If you are in the need of developing an alcohol delivery app, then it will be very easy with SpotnEats ready to use uber like alcohol delivery app solution. SpotnEats On Demand Alcohol Delivery app solution dedicated to the on-demand alcohol delivery business industry. You can purchase the solution and make personalize it with respect to your needs and also at a reasonable cost.

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SpotnEats 27 january 2020, 7:16

Yes, definitely. The inception of several food delivery applications has made the customers get used to enjoying foods from their favorite restaurants in the comfort of their homes. Hence, it has become vital for food establishments to either develop their own food delivery application or join a service provider who can help them in taking their food business online.

If you wish to set up your own business, then the food delivery service is a great option to consider. With a fully functional food delivery app on board, you can list several restaurants on your app for the users to order from the food establishments of their choice.
You can generate revenue by adding restaurants to your app or placing ads on the app. Also, you can earn a commission for every food order placed through your app. Thus, there are various options available to monetize your food delivery service.
To put it together, do not give a second thought when it comes to starting a food delivery service. If you wish to join the food business in the shortest time possible, it is suggested to go with UberEats clones. The scripts of the clones are 100% customizable as per your business model.
Then, what for you waiting for? Get in touch with the leading app developer in town and get your app developed to join the prospering food delivery industry.
cloneappdupe 23 january 2020, 13:17

Going hyperlocal is the new trend in the evolving on-demand industry. If you wish to go hyperlocal, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

Reach out to your target audience:
Promote your business in the geographical location you serve, so it reaches the end-users. It will help you witness a rise in your sales.

Provide offers and discounts:
To make customers place orders on your app, start by providing them offers and discounts. It is the best way to bring more customers to your food delivery business in the initial few days.

A robust on-demand app:
The key to starting a food delivery business is an advanced and feature-rich app. You can go for UberEats clones if you want to set up your business in the shortest time possible. Customization of these clone apps takes lesser time and resources than building the app from scratch.

Several app development companies offer these clone apps at relatively low costs. Get in touch with the company of your preference and start the development of your app.

When you have a fully functional food delivery app on board, you can reach out to your target market in no matter of time.
cloneappdupe 22 january 2020, 12:44

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when they want to order food to their doorsteps is a food delivery smartphone application. The likes of UberEats, Zomato and Swiggy have garnered a massive customer base. Their services are sought after frequently and in turn they rake in millions of dollars in revenue.

Unlike conventional ways of ordering food, where you usually have to call up the restaurant and explain all of your requirements, smartphone applications automates common operations. Software makes it possible to order food to precise locations without uttering a single word. Along with their ease of access, they have become a huge hit among customers.

Developing a smartphone application for either entrepreneurial reasons or to enhance the prospects of your business is in huge demand. There is a huge audience and a major revenue stream to tap into. And, that can only be done with mobile software. Although the returns are high, you should be mindful of the features you implement in your food delivery application. The essential features are
  • Multiple payment systems
  • Easy registration
  • GPS real-time tracking
  • Discounts and offer codes
  • Push notifications

Get all of those features pre-installed in your app in an UberEats clone app. With a clone app, you can customize the colors, themes, icons and more of the software to suit your business needs.
cloneappdupe 21 january 2020, 12:16

Sure. First of all, I wish you luck in planning to start your own food delivery service. Food delivery business is gaining traction in recent times, and several people are used to getting their food delivered to their doorsteps. Considering this, there are more chances for you to succeed in the food delivery business.
• Before you set foot in the business, it is vital to keep the below points in mind.
• Plan your business model
• There are several types of delivery services available for running a food delivery business.

Own an advanced food delivery app:
An on-demand mobile/web application is the key to running a food delivery business. So, you should pay rapt attention to its development. Please make sure the app is robust and constitutes all features needed for its seamless operations.
If you wish to build the app in the shortest time possible rather than spending hours on its development process, it is suggested to opt for UberEats clones. The clone apps can be customized as per your business needs in a flash at reduced costs.

Reach out to your target group:
More than the establishment, the crucial part of running a business is making it reach the end-user. Work on strategies to take your business to the eyes of your target audience.
Follow the steps listed above to earn benefits in the long run.
cloneappdupe 20 january 2020, 10:11

As the users visit your restaurant in an app or website, the first thing that captures their attention is the menu. Almost all of us are attracted to visually appealing items. This tells you why it is vital for you to have your restaurant menu displayed online with eye-catching images.

