Industrial experts are trying to revolutionize each industry by trying out the Uber business model. At present, the Uber for X is the popular term in the startups club. Uber for X helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to start on-demand business.

There is a numerous list of uber for x products. Let us see the products one by one,

1. Uber for truck
2. Uber for courier
3. Uber for Mechanics
4. Uber for Car Wash
5. Uber for Tow Truck
6. Uber for Movers
7. Uber for Tow Truck

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Mobile apps play a major role in on-demand services as they are the bridge between customers and business owners.

If you are an entrepreneur trying to start an on-demand business, then read through the blog to learn about the benefits of using on-demand applications.
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Looking to start a new business online, then a taxi booking script with a ride-sharing option is the best way to do it. In this world, many people are looking to travel one place to another by using a cab. The number of people using online cabs is increasing rapidly. It is the right time to launch your own online taxi booking business with carpooling functionality. An entrepreneur can make huge money with this carpooling script easily as it has a huge audience base.

Carpooling is a process of sharing your ride with a person or a group traveling to the same destination. For example, let’s take an employee as an example, sharing their ride with the other employee traveling to the same destination can reduce the fare price, pollution rate, and traffic.
The list of entrepreneurs using the carpooling concept is increasing day by day. Our RebuStar is a taxi booking script with carpooling in it. Entrepreneurs or startups can use our product to start their own business instantly. We have a ready-made script called RebuStar to launch your project in a matter of minutes. If you want a unique design and customized functionality, our expert developer will start from scratch to build an app according to your needs.

Riders can find the rides planning to travel from the same starting point and destination point.
After finding the appropriate rider, the corresponding rider can contact them using the RebuStar app.
Once the rider is okay with the carpooling app conditions, the rider can travel in the same car.
After the completion of the trip, both the riders can pay their share amount to the corresponding driver.
Both the riders can share their review and provide about the driver and vice-versa for the driver.
Our RebuStar [Ride Sharing Script] has all the important features for both the driver and rider. Some of the important features are given below.
• Login / Register
• Ride Alerts
• Search Options
• Wallet Payment
• Estimated Fare

Any rider or driver can register with our RebuStar app. While the registration process, A driver has to furnish all the necessary documents.
Once the driver, rider finish their registration process, they can alert push notifications.
A rider can search vehicles according to their specifications. By default, We have Basic, Economy, and luxury.
Both the rider and driver can add money to our ride-sharing app. They can use it while paying.
Before the starting of the trip, our RebuStar calculates the estimated amount and displays it to the rider.
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The demand for the taxi industry has been increasing day by day providing huge revenues and also changed the lives of millions of people according to their needs.

Taxi business with Flutter Uber Clone is the most convenient and effective way for entrepreneurs to start their own business like Uber.

Here are the top reasons to choose the taxi business with Uber clone app,

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Uber is one of the top companies when it comes to online taxi booking services. Uber is currently operating in more than 63 countries, 785 cities around the world. Uber operates on both mobile and website platforms. Uber offers peer-to-peer ridesharing, online food delivery, etc. Uber cab is estimated to have more than 110 million riders all around the world. Uber app features are consistently updated to meet the driver’s and the rider’s requirements. Major online taxi booking business companies like Uber, Lyft, Grab, and Gojek are making billions of dollars in it. The online taxi booking business model has inspired lots of entrepreneurs to start a business like Uber. According to a recent survey, 30% of startups are looking to start their business like Uber.

• Ride Later
• Promo Codes
• Invite Friends
• God’s View
• Heat Map
• Peak Hours Pricing
• Live Taxi Meter
• Call Masking
• Carpooling / Share Taxi
• Ratings and Reviews

Ride Later is one of the important features of a taxi booking app. It allows a rider to book a cab for future purposes. A rider can book a car according to their wish with a specific date, time, and place.

It is an option, where the admin can offer discounts to both the driver and rider. This option helps to bring lots of customers to the product.
A rider can invite their friends to the app. In the successful invite, the corresponding rider can make money with it. From an admin perspective, it brings lots of new customers to the app. From the rider perspective, they can make money with it. It is a win-win situation for both admin and rider.
This feature allows the admin to search for a driver location. Admin can search a driver using their car type, driver name, and location. After completion, the location of the driver will be visible to the admin. It is helpful in case of any emergencies.
Heat map points out the locations with most activity by the driver and the rider. These activity areas are indicated in orange color. It helps the admin to analyze the places with more activity.
One of the important features of a taxi booking app. This option lets the admin increase the fare price based on the riders’ traffic details.
The latest feature of a taxi booking app, it estimates the fare amount by calculating the distance from the starting point to the destination point. It lets the rider know the fare details before starting a trip.
Call masking is a security feature that every taxi booking app should have. This option masks the phone number of both the rider and the driver. It protects the privacy of both rider and rider.
Carpooling or Share taxi is an option to share their ride with the other riders. By using the carpooling option, the rider can save the fare amount. Most importantly, it reduces pollution, toll fee, cab fare, etc.
The one feature that lets the rider and driver to improve themselves. After the completion of a trip, both the driver and rider can rate and review each other. If a driver has a poor review, behavior then the admin can ban that corresponding driver from the app.
Uber clone products are what most startups are looking for you. If you are looking to start a business like Uber then you can use a uber clone script to do it. Generally, a uber clone with all Uber App features in it can cost around $1,000 to $1,00,000. If you are looking for a cost-effective and best uber clone script then RebuStar is the best in the business. RebuStar product has all the Uber app features present in it and it can be customized easily. RebuStar has panels for all the stakeholders and available in both platforms Android and iOS.
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The on-demand business is one of the booming and profitable business ideas for an entrepreneur. The Uber for handyman app also comes under the radar of on-demand services like Uber, Netflix, etc.

