Have you heard that in some companies employees are allowed working 20% of their time on the personal projects? It turns out that there is the company that rendered this principle to the absolute. Let’s imagine that you can work 20% out of 100% of the working time on any project that you want. There are no managers, departments and chiefs. The company structure is totally flat, and all employees are equal and voluntary grouping by interests. Only the projects that attract more people have chance to survive.
Sparks 17 may 2012, 14:07

A former employee of Google who worked on Google SketchUp program that was intended to create and to edit three-dimensional graphics quickly. Presently, this employee has been working with Valve on a new level editor for Portal 2.


The main feature is an incredible simplicity of the interface and the process of creating levels. Isometric icon graphics is the arrangement of objects by dragging and dropping from the library. All that let a large number of people to embody their ideas into a complete level, and in order to share that level, we do not have to go through the seven circles of hell with uploading files, because Valve are working on the browser of levels that is built into the game, which would allow uploading and downloading user's maps.

This news is taken from the book The Final Hours of Portal 2 that is written by Valve.
KlauS 23 october 2011, 11:42