Cryptocurrency and blockchain are becoming the most demanded businesses in the current digital sphere. Be it any business, it is important to ensure its security for sustainability in the long run. Especially with a wide spread competition for business like crypto and crypto exchanges, it should be the top priority. With every passing day, the count of cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges in the market keep rising. So, it is extremely important for you to know how to protect and secure your crypto assets if you want to be part of the cryptosphere and be successful.

Even though crypto businesses are making rounds in the market, some investors are still uncertain to set foot because of the risk factors and hack threats. This is where cryptocurrency wallet development plays a major role. A crypto wallet is a software that allows you to sell, receive, secure and control your cryptos. The wallet users can interact with the associated funds and generate private keys. The wallet will be encrypted with multi-layered security codes which will make it impossible for any third party to access or hack.

There are different types of crypto wallets such as,

Hardware wallets
Desktop Wallets
Paper Wallets
Mobile Wallets
Web Wallets

Now, how to create a secure wallet for your crypto assets? What are the essential factors to be included? Let’s see below.

Key features of a cryptocurrency wallet

Display of the most used address for the users to to easily access the readily available, authentic ones.
Two-factor authentication for user’s account for protection
Paper wallet to scan and make use of paper currencies
Updates of changes in currency values
Push notifications to alert users about prices changes of cryptos
Back up for the wallet storage
Transaction histories
QR code scanner
Multi-layered security protocols.

These are the essential features for a robust crypto wallet. If you want reliable services for your wallet, reach out to Blockchain App Factory. They will offer a whitelabeled multiple-currency wallet for your cryptos, that will ensure safety, efficiency, risk-free, hassle-free business experience. And also, their services are quick and cost-friendly.
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The topic of stablecoins entered the fray in late 2017 and early 2018. Described as the “Holy Grail of Cryptocurrency”, a scalable and stable digital currency would push for adoption in daily use. The stablecoin represents three units of monetary value; unit of account, store of value, and medium of exchange. This differentiates stablecoin from the rest, this can have a real-utility value in a way volatile cryptocurrencies cannot.

The emergence of secure, efficient, trustless stablecoins provides a platform to develop an overall distributed ecosystem of markets, loans, and insurance. Also, payment for various DApps would increase the anticipation and advocacy of stablecoin.

The most crucial advantages of stablecoins include:
Price stability
User Privacy
High-end security

Stablecoins – the future of crypto coins?

The focus of cryptocurrencies has always been to create a less volatile more liquid and decentralized digital asset. The Stablecoin can be considered to be the Holy Grail that the crypto advocates were looking at.

The Stablecoin can be expected to facilitate transactions without friction, not only between two parties transacting using cryptocurrencies but also between parties that might need to shuttle between crypto and Fiat.

Additionally, Stablecoins can give the escape hatch for erratic economies like Zimbabwe under Mugabe’s rule. They can choose to move their money to a different economy or an asset without losing out on the value.

Cryptocurrencies haven’t found their fullest reach or recognition yet and Stablecoins can only be expected to make them better understood and more reliable.

Stablecoin development services:
Fiat-backed token/coin development
Precious stones backed token/coin development
Gold-backed token/coin development
Necessary KYC/AML integrations
Effective Whitepaper
API integration
Cutting-edge blockchain technology integration
Smart contracts integration
Token sales/ distribution
Payment Gateway integration
Best-in-class marketing strategies
Community building
Stablecoin unique pre and post-launch services

At Blockchain App Factory, we are one of the first Stablecoin Development Companies, offering end to end Stablecoin development services including creation, trading and marketing.
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Cryptocurrencies came into existence in 2009, with bitcoin being the first crypto coin. Since then, there is a lot of debate and discussion about the cryptos and the underlying blockchain technology. Most importantly, the criticism came from the ardent backers of the existing traditional finance system. They feel threatened by the growing popularity of cryptocurrency and how it is going to change the present finance structure across the globe.

Some of the reasons why they don’t want cryptocurrencies into the mainstream finance structure:

Cybersecurity Issues
Price Volatility
Lack of Inherent Value

Out of the points mentioned above, the naysayers are focusing mainly on the volatility. As any real-world assets back it, they call the cryptocurrency ecosystem is a bubble. To minimize the volatility of the price, the crypto world came with stablecoins.

The stablecoins are crypto-asset designed to minimize the volatility of the price by backing the crypto with real-world assets. There are different types of stable coins: Fiat-backed Stablecoin, Commodity backed stablecoin, Cryptocurrency-backed stablecoin, Seigniorage-style stable coin. A stable coin provides the benefit of a transaction as it has a fixed value relative to the underlying asset.

Many have a question of why we need so many stable coins. That’s a valid question. We have around 200+ stable coins right now. Too many options lead to confusion instead of assisting us in choosing the right one.

Now, people, after assessing all the benefits of each kind of stablecoins, Seigniorage-style stable coin is considered to be worth relying on. This type of coin is otherwise called as algorithmic stablecoin. It is based on algorithmic balancing the circulation of cryptocurrency based on the rise and fall of currency value, just like how central banks manage the currency value of a fiat currency.
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There is a meteoric rise in the number of people who use and invest in cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology. This wrecking ball of the virus has made more people turn towards cryptocurrency trading and other altcoin investments while they are staying at home.

