The way you prepare for a career in IT plays an important role in your success. As with any career, you need to acquire the complex skills that will make a difference, but there are some extra strategies to jumpstart your IT career.

Take courses online
We live in an age when you can learn just about anything online. There are a multitude of platforms that offer accessible courses, prepared by professionals in the sector. You can tailor these courses to your existing commitments and there are no time limits.

Some platforms attract support communities for users looking to develop the same skills. Knowing that you can ask a colleague to give feedback on your projects will speed up your learning.
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aprabha2611 28 december 2020, 14:14

To convert mbox to pst, you may use any manual tip which is free way to convert mbox to pst but manual method is not that simple because it has very complex step and process which is highly time consuming and you should be technical person to understand it process.

If you want a simple way to convert mbox to pst then I would highly recommend you this brilliant MBOX to PST Converter Software which can easily convert individual or multiple mbox file into pst format without using outlook. It enable you to create single or multiple pst file to store mbox files.

This software displays the preview of recoverable mailbox before the actual conversion along with email, draft, task, attachment, notes, contact and Metadata like To, Cc, From, Bcc, Date and Time.

Try it free demo version to get more information:- MBOX to PST Conversion
jasondarulo 2 july 2020, 4:14

Image: TED Conference , CC BY-NC 2.0

In April 2017 published an article Will Gornalla from the University of British Columbia and Ilya Strebulaeva Stanford called "We bring venture business assessments to reality." In it, scientists analyzed the estimates of more than hundreds of world-famous companies (including technological ones) with an estimate of one billion dollars or more (the so-called "unicorns").

It turned out that these estimates do not always correspond to reality and can be repeatedly overstated. We publish the main findings of this study.
MeLavi 27 september 2017, 9:19

Since the days of a Gold Rush a little has changed in the rating of high-risk enterprises by the man. A half century later, still in the same California is the Silicon Rush epicenter.
Here are in the photo San Francisco in XIX century and today.
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How great and wonderful is the world of information technology! Every week I read all kinds of the news that out there is one billion of Web pages that each group of kindergarten has its own website and we run out of IP addresses! Free iPads are given out to the students and all African children have $ 100 laptops. In general, this information is overwhelming! Thanks to Wikipedia we will not look like a fool on the forums and the social networks.
Today we can work and have fun online. Internet allowed a young boy from Siberian village to work on the Large Hadron Collider, and thousands of talented people have opened their gifts thanks to YouTube. Is not it great?
BumBum 18 july 2012, 15:44