imageThe first version of the game was written by Douglas Smith in 1982 in Fortran, he used the character graphics and it was called Kong.

What is funny, the creator has sent a demo version to Broderbund and the company rejected his offer of cooperation. Smith got the loan and reworked the game, and only after a second try he got the approval for the release of an improved program under the new name of Lode Runner.

Clones were many, for example: I started to play "Tarzan", but only in 1994 (!) Sierra has released a sequel, which was different from the usual game play, because there was possibility to play with another player and had a large number of traps.
Papay 2 november 2011, 20:43

imageMarco Tempest is the famous Swiss magician (or as he calls himself - cyber-illusionist). He blends cutting-edge technology with his tricks. This post will share two videos with his tricks.

1) In the first video Marco presents well thought and strikingly sincere reflection on truth and lies, art and emotions. Three iPods are used as the magical attributes.
Papay 27 october 2011, 14:32

imageWorker is a source of ideas, and not just a pair of working hands.
Bias of Priene.

IT-companies are highly flexible and able to adapt to the changing market conditions quickly, the recent global crisis clearly has demonstrated that ability. In the conditions, which turned around as cause for a significant drop for the companies in other sectors of the economy, IT-companies were able to survive and even show some growth. This is despite the fact that budgets for IT-companies and many market participants were substantially revised in time of crisis. An important factor that provides the ability not only to survive, but to grow is the central position of specialist in the production structure of IT-company. The main costs and the resulting profits are dependent from the people that directly are involved in the process of creating a product, and not from the technical equipment of company. So, for example, the software developing company is able to build its capacity, involving in the development of a greater number of specialists, and increasing their professional level, while for other companies in other sectors the growth will be associated with the development of material and technical resources. IT-companies are able more effectively to realize their potential in the promising new fields without the significant increase of costs in the changing market conditions.
Pirat 26 october 2011, 12:36

Fully automated minibuses (pods) were launched at the Heathrow Airport:
• Their speed is at up to 40 kilometers per hour.
• Carrying capacity of one pod is four passengers.
• They have fully automatic operation.
• The pods are at 70% more efficient than cars, and at 50% that usual buses.
• More than 100 000 people have been used this transport since April.


It is recommended to see a video, this was a project at that time and now, it is a reality.
Here is a link to the video and article how it works now.
BumBum 20 october 2011, 12:36

As the computer industry has the usual PCs and supercomputers, and also among the developers stand out giants that have superpower. How else can you call a man whose list of projects looks as follows:

1989: LZEXE
1996: Harissa
1997: Publication of Bellard’s formula for calculating digit of Pi
1999: Linmodem
2000: The calculation of the biggestt known prime number (source code only 438 bytes)
2000: FFmpeg
2001: The compiler TCC (Tiny C Compiler or TinyCC)
2002: TinyGL
2002: QEmacs
2003: QEMU
2004: Boot loader TinyCC
2005: The signal transmitter in the DVB-T format from PC to TV
2009: The world record for Pi computation
2011: Emulator of computer from Linux to JavaScript

Each of these programs could be the crowning career for any developer, but Fabrice Bellard continues to work.


Fabrice Bellard (left) and Miguel de Icaza (founder of the GNOME projects and Mono) at MIX 07 conference (June 2007)
Papay 19 october 2011, 13:57


Young anti-piracy organization Vigilant Defender decided to conduct an interesting experiment, which aimed to find out how many gamers have downloaded "pirated copy" are willing to pay the license fee for the original game. Company management has made an ingenious solution: they put on the Internet the pirated copy “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” with a crack and one interesting modification. This pirated copy spread on many torrent websites and it was downloaded by thousands of users.

After a person has installed the game and run it, a number of game’s time passed, and then opens a web form with several questions. The most interesting is that about 90% of gamers have responded to questions, and they did not uninstall the strange a game. Most of the questions had to do with the theme of licenses. For example, the gamers were asked whether they intend to buy a licensed version of the game. In addition, there was also a question regarding the license fee, the gamers were asked how much they are willing to pay for a licensed version.
MeLavi 16 october 2011, 13:48


What is new?


• Update Center
• To-do lists (with reference to the website)
• iMessage
• Subscription to the regular publications
• Integration into Twitter
• Editing photos from the gallery
• Opening camera from the Lock screen
• Wi-Fi sync
• Reading mode in Safari
• iCloud
• Support for the multitasking gestures on the iPad 2
• Split pad on the iPad

Reminding: here are supported devices:

• iPhone 3Gs
• iPhone 4
• iPad
• iPad 2
• iPod Touch 3g
• iPod Touch 4g
Tags: apple, iOS, iPad, iphone
Siera 15 october 2011, 17:04

imageThe media has reported the death of Steve Jobs, who was the former CEO of Apple company. We can treat Apple and Steve differently, but we cannot deny that he is an eminent figure in the IT-industry, who created a lot of trends. Rest in peace, Steve.
Here is information that is posted on the official site of Apple:
Apple has lost its fabulous and inventive genius and the world lost a remarkable man. Those of us who were lucky to know and work closely with Steve have lost a dear friend and inspired teacher. Steve left behind his company, which could be created only by him, therefore, his spirit will live forever in the heart of the company".
Source - Apple.
The Apple’s stores turned off the illumination of all logotypes of Apple all over the world.

Those who want to share their compassions can e-mail their thoughts and condolences to the postal address: [email protected]. Perhaps, some of condolences will be passed to Steve’s family and relatives.
He re is a good video from CNET, which visually summarized the career of Steve.
Below are the memories of his colleagues in the IT-industry:
Pirat 6 october 2011, 18:08


imageThe last four years I have lived and worked as a programmer in the United States in the Silicon Valley. During this time I have collected some observations that I'd like to share. I will focus on the infrastructure issues, such as the transport, internet, roads, crime, water, entertainment, and etc. I will tell only about my own experience. I hope this article will be interesting for the specialists that are thinking about working in the Silicon Valley.


imageRoads and automobile transportation
First thing I noticed when I came to the valley, it is excellent quality of the roads. The highway usually has four lanes in the each direction. The outer left lane can be used when more than one person is the car. The speed limit is usually 105 km / h., and it is controlled by the police forces that pull over the people, who drive over the limit. I have to say that they do not pull over for 120 km / h., but for 130 km / h., they may write a ticket. These two statements are verified by my own experience.
Sparks 30 september 2011, 13:22

Slogan: This plant will absorb the warm air rather than generate it.
The wind is an environmentally clean and theoretically inexhaustible the energy source; unfortunately, its qualities are blocked by its low efficiency relative to other ways to generate the electricity. In order to get the quantity of energy comparable to the plant that burning the coal, it takes a few square kilometers that are filled with the windmills.
But then the Japanese research engineers used the usual approach for a country “construct up and not in breadth” from ZENA Systems.
Construction will be a 50 meter hexagonal tower in the height. The form will allow capturing the blowing wind in all directions and at different heights.
Pirat 24 september 2011, 13:38
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