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The initial coin offering is the popular fundraising method for the startup to raise capital by conducting a cryptocurrency token sale event. this ICO token enables the token holder to utilize the particular product or service.

If you are looking to launch ICO with an innovative ICO project, I would like to suggest an ICO software development company that offers complete ICO website development services from white paper drafting, token creation, wallet development, Referral, and bounty designs and much more.

They also provide the white label ICO platform development for the instant launch of your ICO. To know what they offered in the ICO development services

- Ethereum token development
- Smart contract development
- Referral and bounty
- Digital payment gateway
- Wallet development
- User and Admin panel
- ICO dashboard

Get in touch with ICOCLONE at [email protected]

Free instant demo for ICO software available on the website.
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Ever since its inception, SAP has been a guiding light to its users. It has helped tons of businesses to achieve maximum potential by setting up their tech infrastructures. There is no scarcity of the ERP options but SAP services stand out for its great offerings and top-notch services.
SAP is for sure the safest cloud platform to deliver flexibility. And we can be sure of this fact by the numbers these statistics show.
• There are around 150 million users of SAP
• In 2019, there were around 17,000 SAP partner companies
• Around 91% of the Forbes Global 2000 companies use SAP
• In 2019 SAP revenue was more than Euro 23.46 Billion
We bet you are looking for a solution that cuts back on IT costs and offers well-aligned solutions. Well look no more, SAP is here. It is full of amazing business management tools that help you to get a clearer overview of your operations. In addition, it would be absolutely right to say that SAP can help you achieve undeniable finesse.
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Many web designing companies are established in Hyderabad. But where we make web site or mobile application that actually what we imagine. And it will helpful to rank in search engines also. The only place is Prachatech Software Solutions.

Prachatech Software Solutions is a best web designing agency in Hyderabad and it offers lowest price. Prachatech focus not only designing, it focus on content, design, loading speed, speed, and more. We will create a user friendly websites and mobile applications.

Who really need a website or application please contact us at following details.

Website: www.prachatech.com
Phone Number: 9014175660
Email: [email protected]
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Something is happening. People are unhappy. The specter of civil unrest is pursued by our programming communities.

For the first time a significant number of web developers openly question the web platform. Here is a typical article and discussion of . I could list more, but if you are sufficiently interested in programming to read this article, you probably already read this year at least one pompous recitation about the current state of web development. This article is not one of those. I can not compete in bullying the existing status quo with people who have to deal with web development every day. This is another article.

It's you, the front end hacker
Papay 16 november 2017, 12:17


WebRTC can work Peer-to-Peer and Peer-to-Server, where in the role of a feast, usually acts as a browser or mobile application. In this article, we'll show you how WebRTC works in Server-to-Server mode, what it does and how it works.
Skull 11 october 2017, 9:37

"Something is missing here." I bet you, this idea will come first to your head, if you see my workplace in the office. There is no monitor and mouse. There is only a guy who threshes on the keyboard, looking as if into emptiness.


It's just me, and my colleagues guarantee you that I'm usually not dangerous. I'm a programmer at the Vincit office in Tampere (Finland). And I'm blind. In this article I want to tell you a little about how I work.
xially 5 october 2017, 14:04

Today, I would like to talk about Firefox add-ons for the web development that can extend the browser’s core functionality, because I believe that these add-ons are very important for any web developer and web designer.

Many of these add-ons you already know!

Let's start with the most popular and powerful a wed development tool:

1. Firebug

MeLavi 26 july 2012, 16:43

The web developer needs a console, but not that much that he/she should drop everything and start reading thick books about Linux. That's why I have learned occasionally some console tricks, and many of my coworkers do the same. I will reveal a few useful secrets without which I cannot live anymore.

1) Use ssh keys!

I discovered the keys a long time, but regularly there are people who never heard about them. SSH keys allow adapting the connection once, and then passwords do not have to be stored to all sites in a notepad.
$ ssh-keygen -t dsa
BumBum 15 may 2012, 12:46

The tinycon is a small library for the manipulating the favicon to transfer information about the new events. The browsers that do not support the canvas the counter is displayed in the title page.

It is very simple in use. We need to connect lib and write
BumBum 12 april 2012, 13:37
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