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UPD: Basically, this article was written from my memory and notes, but here are a few books that just influenced me:
- 40 Sleep Hacks: The Geek's Guide to Optimizing Sleep.
- Kacper M. Postawski - How To Sleep Less ...
Skull 17 april 2012, 14:57

imageThe psychological deformation is a disputable issue in any profession, because different people go through it in different ways. However, the overall tendency can be separated out, and perhaps, it is a time when we can say that the programmers have their own special psychological portrait that is conditional on their professional activities.

I often faced a similar opinion, and I did not attach great significance to it, but when a female staff of our organization congratulated the programmers on February 23rd (a former soviet military holiday), calling them "cosmic forces", I have decided to arrange some emphasis on this issue, because one of my occupations directly linked with psychoanalysis.
Sparks 14 april 2012, 12:52

A weather forecasting as predicting of something is a complex computer task that has difficulties to follow the description of mathematical models. However, the forecasting of weather conditions that are narrowed to a particular location, region, city or a square kilometer, as the prediction of risks for the population and infrastructure is an entirely different type of task. In order to solve it, the IBM has created a system of hyperlocal forecasting that is the Deep Thunder.
KlauS 11 april 2012, 18:48

imageI want to have a robot! It would entertain me ...cook ... and clean for me. While you are continuing to dream, I am going to talk about the wonderful robot that now you can buy at a reasonable price, and at the same time we will look into the over mentioned things, which the robot could do, namely dancing, entertaining, and washing socks. This robot is named Bioloid. It is made by Robotis Korean Company. This Bioloid has an interesting peculiarity, namely using its kit of parts you can build different types of robots, starting from a simple lift gate and finishing with a dinosaur robot or an android. In fact, you can build your own unique robots.
Pirat 10 april 2012, 13:07

That's how the music sellers see their average customer, downloading free songs.

Scott Cohen is the co-founder of digital distribution company The Orchard. This company distributes 20% of music on the web. However, this is not Napster: Cohen earns money by selling the music content, and this man thinks that the current model of music sales is out of date, and it is in urgent need of replacement.
MeLavi 9 april 2012, 10:33

The picture shows a fragment of perfect cheat sheet that has the basic electronic components, including their appearance and the symbol on the schematic circuits.
Papay 7 april 2012, 13:31

It is funny, but there are more male programmers than female. You cannot argue with this fact, therefore, any manager should take into account the men's psychology in the programming.

If we revert to the ancient times when man hunted the mammoths and the women stayed at home, gave birth to children and prepared meals. In order to hunt, a man was preparing for a long time, sharpening the ax, making the arrows and a bow. Then he stayed in wait, and finally he shot or stab. This characteristic of the behavior transformed and survived to the present day. The man is distinguished by the ability of high concentration for a job. This is a big advantage, and on the other hand it could be a big disadvantage. The man in contrast to the woman cannot do several things at once.
BumBum 1 april 2012, 19:01

imageAlways I wondered how our brain really works. It is interesting to know how our brain really works, and how much we use of it. You will be surprised when you read this.

Today I was sitting at home, my boyfriend came and asked 'what does this remind you of?' and I had multiple thoughts in my head, but answered with one word. How come your brain works so fast and it never stops? Have you tried not thinking? I try all the time but it is impossible. So I really wanted to know how much we use of our brain, and how clever we really can be. So I thought I would do some research and figure out how our brain works. If you are wondering about this, read along, and I will try and make it understandable.
Sparks 24 march 2012, 15:49

imageGenerally, in order to manufacture a typical solar panel the silicon workpieces are cut into wafers, and their thickness is about 200 microns. However, only a thin surface layer of the wafer is used directly. In addition, a portion of the silicon goes to the waste in the process of cutting. Company Twin Creeks Technologies has developed a manufacturing system, Hyperion, which is based on an entirely different principle. Hydrogen ions are embedded into the silicon wafers at a certain depth, and then inside of the workpiece is formed a thin layer of hydrogen bubbles. Next, the workpiece is heated and a gas pressure makes a thin layer of silicon to exfoliate, whereupon the cycle is repeated again. The resulting silicon lamina has a thickness of 20 microns, which is applied to a metal base. This ultra thin wafer is easy to bend without breaking.

These solar panels that are made by Twin Creeks Technologies cost half the price of conventional panels, less than 50 cents per watt. The company's website states that this technology will allow the solar electric installations to compete with the conventional energy sources.
KlauS 21 march 2012, 14:07

The purpose of this article is to satisfy the curiosity of people who are interested in the inner life of the Internet giant Amazon, as well as to warn the owners of online shops from all sorts of pitfalls.

Killer 20 march 2012, 14:00
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