The topic of stablecoins entered the fray in late 2017 and early 2018. Described as the “Holy Grail of Cryptocurrency”, a scalable and stable digital currency would push for adoption in daily use. The stablecoin represents three units of monetary value; unit of account, store of value, and medium of exchange. This differentiates stablecoin from the rest, this can have a real-utility value in a way volatile cryptocurrencies cannot.

The emergence of secure, efficient, trustless stablecoins provides a platform to develop an overall distributed ecosystem of markets, loans, and insurance. Also, payment for various DApps would increase the anticipation and advocacy of stablecoin.

The most crucial advantages of stablecoins include:
Price stability
User Privacy
High-end security

Stablecoins – the future of crypto coins?

The focus of cryptocurrencies has always been to create a less volatile more liquid and decentralized digital asset. The Stablecoin can be considered to be the Holy Grail that the crypto advocates were looking at.

The Stablecoin can be expected to facilitate transactions without friction, not only between two parties transacting using cryptocurrencies but also between parties that might need to shuttle between crypto and Fiat.

Additionally, Stablecoins can give the escape hatch for erratic economies like Zimbabwe under Mugabe’s rule. They can choose to move their money to a different economy or an asset without losing out on the value.

Cryptocurrencies haven’t found their fullest reach or recognition yet and Stablecoins can only be expected to make them better understood and more reliable.

Stablecoin development services:
Fiat-backed token/coin development
Precious stones backed token/coin development
Gold-backed token/coin development
Necessary KYC/AML integrations
Effective Whitepaper
API integration
Cutting-edge blockchain technology integration
Smart contracts integration
Token sales/ distribution
Payment Gateway integration
Best-in-class marketing strategies
Community building
Stablecoin unique pre and post-launch services

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