Do you know that the Urban company is started by three young men with an idea of solving the day to day problem?. According to Fortune India, they have already raised about $110 million from investors and valued around $480 million.

“Paying attention to simple little things that most men neglect makes a few rich men” – Henry Ford.

If you are striving to start your own business, then on-demand handyman business might be a better option to go with.

According to a report from, the on-demand home services market is expected to grow USD 869.95, at a CAGR of 52% from 2018 to 2022. Exciting right?

Hence now is the best time to start an on-demand home service business [I mean yeah handyman services].

So how can you start with? The on-demand handyman service needs the best website to go online and professionals to back your business.

There are a lot of professionals out there who are not able to find their potential customers. If you can build an Uber for handyman app/website that can connect the professionals with potential customers, then it’ll be a huge success.

Development of On-demand Uber for Handyman App

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Nowadays the number of people booking taxis using their smartphones is increasing rapidly, in comparing it with the last decade. In other words, the increase in smartphones has increased the number of people booking their taxis online. Some of the major competitors in the online taxi booking script business are Uber, Lyft, Grab, etc. These companies are operating their business all over the world, and also they are earning millions of dollars in this business. Uber, Lyft, Grab have inspired lots of startups and entrepreneurs to start their businesses like them.

In this current market, there are lots of taxi booking software available in the business. Among those quality scripts, one of the best taxi booking software in the market is RebuStar. This script is mainly built to provide a solution for taxi booking software. RebuStar is cost-effective, features rich, fast working than the other taxi booking software in the market.
Our Taxi Booking software has all the important features of Uber, Lyft, OLA present in it. Our RebuStar is developed with powerful features like
• Switch Online / Offline
• In-App Call / Chat
• Real-time navigation
• Live Taxi Meter
• Review and Ratings
• Emergency Contact sharing


One of the important features for an Online Taxi booking script, A driver can update the status based on their available time. This feature is helpful in case of any emergencies.


A RebuStar driver and the corresponding RebuStar rider can chat/call using their default messaging and calling apps on their smartphone.

It shows the real-time navigation for the driver and the rider. It shows the route from start to finish. It is achieved by using Google Maps.

RebuStar app shows the live fare charge the customer. It is calculated by analyzing the total distance covered by the RebuStar driver.

Both the RebuStar Rider and the RebuStar Driver can review and rate each other once the trip is finished.

Our RebuStar has an inbuilt security feature. A RebuStar rider can add their emergency contacts into the app. If any case of emergency, they just tap the “SOS” button. it will send an emergency message with rider location in it.

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An online taxi booking app</a> is highly recommended by many riders due to its easy taxi booking and quick availability of cars. Taxi booking script is in high demand in recent days since people started loving online taxi booking apps without stepping out, also it is more reliable, safe and quick. All taxi booking app has its own set of users because of its flexibility. If you are planning to start your taxi booking service, we are having our Abservetech’s readymade taxi booking script to bring your plan into action to thrive in your business.

Instant Script

A Taxi Booking Script is highly beneficial for users, drivers, and admins. The taxi booking app is successful due to its flexibility and reliability. Through the taxi booking script, Admins earn high revenue by its ride commission. The taxi booking app is generated in a way to be used by all sets of users, drivers, and admins. The app is user-friendly, reliable and profitable by revenue generation. Our app’s UI is designed to be attractive and user-friendly. It has all the necessary features of a taxi booking app along with the revenue generation and commission feature. Taxi booking app helps to increase business performance.

Unique features of our app

The taxi booking app is built in a way to make to bring more satisfied users to the business, which can make the users use the app regularly and bring many new users to the client. This increases the earnings of the business. To assure users with the good User interface design and perfect UX. We designed our app with perfect coding which provides fast performance reliability and more efficient one. We have an individual app for users, drivers, and admins.
Users app features

• Search option
• Schedule food
• Wallet option
• Multiple logins
• Track location
• Fare calculator
Driver app features

• Navigation
• History report
• Earnings
• Profile
Admin app features

• List of drivers
• Taxi details
• Promo codes
• Offers
• Live navigation
Readymade Taxi Booking Script</a> can help you to start your business in taxi booking services and can monetize the business effectively. Abservetech provides you with the best taxi booking service app instantly, so you can start your services quickly.

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Uber clone solution will be a smart move to build your own full-featured taxi application within your budget. Also, with the readymade online solution, you can include necessary features based on your taxi business needs and can launch your taxi app on multiple platforms quickly. Knowing the amazing benefits of uber clone solution, many business owners started using it in order to develop their taxi applications.

But, nowadays, a lot of online solutions are available and not all of them can satisfy your online taxi business requirements. If your taxi application is very similar to other taxi apps available in the market without any inclusion of innovative concepts, then you cannot impress many users with your taxi app.
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