Why is it important?
Visualization of your menu online is one of the best ways to get potential customers to reach out to your online food delivery service. They will get to know how their food will look like even before they place their order. Also, people who are new to the cuisine that you serve will get to understand what they are about to order.

An engaging menu generates leads for your food delivery business, increasing the number of food orders. Also, people might visit your restaurant for dining in if your online menu is attractive enough to catch their attention. You might have saw them in Swiggy like App.

Development of a Food Ordering App:

The online menu can be displayed only when you have a food delivery application on board. You can also collaborate with a food delivery service provider if you don’t want to take the responsibility of owning an app. In both cases, a robust and feature-rich app is the key to success.

The utmost care should be taken during the development phase of the app for its seamless functioning. If you wish to eliminate long hours and vast resources spent on developing the app from scratch, you can opt for the Swiggy clone. The scripts of these clones are customizable and highly scalable. With such an app, you can list your menu online at your convenience and update it whenever needed.
cloneappdupe 18 january 2020, 12:59

People are used to the comfort of getting the food delivered to their doorsteps. They no longer want to bear the burden of going all the way to the restaurant to relish in the taste of their favorite food. With a few taps on their smartphones, they can order food from their favorite restaurant. This has led several businesses to jump into the ever-growing online food delivery industry without second thoughts.

If you wish to join the thriving online food ordering business or look for ways to take your restaurant business to the next stage, then developing a food delivery application is the perfect solution. Owning a food delivery app helps to reach your target audience without any hassles.

Here we have listed a few reasons why you should take a shot at the food delivery business with Zomato Clone.

Increased customer base: By taking your food business online, you can reach a broad segment of the audience without geographical constraints. It increases the chances of gaining potential customers to your business.

Retaining existing customers
: The inception of several food delivery apps has given the users the comfort of getting food delivered to their desired destination. Hence, it becomes essential for you to adapt to this changing need to retain your existing customer base.

Increased revenue: Taking your food business online allows you to receive an increased number of food orders. This, in turn, shows a steady rise in your sales, resulting in increased profits.

I hope you have convinced to develop your own food delivery application for your restaurant business. To start with the development process, it is vital to jot down the features to be included in the app for its seamless functioning.

It is suggested to go for clone apps rather than developing an app from scratch. Several app development companies offer Zomato clones, along with customization services. You can opt for one such company to get your app developed in a jiffy at reduced costs.
cloneappdupe 17 january 2020, 10:34

The online ordering system has revolutionized the way food items reach customers. With the inception of UberEats clones apps, food establishments have started to deliver the food to the doorsteps of their customers with ease. They either develop their own food delivery app or partner with a service provider for the same. Taking the restaurant business online offers a lot of benefits that are listed below:

Increased revenue:
Customers are used to ordering food online due to their busy lifestyles. When appropriately executed, restaurants can reach a broad set of audiences at reduced costs. Thus, taking the food business on-demand results in a steady increase in sales, and it also increases the chances of gaining new customers.

Having an app to process the orders makes it easy for restaurants to track their business growth. UberEats clones apps help in maintaining a proper record of the total number of orders, completed orders, canceled orders, sales, traffic, etc. It will help restaurants to make informed decisions and plan the further expansion of their business.

Online marketing:
Leveraging the benefits of online marketing through social media, email, and mobile marketing helps food businesses reach a large segment of the audience, increasing the customer base.

Development of a food delivery app:
If you are planning to start your own food business or start an on-demand food delivery service, then you should put a lot of thought into the development of the app for your business. Several companies think that the development of an on-demand app is challenging and consumes a lot of time and effort. It is only the case when you opt for developing the app from scratch. The next best alternative to this issue is the clone apps.

Several app development companies offer UberEats clones that are customizable as per your business model. You can connect with the company of your preference, discuss your needs, and start the development of your app in a flash.
cloneappdupe 14 january 2020, 6:29

Kali 2019.4 Version

Its really great news to hear that the fourth and final release of 2019 i.e; Kali 2019.4, is available in the market to download immediately. Kali 2019.4 includes many of the exiting features and new updates, let us discuss those updates.
• It contains a new default desktop environment.
• It consists of the New GTK3 theme.
• It also introduced a new feature named “Kali Undercover” mode.
• A new home for Kali Documentation and is Git powered now.
• It also has a feature of public packaging which means getting our tools into Kali.
• The next feature is Kali NetHunter Kex which means that Full Kali Desktop on Android.
• It also has a feature of BTRFS during setup.
• It also has the feature of Added PowerShell.
• Its kernel is upgraded to version 5.3.9.
• It also has the feature of normal bugs fixes and updates.
Now, let us discuss some of the features in detail.

