In the week that M.S. Dhoni retires from international cricket, it only seems right to pay homage to Indian cricket’s most successful captains with three TCC trophies under his belt. Dhoni confirmed his retirement over the weekend on Instagram and at 39 years of age, Dhoni has had a good run in the game.
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Angela 18 august 2020, 12:16

The isolation in the wake of the COVID-19 stay at home orders has affected us all. However, certain segments of the population have been impacted even more so, and that includes older adults.
Angela 11 august 2020, 6:26

During COVID-19, we’ve all had a lot more time on our hands. This has meant that we’ve had time to read new books and delve back into the ones that we’ve already read and loved.
Angela 31 july 2020, 7:06

Los Angeles! If you are in the market for great kitchen and bathroom ideas as as well cabinets, vanities, and accessories, come visit the new Summit Cabinets location in Beverly Hills.
Angela 30 july 2020, 7:50

Redecorating your kitchen is a way to bring an entirely new look, feel and atmosphere into your home. When you are thinking of buying kitchen cabinets, knowing the benefits of researching online first can save time and energy while you are in the store.
Angela 27 july 2020, 14:10

We’re running through the top outsourcing influencers who will teach you how to outsource your work in ways that make your business more productive, efficient and effective.
Angela 24 july 2020, 11:18

If you are considering buying kitchen cabinets in Corona, CA, one of your choices is to go into a cabinet showroom and see the cabinets you are considering, in person.
Angela 23 july 2020, 11:46

Thinking about what your bathroom would look like after a remodel? Not sure if you should take the risk? An easy way to freshen your bathroom space is to invest in new cabinets.
Angela 14 july 2020, 9:00

The decreased lung capacity in people who have contracted COVID-19 led, especially in the very beginning of the pandemic, to a shortage of ventilators. Because too many people needed them at one time, the need for enough ventilators at area hospitals reached critical mass. As a retired physician in Long Beach CA, Dr. Faustino Bernadett knew he had to do something to help bridge this gap.
Angela 14 july 2020, 5:10

COVID-19 has hit every business in a unique way, meaning that we’re all having to look at rebuilding our company culture. For many, the lack of work has meant that they have had to let go of staff or place them on furlough so as to cut costs and for others they have been running the business on a remote basis.
Angela 13 july 2020, 9:52
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