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VoIP calls from the browser

I faced the necessity to introduce a sip phone to the browser. On the internet mostly is the information on the basis of red5 + red5phone, but it seemed a bit of crocky and insufficiently reliable. Let us just say I was not satisfied with the time correlation of deployment and the required hardware resources to a level of quality, support, and ranging, also it is problematic for integration in a web project.
A little more searching I found this one project on the internet. It makes essentially the same as red5, but it is written in python and it has a flexible web interface.
In fact, the web-based interface is a small application on the flash, which is controlled by JavaScript or other programming language by calling the built-in functions of applications and processing of events. It has the ability to be integrated in other flash applications.
Running the server is done by these simple manipulations:

svn checkout p2p-sip.googlecode.com/svn/trunk / p2p-sip-read-only
svn checkout
rtmplite.googlecode.com / svn / trunk / rtmplite-read-only
cd. / rtmplite-read-only
PYTHONPATH =.. / p2p-sip-read-only/src:.
python. / siprtmp.py

It might be needed to specify ip address, which will be indicated when communicating with ip-pbx, it can be done with a key –e <ip address >. In order to debug is a key –d.
In this version is a great probability of error, during which will not be possible to make outgoing calls, to fix using a commentary on the line 217 in a file p2p-sip-read-only/src/std/rfc3261.ru. This bug will get fixed soon (according to the developer).
When setting the sip server to work with siprtmp, the users that will be calling through the web need to use a codec speex, for example in asterisk is done as follows:

disallow = all
allow = speex

The site of developer provides an example of the phone, and detailed description.


This solution can be used for video calls and conferences.

The main thing is: you do not forget to allow a flash application to use an audio device on your computer.

Official website of the server
Official website of the flash application
Another page of the flash application

At the moment, the developer is trying to do a full-fledged demon from siprtmp.ru on my initiative and overcome the need to export PYTHONPATH =.. / p2p-sip-read-only/src:.
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Tags: Flash, python, rtmp, sip
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