This cyberplatform is able to carry up to 9 grams of useful load.

Let’s take a look at a caterpillar. At some point it turns into a butterfly. Here is a simple question, namely is it possible to give it the synthetic components that allow building a cyborg-insect? Answer would be yes it is. Michel Maharbiz, associate professor did it.
BumBum 2 may 2012, 15:50

I plan to create a quadrocopter as a platform for a flying robot for a very long time. I did my first calculations and ordered the parts a year ago. However, to create a copter just to fly, operating it with a remote control or even in FPV mode is not my ultimate goal. Therefore the copter should be as flexible as possible and less expensive.
All required parts for the copter are available, but to build the copter is a simple thing only in theory. It requires variety of skills, such as a programming, engineering and so on. Therefore, the process moves pretty slowly, but I want to fly :) Lack of visible results demotivates, especially when progress is there, but not obvious. Also, to experiment on a large quadrocopter is expensive and dangerous.
So I decided to build a minicopter for my experiments. As always, the task is to make it cheap and simple.
My result is finished copter for 1 day just for $ 120 dollars (including shipping and the quadrocopter costs), and with additional hardware it comes to $ 145 dollars.
Disney 1 may 2012, 19:20

It would be true to say that everything new is well forgotten old.

A feature to embed remote resources (such as images from other websites) on the page of your website is a very bad practice that at some point may lead to quite serious consequences for the website. As far back as 10 years ago, I was surprised to read about that possibility. Now after 10 years nothing changed, and it seems that it hardly ever will change.
ZimerMan 30 april 2012, 8:28

Have you ever wonder what are different letters / numbers mean in the titles of video files?

I have taken all the information from Google and I hope this cheat sheet will be useful for somebody.


CAMRip (CAM, deriving from camera)
Sometimes, it is mistakenly labeled as Screen (SCR). Video and audio are recorded on camera in a movie theatre. At times the shaken image can be taken at an angle to the screen, and in some movies could be seen heads of moviegoers, etc. The sound quality might be different such as laughing audience. Usually, it is the worst and the very first quality of movie, which could be found after the official release.
Papay 29 april 2012, 10:27

The recent Visual Studio 11 Beta version has a new and major built-in feature of the future C # 5 - asynchronous programming using async/await. In this article I would like to structure and examine this quite interesting new tool and share the results with you.

Why is it needed?

C# is actively developing language. Each its version has interesting features that really simplify the writing quality of understandable code. For example, Linq considerably simplified the writing of filters for collections and sql queries in the code. Now the turn came for asynchrony.
MeLavi 28 april 2012, 6:53

imageEven though I use an ultrabook for several months, I saw it from inside only recently.
(Yes, you understood correctly. This is the XXI century, and a remote access is available for both the ultrabook and an ordinary computer).
Thereafter, I was not interested in the technical specifications of ultrabook, but I wondered about its physical parameters, and they did not disappoint me. Ultrabook was really slim. It could be even hidden under a sheet of paper.
Its weight has exceeded all expectations. Yes, the ultrabook is light, but it is not ultra light. My Asus Zenbook UX31E (as well as other models, including the Lenovo IdeaPad U300s and Dell XPS 13) weights 2.8 puonds.
To be more precise it weighed before. We were able to reduce its weight by almost 1.1 pounds!
Pirat 27 april 2012, 15:24

Many people have faced the DDoS attacks and HTTP flooding. No, this is not just another tutorial on setting up nginx, but I would like to introduce my module that works as a quick filter between the bots and backend during L7 DDoS attacks, as well it allows filtering the garbage requests.

The module can do:

• To set cookies in a standard way through HTTP header Set-Cookie. After the cookies are set it redirects the user using the response code 301 and Location header.
• After the cookies are set it redirects the user using the response code 200 and HTML tag Meta refresh.
• To count the number of attempts to set the cookies and to direct the user to a specified URL after exceeding the maximum number of unsuccessful attempts.
• To use the custom templates for the filter response, for example, to set cookies through JavaScript.
ZimerMan 22 april 2012, 16:30

I would like to talk about the image replacement techniques. I think almost everybody was faced with some moments in the layout, for example, when you want to use the graphic object for the page title, and at the same time to keep the text below for the search engines and the printed version. I think no one wants to break semantics of the page.
Killer 27 march 2012, 11:49


In this article I would like to tell a story about the English steam engine, and how it became a small electric generator in a regular apartment.

Right from the beginning of the steam expansion in the XIX century, the different types of engines were built, including small and decorative engines. When the steam engine was a novelty, those models had been shown to the amazed audience, and when it became widespread, the steam engines turned into an excellent tutorial and a wonderful toy for the younger generation of creators of the Industrial Revolution. So, at the end of Victorian era and at the beginning of Edwardian era the companies began making toy steam engines. In the XX century, namely in 1937, when the steam machineries lost their popularity, in the United Kingdom appeared Mamod firm, the name means Malins Models. Since then this firm has been providing the steam engines for everybody. So in the 60s, they have supplied with the engine an unknown person who sold this engine to another person that put up for sale this unit on eBay. The engine is worn out. After winning the auction I paid for this unit and got it by the Russian Post. In my hands I was holding a box with Royal Mail stamps and the inscription “Steam engine”.
Disney 25 march 2012, 15:10

imageGenerally, in order to manufacture a typical solar panel the silicon workpieces are cut into wafers, and their thickness is about 200 microns. However, only a thin surface layer of the wafer is used directly. In addition, a portion of the silicon goes to the waste in the process of cutting. Company Twin Creeks Technologies has developed a manufacturing system, Hyperion, which is based on an entirely different principle. Hydrogen ions are embedded into the silicon wafers at a certain depth, and then inside of the workpiece is formed a thin layer of hydrogen bubbles. Next, the workpiece is heated and a gas pressure makes a thin layer of silicon to exfoliate, whereupon the cycle is repeated again. The resulting silicon lamina has a thickness of 20 microns, which is applied to a metal base. This ultra thin wafer is easy to bend without breaking.

These solar panels that are made by Twin Creeks Technologies cost half the price of conventional panels, less than 50 cents per watt. The company's website states that this technology will allow the solar electric installations to compete with the conventional energy sources.
KlauS 21 march 2012, 14:07