Kali Undercover

As we all know that the environment changes day by day, so they thought they would take a side step and do something for fun to all people. A person named Robert, who leads the penetration testing team of development of Kali, he is suggested about the Kali theme that looks like Windows as a casual view, they have created the Kali Undercover theme.
Let us assume that we are work in a public place, hacking away, and we might not want the distinctive Kali Dragon for everyone to see and wonder what if it is we who are doing. So, they made a little script that will change our Kali theme to look like a default Windows installation. That's the way by which we can work a bit more incognito. If after we are done and in a more private place, run that script again and we will switch back to our Kali theme. It's like a magic for us.

Public Packaging

In Kali one of the new feature included is documenting how you can make a new package. One of the most common problems is bug reports is requests for us to add some of the new tools or update existing ones. After some time, the tool developers recognized themselves that having their tool in the Kali repo is the easiest distribution channel for the purpose of security assessment tools is there. It is always been difficult that the volume of this to keep up with, and we have to make some hard decisions on where to commit our limited resources. Now, with this work-flow in place and documented, we do not have to wait on them. The simple thing is that to Go ahead and package up our tool and submit it off to them for approval. This is like an awesome way to get involved with improving Kali.

BTRFS during setup

Another significant new feature or a new addition to the documentation is the use of BTRFS as our root file system. This is an amazing approach documented by Re4son, that when done gives us the ability to do file system rollbacks after upgrades or updates. Let us assume that we are in a VM and about to try something that is new, then we will often take a snapshot in case if things go wrong then we can easily go back to a known-good state. However, when we run Kali bare metal that is not so easy. So the option is that we have to end up being extra careful, or if things go wrong then we have a lot of manual clean up to do. With BTRFS, we have this same snapshot capability on a bare metal install. As we know that this is new, it is not integrated into our installer yet. Once we get some feedback on how it is working for everyone, the next step is to streamline this and make it an easier option in our installer. So if we try it out, be sure to let them know how it works for us.


On move to some other features, in case if we missed it PowerShell is now in Kali. This has been really great to bring the ability to execute PowerShell scripts directly on Kali.
If you want to learn more about kali/hacking and how to do hacking then do follow to our blog:- Hacking Blogs
Gaurav 12 january 2020, 8:08

Several on-demand service sectors have allowed themselves to be swept up by the smartphone app revolution. Because of this, companies are witnessing a major boost in the prospects of their business. One industry in particular that has gotten impacted by the technological advancement is food delivery. With an on-demand mobile app, restaurants are able to handle a plethora of operations with absolute ease today. If you have a restaurant that functions without a smartphone application, then it is high time you consider developing one. Catering your services to customers with a mobile software will certainly fetch you a higher revenue.

How to develop a food delivery app?

When it comes to developing a smartphone app, the most common misconception is that it has to be built from scratch. That’s not the only way to build the software. There are app clones that you can use to emulate the features, business model and interface of the original app that it is cloned from. They offer
• Complete customizability
• Full scalability
• Savings on development costs
• Allows you to deploy your app in the market quickly

Compared to the tedious cumbersome tasks and expenses you will have to incur if you built your app from scratch, clone apps come launch-ready. Entrepreneurs only need to customize the app in terms of the software’s logo, color theme, design, what features to keep and remove, and more. Once that is finalized, the app is simply ready to go live on app stores.

Since you want to launch a food delivery app, an UberEats clone will work wonders to bring your app ambitions into reality. Customize every minute detail of the app to suit all of your business needs.

If you’re looking for an UberEats clone app that is reliable to help you boost the scope of your food delivery business, then the perfect company to help you succeed in your quest is AppDupe. They are a well acclaimed app development company that has extensive expertise in helping entrepreneurs boost the prospects of their projects. Contact them today.
cloneappdupe 9 january 2020, 10:25
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