The food delivery app like Swiggy created a huge impact in the food delivery business.
It helps users avail of services that ease their lifestyle. Gone are the days where people stood in line for hours to order food. But with a Food delivery app like Swiggy makes the process much easier and simpler.

We developed a Swiggy clone with salient features that helps your business expand exponentially and helps sustain in the food delivery sector for a longer duration.
VanessaWilson 4 december 2020, 12:48

Who doesn’t love eating restaurant food at the premises of home? Yes, we all do love restaurant foods. Before the pandemic, online Food delivery businesses had a great demand among users. But after the pandemic, the demand for online food delivery services have increased exponentially. There are a couple of reasons for this demand. One is, people fear to go out amidst the pandemic. Another thing is, as many people get to work from home, they don’t find spare time to cook.

Wondered why the Swiggy is leading in the Online Food delivery industry? The reason behind is, they offer quality service and surprise the user with great features and discounts. Create Swiggy like app and bestow it with fascinating features. This blog will take you through the features of the app.

Contactless Delivery- It is must to ensure the safety of the user. To serve the purpose of safety, the app has infused contactless delivery, where the delivery person will leave the order in a sanitized spot, outside the user’s place.

Safety Badges- The user will give prime importance to safety. Besides contactless delivery, the app has another feature called safety badges which will be given to restaurants/delivery persons to indicate that they follow safety regulations.

Takeaway- Adapting to the convenience of the user, the Swiggy Clone app has incorporated takeaway/store pick up options. The user can conveniently order the food from his/her favorite restaurants online, and pick up the order from the restaurant itself.


Trust Turnkeytown’s Swiggy app development for your business and success is the only thing you will foresee.
VanessaWilson 24 november 2020, 9:19

Invade the online Food Delivery Services with unique features that will stand a chance to outward your competitors. The food delivery services will never experience deflation, as people get more accustomed to it. To keep this demand afloat, at Appdupe, we help businesses by providing Swiggy clone script. This blog will help you derive a conclusion to adapt our food delivery clone script.

Before getting to know features of the application, let us have an overview of the app.

1. The user will log into the app after completing the mandatory registration.
2. Now, the user will search for their favorite restaurants, and will select the food items based on the category.
3. The admin will constantly update the availability of the food items.
4. The user can select any number of food items, and add it to the cart.
5. The admin will process the order by mapping it to the corresponding restaurants.
6. Once the order is confirmed, the admin will send the tracking ID to the user.
7. The delivery person will accept the request, and deliver the order to the user.
8. The user can make the payment via multiple options like debit/credit cards, COD etc.,

Some of the unique features of the app like Swiggy includes:

Contactless delivery- Users can receive their order from the delivery person at a well-sanitized place outside their home. This ensures contactless delivery.
Takeaway- Users can order their food from the app and collect it directly from the restaurant.
Safety badges- The restaurants and delivery persons will be assigned with safety badges to vouch that they follow certain safety measures like wearing masks, gloves etc.


Our Swiggy like app development undergoes various stages of testing to verify whether the product meets with user requirements. We provide white labels to solutions so that you can rebrand it with your business name and logo.
VanessaWilson 5 november 2020, 14:26

Turnkeytown’s Swiggy Clone is a world-class on-demand food delivery service that entitles users to order food online at their fingertips and get them delivered at their doorsteps. Drenched in stellar features and wrapped around an immersive UI, it is now available at an unbeatable price!

Features of Swiggy Clone app:
Contactless Delivery: Knock out even the slightest chance of contact with the virus by empowering users to receive their delivery at a predetermined sanitized safe spot in or outside their home, eliminating the need to collect it directly from the delivery executive

Takeaway: Accredit your users to order and pay online and collect it directly from the restaurant! A perfect feature of anyone not willing to avail of home delivery.

Safety Badges: Superimpose the necessity of prevention regulations by awarding visually appealing safety badges to restaurants and delivery executives to adhering to social distancing and wearing masks during their work.

Live Tracking: Uncertainties in food delivery are no more relevant as users are fed with real-time location updates about their orders along with their processing status. No more unpleasant delivery experiences!

Push Notifications: Besides real-time tracking of delivery, users are proffered with instantaneous updates about the status of their order, details of delivery executive, etc., through in-app push notifications.

Multiple Payment Options: Why pay through a single payment method if one can access a multitude of popular options? Our swiggy clone exactly does this as it authorizes users to pay through iterations like credit/ debit cards, UPI, net banking, etc.

Order History: Cast out the need to tenaciously search for an already-ordered food item as users can storm into the order history panel with complete details about previous orders and transactions. This way, reordering becomes a breezy affair.

TurnkeyTown takes care of the Swiggy Clone App Development and offers ready-made Swiggy clone script to its customers. These solutions can be customized to suit business requirements. We will also provide support, post product launch. Give us a call and we are happy to have you onboard.
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Technological process has transformed every aspect of our lives. People are used to the comfort offered by food delivery apps and prefer these apps over dining in restaurants. Most of us order through Food delivery apps like Swiggy and are familiar with the convenience offered by these apps. The less explored areas are the benefits offered by food delivery apps to restaurants and eateries. Let us look at some of the major perks of partnering with Swiggy clone app.

More orders procurements: Restaurants have a limited operating range, people who are nearer to the restaurants place orders through it. Food ordering apps increase the operating range of the application to several fold. Customers from all over the city place orders to the app, which in turn increases the popularity and revenue for the business.

Efficient business management:
Customers orders will appear in the admin panel of the customers. Once the order is processed, the revenue made through the order gets updated in the earning panel. Swiggy clone script has provision to provide earnings module updation and business profits graphs. Customers can analyze the current business profits rates and take the necessary action.

More profits: Restaurants need not worry about the delivery as apps like Swiggy take care of the delivery for them. Depending on each order they have to pay a fixed charge, compared to the profits made through these apps, the cost is considered almost negligible.

Swiggy clone app development has inbuilt features required to enhance the profits restaurants. It is one of the main reasons for more restaurants for being part of the food delivery app sectors. Entrepreneurs can invest in the Turnkeytown solution and become witness to the magic it holds!
VanessaWilson 16 october 2020, 11:50

Food delivery apps like Swiggy contribute to the major profits margin for the restaurants. Entrepreneurs can utilize the demand for food delivery apps to the greatest extent possible by investing in readymade Swiggy clone apps. These apps are built with stellar features to offer customers a memorable experience.
VanessaWilson 7 october 2020, 10:58