application. Bridge the gap between struggling restaurants and people in need, and, in the process of doing so, boost your ROI.

Grocery delivery: Aggregate different grocery stores under one roof, and provide a virtual shopping experience to users. With features like a virtual cart, in-app wallet, compare products, etc., gain a massive customer base.

Medicine delivery: It is pointless to categorize groceries and food as essentials, leaving out medicines. Collaborate with pharmacy stores and provide life-saving drugs at people’s doorsteps effortlessly.

Alcohol delivery: With major pubs and liquor stores turning empty, people have shifted to the online medium to order alcoholic beverages. Integrating alcohol delivery services can come in handy in the current situation.

Courier delivery: Enable people to send packages to their friends/family effortlessly with your courier delivery services.

Summing up,

Digitization is making people rely on online platforms for a variety of delivery services. Integrate these services in your Dunzo like app, and gain instant traction among the audience.
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The need for celebrities to engage with their followers is more than ever. What if professionals with different talents can showcase their skills to a loyal follower base and earn consistent income? Sounds interesting, right? This idea has led to the massive rise of celebrity subscription-based social media apps. These apps create a win-win situation for the entire ecosystem. While celebrities get to monetize their content, followers can engage in personalized sessions with their favorite stars. Apps like OnlyFans, CelebVM, etc., have already made a mark for themselves in the sector.

If you’re an entrepreneur aiming to launch an app like OnlyFans, you need to implement unique features to make your platform stand apart. Here’s a list of cutting-edge aspects to consider.

Social sharing: Let your stakeholders spread the word about your platform by sharing their content/experience on different social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, etc. An effortless way to gain never-ending traffic.

Go Live: Ensure that your platform’s celebrities can connect with their audience by enabling them to go live. This functionality helps them build a loyal fan base, empowering them to make important announcements, have a fun-filled session, etc.

Top fans badge: Identify the most-involved followers and congratulate them on their involvement with a ‘top-fans’ badge. You can also grant free personalized sessions with celebrities, paving the way for customer retention.

In-app calendar: Followers register with the platform to reach out to their favorite celebrities. Let followers know the availability of celebrities and schedule sessions accordingly with the aid of an in-app calendar.

PPV Messaging & In-app chat: Integrate an in-app chat option in your OnlyFans clone app. Enable celebrities to activate PPV messaging to gain revenue by having one-on-one chat sessions with followers.


Incorporating such cutting-edge elements in your OnlyFans clone script can allure a massive customer base towards your platform. Launch your app today, and gain instant traction.
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Food delivery apps are becoming inevitable with each passing day. The sheer convenience of enjoying favorite cuisines from desired restaurants in the comfort of our homes is steering a revolution in the sector. The market for food delivery services is growing, and new players are emerging with distinctive ideas. The emergence of clone apps has made it easier for budding startups to develop and launch the app within a restricted budget and limited time.

Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to launch a JustEat clone app? If so, you need to be wary of the crucial elements that can enable you to gain instant traction. This blog discusses such factors and their impact on your business’s success.

Work diligently on USPs: USPs are Unique Selling Propositions that can differentiate your platform from the rest. Unless and until you establish something unique, there’s no point for users to switch from existing apps to your app.

Have a user-friendly design: Complexity in app design can be the last thing you can expect during JustEat app like development. Hence, ensure that the design is simple, informative, and user-friendly, thereby engaging more audience.

Take care of your supply chain: Encompassing a wide range of restaurants with different cuisines is crucial to satisfy customers from different demographics. Moreover, ensure that you have an efficient delivery team by your side.

Cater to the glocal (global + local) audience: Having a multilingual and multi-currency support option enables you to gain a strong local base and establish a global presence concurrently.

Summing up,
Incorporate these aspects in your white-label JustEat clone, and witness a massive spike in customer engagement and profits in no time. connect us for more! visit https://www.turnkeytown.com/justeat-clone-script
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Food delivery apps are becoming ever-present as they bridge the gap between restaurants and potential customers effortlessly. The market forecasts exponential growth, and new players are emerging from time to time, making it highly competitive and remunerative. Apps like UberEats, Foodpanda, etc., have gained a stronghold of the market. A sea of entrepreneurs is storming into the sector to roll out a trendsetting on-demand food delivery app.

Developing a food delivery app has become a piece of cake with the emergence of clone app solutions. However, one must integrate cutting-edge features and seamless workflow in the clone app to propel it towards success. This blog discusses the enticing workflow to consider during the Foodpanda clone app development.

Users download the app and register with the platform by providing essential information or logging in via social media handles.
By enabling location preferences, they browse a wide variety of restaurants and cuisines. They can narrow down their search results via advanced filter options.
Users add eatables to their cart and proceed to checkout.
Users place the order by paying via multiple payment options like credit/debit cards, digital wallets, net banking, etc.
Users get to know their order status in real-time. Once the order is out for delivery, they can track delivery executives via real-time tracking functionality.
Users enjoy the food from the comfort of their homes and can rate/review their ordering experience.

Summing up,
Having such a seamless workflow in a Foodpanda clone script will propel it towards success. Reach out to an app development company and roll out your app today.
connect us for more! visit https://www.turnkeytown.com/foodpanda-clone-script
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The food delivery market has become entrepreneurs’ ‘go-to’ destination to yield unrestricted revenue in the shortest possible time. The market experiences top players going neck and neck. With both restaurants and customers relying on third-party food delivery platforms to bridge the gap, introducing a food delivery app can be highly beneficial and profitable in numerous ways.

Apps like DoorDash, UberEats, etc., have gained a massive market presence. Are you an entrepreneur aspiring to launch an app like DoorDash? If so, you need to know the different income-generating sources of a DoorDash clone app to keep your business afloat. Let’s discuss them here.

Paid commissions: The platform owner receives a percentage of every payment made via the platform as paid commissions. Restaurants give up these charges as the food delivery app helps them reach out to potential customers.

Delivery charges: This revenue model is vital to consider while initiating your DoorDash app development. Customers who enjoy doorstep deliveries give up delivery charges during the final payment.

Subscription fees: Subscriptions are a great way to build a loyal customer base. You can roll out subscription plans with enticing benefits that customers can avail of either monthly or yearly. These charges add to your income tally as well.

In-app ad charges: All you have to do is collaborate with third-party ad brands. By displaying their ads on your site, you can levy charges based on clicks, views, impressions, etc.

Summing up,
Rolling out an on-demand food delivery app opens the floodgates for entrepreneurs to yield enticing profits. Reach out to an expert app development company, get the white-label DoorDash clone app solution, and launch your app right away. connect us for more! visit
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