Right now, a lot of people are considering crypto trading as an alternative source of income. With such a level of increased adoption of cryptocurrency, people tend to choose a crypto wallet without considering in-built features in it. So, before you decide to create a cryptocurrency wallet, here are a few things to know about crypto wallet and their security features.

What is a Crypto Wallet?
A Crypto wallet is a tool you can use to interact with a blockchain network. The different types of wallets are:

Software Wallet
Hardware Wallet
Paper Wallet

Unlike your PayPal or Paytm wallet, which stores the value of the amount you have in your account, the cryptocurrency wallets store your public key and private key information, which will enable you to transact. These public keys are like usernames, and private keys are like your secured password. You can share your public key to receive money and private key to send money.

Based on the way it stores the information and other working mechanisms, it is categorized as a hot wallet and cold wallet.

Hot wallet is the one which is connected to the internet
Cold Wallet is not connected to the internet.

The software wallet types are web, desktop, and mobile wallets. The hardware wallets are like your external hard disk, which you can plug into the desktop and laptop to transact.

Though, there is no hard and fast rule which will help in 100% wallet security. You need to keep both your system secured with all the necessary updates now and then.
We hope the above-summarized information will help you get an overall picture before you decide on the type of cryptocurrency wallet you need. To develop a fully functional multi-currency wallet, you need a Cryptocurrency wallet development company to advise the best and develop a secured wallet system.

Choose wisely before you invest!
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Blockchain App Factory, an IEO Development & Marketing Services Company, can assist you from making to marketing your Initial Exchange Offering. You can remain focused on your core business.
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Emerged in early 2018, stablecoin is one of the most popular and is becoming the preferable choice of currency among budding entrepreneurs for their digital business. For starters, stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that is backed by tangible, physical assets. Stable coins can be backed by precious metals/stones, fiat money and gold.

The root cause of stablecoins gaining tremendous popularity among potential investors and is preferred more over other cryptocurrencies is that they help cope up with price volatility. As they are asset backed stablecoins, they’re less prone to constant price fluctuations when compared to other cryptocurrencies. Now, with the booming trend and popularity, if you want to create your own stablecoin, this is the right time. But it is essential for you to know the top features to understand the working of stablecoins before going into the development. Let’s find out what they are.

Key features of a stablecoin:

High-Volume Liquidity

Transparent Transactions

Advanced Blockchain technology

100% “stable” asset backed currencies

Widespread integration

Increased access to financial inclusions

Efficient mining process

Energy efficiency- High-speed transactions

Exposure to primary assets

High-end security

Now, when it comes to the development, creating the coins from the ground up involves a lot of technical factors and consumes ample time and money. To build them efficiently and to get them up to speed, the better option will be to get in touch with a stablecoin development company that will be well founded and experienced. Such companies will offer quick, cost effective solutions along with personalised customization according to your preferences. Choose your company today, build a feature-rich stablecoin that will be a hit in the market, and raise huge profits for your venture!
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Initial Exchange Offering is quickly becoming the go-to fundraising option for entrepreneurs. This can be seen with the increasing number of platforms offering IEO support. This trend is further expanding with the introduction of white label exchange services.

Advantages of Initial Exchange Offering:
In a nutshell, IEOs use exchange platforms to verify, list, and market projects. This is further explained in the following list:

In this funding model, the exchange functions as the trusted intermediary

Exchange conducts checks to authenticate projects and credentials of the entrepreneurs

Exchange lists the tokens on a secondary platform known as launchpads

Marketing campaigns are organized by the platform and are promoted to their members

Exchange also manages smart contracts as well as the token creation process

At a later date, the IEO tokens are shifted to the primary exchange thus providing the user with greater liquidity.

Earlier, the reputation of this decentralized fundraising medium was maligned by dubious projects and malicious individuals. Fortunately, with the introduction of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), this perception is changing the crowdfunding landscape for the better.

In the IEO model, a cryptocurrency exchange functions as a trusted intermediary. In fact, the platform functions as the judge, jury and executioner. They not only verify to check if projects follow compliance but also organize and manage token creation activities on behalf of the entrepreneur. Meanwhile, the project is also promoted to the members registered with the exchange.

However, the marketing strategies offered by the exchanges are incomplete and suffer from the following problems:

Exchange may promote the project for a very limited period

Project does not get any exposure on social media

Most platforms offer only very basic marketing support

Entrepreneur will have to shell out extra money to access extra features

Hence, it can be seen how the exchange inspired marketing services are very bland. However, this can be rectified with the help of third-party operators. These companies are partnered with leading exchanges and offer great packages on IEO services. They also take care of the listing process and give your project an all-around marketing experience.

Blockchain App Factory is a leading cryptocurrency exchange development company. They offer exclusive IEO services and have strategic affiliations with top exchanges such as Binance, IDAX, LA Token, and more. For the Best IEO Development Services, approach Blockchain App Factory. We have partnerships with top exchanges such as Binance, LA Token, IDAX, and more.
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The concept of cryptocurrencies are thriving among the business world and is widely booming with every passing day. Many of us are familiar with cryptocurrencies now compared to earlier. But to quickly simplify for you, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies and they are exchanged for other digital assets or fiat money.

