What is document translation?
Document translation services is the adaptation of a document from one language into another by a professional translator. The document being translated can be tangible like certificates, letters, and manuals or intangible like voice recordings or website. However, a single fact remains true for every document translation – every document translation should be accurate. Accurate translations are best provided by human translators. Only a professional document translation company could provide the best translation. Various qualities of online translation make it the service of choice when translating a document, here we include a few:

1. Native experts ensuring unmatched accuracy – While it is true with the advent of machine day-to-day translation has been made easier. However, documents require a human touch to deliver accurate results.
2. Convenience – the inconvenience of “traditional translation methods” has been assuaged by online translation services. You upload the documents and see the magic happen.
3. Confidentiality – Online translation services have various measures in place to ensure your privacy. End-to-end encryption, NDA, and the ability to remove a file from servers ensure that documents remain secure.
4. Turn-around-time – TAT for translation services are in hours to days. Quick translation services ensure that translations get ready within the provided deadline.
5. Langauge support - Online translation service supports global languages. Translation from Chinese to English, or Hindi, or even Basque is never a problem with translation services.
6. Rates – Online document translation services ensure the right balance between accuracy and rates. One might wonder why pay for something that you get for free, however, the accuracy of free services is questionable. Online translation services provide the best bang for your buck.

Here are some frequently encountered documents during the process of translation:
1. Business document Translation
• Company profile
• Business Agreements
• Annual reports
• Bank statements
• Bills and forms
• Business plans
2. Technical document Translation
• User Manual and Technical Specifications
• Operating manuals
• Product Manual and Handbooks
• Brochures and catalogs
• Data Manuals
• Research reports
3. Legal document Translation
• Intellectual property Agreement
• Depositions
• Court Judgement
• Quality adherence
• Incorporation document
• Legal contracts
• Patent and trademark filings
4. Medical Document Translation
• Instruction for Use (IFU)
• Patient report
• Scientific Articles
• Medical history
• Pharmacological Studies
• Journals and magazines
How to choose document translation agency: Look for the following qualities in transcription services:
1. Accuracy and quality – Online translation services frequently tout accuracy to be in the upper 90s. Ensure it with work samples.  
2. Professional translators – Ensure that online translation services provide expert translators for document translation. 
3. Convenience – For convenience answer always, and we say always, lies in online document translation services. 
4. Confidentiality of your documents – End-to-end encryption, NDA, and view-per-work policy ensure the documents remain secure
5. Cost for translation – Prepare a list and choose services that provide the right balance between costs and services
6. Customer reviews and work samples – Good translation services include these in their website
7. Support for global languages
8. Support for professional industry-specific translation – Be it for medical, legal, or financial documents
9. Turnaround time
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