You may need a web technician but don't want to hire them full-time. With the Field Engineer platform, you don’t have to. Instead, you can get access to the people you need to monitor and maintain web-related hardware and software, when you need them, paying only for the services you use — no expensive remuneration costs; no underutilised labor.

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A Server Administrator is responsible for the computer servers of an organization. This individual ensures on a daily basis that they are running efficiently by performing upgrading and maintenance tasks on hardware and software, resolving technical problems, overseeing their activity levels, ensuring server security.

While Server Administrators work primarily with servers, they also manage various other types of computing equipment that makes up part of the network. This includes PCs, mobile devices and network appliances like routers and switches. Server administrators install, configure, and maintain various types of hardware and software, which often involves creating user accounts, carrying out backup and recovery functions.

One has to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and specialization in at least one operating system (Windows or Mac or Linux). They should be comfortable working with databases and WANs/LANs.

The average salary for a Windows Server Administrator is $80,167 and for a Linux Administrator is $90,457.

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The next obvious question that would come to one’s mind would be regarding telecom engineer salary. One is bound to be curious regarding the salary and benefits that a telecom engineer is offered. This depends on a variety of factors. The experience of a technician, their ability to work under tough conditions, how open they are to traveling, the hours they are willing to commit, and the company they work for would all influence the salary package that a telecom engineer would be offered.
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The seven Qiraat were preserved by Mujahid and by Imam Shatibi in his famous poem “Ash-Shatibiyyah”. The Qari of each style had his style preserved by two of his students, among whom there would be small variations but not as significant as the variations between the Qira’aat themselves. The Qari had many students but the choice of who preserved them was that of Imam Abu ‘Amar Ad-Daani in his famous book “Kitab At-Tayseer fil Qira’aatis Saba”. The name in the square bracket is what the Qira’ah and the Tariqah are more commonly known as well.

The Shatibiyyah poem then is as described above. It is 1173 lines long and a major reference for the seven qira’aat.

Ijazah in Reading the Poem of Ash-Shatibiya is offered at Online Quran Teachers with professional teachers form Egypt. Lets help you learn the Ten Qiraat with us and get the certificate for Ijazah in Reading the Poem of Ash-Shatibiya.

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The CompTIA IT Project + professional is responsible for managing project quality. They must be able to monitor the project scope and project schedule. The professionals have to oversee the project as well along with the project risks. They have to take care of the vendors and procurements. It is the CompTIA IT Project + professional who handles the legal issues of the organization. They have to deliver the final product and close project procurements. The professional will handle the technical developments within the technical team.

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The Service Desk Technicians extend technical support to all internal IT and non-IT employees as well as customers facing problems related to hardware, software, and networking. They are responsible for troubleshooting problems faced by the end-users of PCs, laptops, and mobile phones by identifying issues and analyzing them.

They test and assess issues related to computer software and hardware, including operating systems, such as Mac and Windows. They document user requests and also update client trouble tickets with the current status of the issue. They also undertake maintenance of computer networks, hardware, software, and other equipment at regular intervals. Technicians should communicate well with non-IT people within or outside the company.

This position requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science and two years of experience. Employers prefer CompTIA A+ certification.

The salary for a Service Desk Technician ranges from $15.70 to $20.51 per hour.

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Reasons to Learn the Arabic Language:

Taking Arabic lessons and knowing how to speak it’s an advantage in the professional world.

If you choose the Arabic language as a second language, you will ensure a better professional integration. If you know the conjugation, grammar and writing and you can have a conversation in Arabic.

You can do intensive courses for adults of Arabic in Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iran, etc.

But learning the alphabet and reading texts in Arabic is not done from one day to the next, reading from right to left and Arabic calligraphy requires particular attention.

Use the Arabic media, such as Al Jazeera, to immerse yourself in the Arabic language and to make your learning process more effective. So you can:

1. Accustom your ear to understand phonics and recognize sentences better.
2. Improve in Arabic grammar
3. Acquire new vocabulary words
4. Perfect your pronunciation and your oral expression.

From an educational point of view, learning Arabic has many advantages. Arabic students have many professional opportunities since the Arab world market is booming.

On the other hand, with Arabic, you can communicate with more than 300 million native speakers of the Arabic language. Thus, Arabic will open many doors in the international arena.

You will be able to use Arabic as a working language. By mastering the language, you can become an expert in the Arab countries and be objective regarding the situation of countries that are at war and in crisis.

If you want to become a teacher, you can teach your mother tongue as a foreign language to Arab children and adults. You can also be a journalist, international lawyer, aid worker, etc.

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The Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification validates the professional skills to plan, design and manages the controls that protect the IT and business systems secure. The certified professionals are leaders in subjects such as mobile device security, application development security, and cryptography.
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With over 40,000 freelance IT engineers across the world to choose from, Field Engineer offers telecom operators and system integrators a cost-effective way to enter the international market.

If you’re looking for a freelance Cisco network engineer, our platform gives hiring managers and CIO’s the ability to pick from a global pool of IT engineering talent to tackle short-term international jobs and expand their reach with a cost-effective strategy.

Modern businesses need to be well-equipped to offer on-demand services across the entire globe. However, this can be a costly move especially if you don’t have a solid presence in another country. This can lead to building infrastructures that are not only costly but also difficult to manage.

That’s why telecom operators and system integrators are shifting their focus to freelancers. It’s more cost-effective, it reduces operating costs and helps you establish a presence overseas.

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The professional will offer technical assistance in investigating trouble complaints in managing relays. The Relay Tester will perform various field, shop and laboratory tests, repairs, inspections, etc. They will play an active role in making a minor calibration to electrical equipment such as voltage regulating devices, battery chargers, and circuit breaker. The tester helps in operation and switching of substation equipment and switch yards during installation, testing, emergencies, and other trouble conditions.

They setup barricades and performs related general housekeeping functions necessary to maintain safe work areas. The tester performs other directed assignments as required.
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