What is a crypto wallet? How does it work?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a secured, digital wallet that helps store, send and receive various cryptocurrencies that include bitcoin, ethereum, dashcoin, litecoin and more. It is more like a software program that stores both public and private keys that connects with various blockchains to exchange cryptocurrencies and secure them with encrypted codes. Blockchain allows multi ledger wallets and completely protects investor’s interest.

Now, bitcoin being the most popular out of all cryptocurrencies, many budding entrepreneurs aspire to create their own bitcoins to earn huge sums of profits for their business. With the tremendous demand and popularity, it is very essential to have the most secure wallet to protect your bitcoins and conduct a smooth business. Let’s see what are the most essential features for your bitcoin wallet development.

Key features:

Multi-Factor authentication

Readily-available wallet addresses


Instant updates in changes of crypto values

QR code scanner

Push Notifications

Merchant services

Enhanced security

Auto denial of duplicate payments

Favourable session logout

Transaction history

Wallet backup

These are the top core features that need to be integrated in any crypto wallet for seamless, efficient transactions. As this requires a lot of qualified technical knowledge and assistance, the best choice is to hire a well recognised cryptocurrency wallet development company like Blockchain App Factory, whose knowledge and experience is unmatched and therefore will offer 100% pre tested whitelabel solutions for multi-crypto wallets , that is feature-rich and robust and will ensure a successful, smooth business. So, get in touch with them and protect your cryptocurrencies today.
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Stablecoins are the new hot cryptocurrencies making rounds in the market. They are backed by real-world assets. Stablecoins can be precious metals backed cryptocurrencies, fiat backed cryptocurrencies or gold backed cryptocurrencies. Because of this, they become stable and less volatile to constant price fluctuations unlike other existing cryptocurrencies. Stablecoins are also backed by blockchain technology that ensures high-volume liquidity, high-end security and user transparency. Stablecoins also come along with several other benefits that include,


User privacy

Faster, cheaper, borderless transactions

Reduced costs

High programmability and scalability

Price stability

Thus, due to these many advantages that come along with stablecoins, the demand and popularity is widely booming among potential investors all around the world. If you are looking to create your own stablecoin, you can’t stop with developing, but also carry out distinct, sound launch services that will grab the attention of investors towards your project and make your coin “stable” and sustainable in the long run over existing competitors. For that, let’s see some key launch services that will help you.

Tricks for a unique stablecoin launch:

Drafting a engaging/ informative whitepaper/ investor prospectus that explains about the purpose and benefits behind your stablecoin

Easy navigable/ efficiently designed website that drives customer’s attention to get to know about the stablecoin.

Listing the stablecoins in recognised platforms

Landing page with clear vision communication and dashboard with three stages, pre-post and burn coins

Coindrop to wallets with bonuses

Referrals and promo codes

Roadmap strategy

Blockchain and smart contracts deployment

Price volatility hedging and due diligence

Tech support, bug support 24/7 customer support

These are the most essential launch services that will make your stablecoin a hit and stable in the market. Gathering these elements together will consume a lot of time, money and demands technical assistance. The wiser choice will be to hire an existing stablecoin launch service company, who will provide you both pre and post launch services that are reliable and effective. And also, you could avail cost-effective solutions and your stablecoin will be ready to hit the market in no time! So, get in touch with a company today, launch your coin and spin millions!
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Cryptocurrencies are making huge rounds in the market and revolutionizing almost every industry. They are set to be the future currency for businesses.Many budding entrepreneurs pursue a dream of creating their own cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges. With the evolving demand and popularity, and the widely spread competition, you cannot be just done with creating a legitimate crypto with necessary integrations. You should also protect them with the most secure wallets, to avoid any risks and sustain them in the long run! What does a crypto wallet basically do?

Cryptocurrency wallets are digital wallets, a software that stores your public and private keys, transaction information, records, ownership details etc. Crypto wallets are highly-secure and prevent hackers from accessing your crypto assets and the information related to them. To attain a robust cryptocurrency wallet development service, you must conduct massive research, and seek advice from experts in terms of technical and security protocol aspects. The simpler way is to hire an existing cryptocurrency wallet development services company who will build your wallet for you! Let’s take a look at the services you would avail by doing so.

Essential Cryptocurrency wallet development inclusions:

Multi-currency storage wallets
End-end security with multi signatures, Multi-factor authentication etc
Notifications for attempts from third parties
Easy, hassle-free access for users
Reduced cost, zero latency global transactions
Multi-layered high end security
Both web and Mobile wallets
QR scanner
Admin panel
IOS and android support
Multiple payment gateway integrations

These are the most essential integrations for a proper, secure cryptocurrency wallet. And gathering all these elements and building from ground up, will consume ample time and money, also involves a lot of technical factors. So, make the smart choice. Hire a well experienced cryptocurrency wallet development services company, attain whitelabel solutions from them and secure your million dollar value cryptos and carry out a hassle-free business in the long run!
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