Today industry leaders and governments all over the world are taking drastic measures to make our industries and economies more sustainable. To market a self storage business like any other won’t generate much traction today.

However, there is good news. Today consumers are very aware of businesses impacting local environments. If you are building a new self storage business or are looking at boosting revenue for an existing one, it is a fantastic idea to implement green measures and highlight the same in your marketing messages.
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As the self-storage business is unique with tasks and reporting unlike other businesses, the management software for self-storage must be designed to meet a brand’s specific needs. After investing both time and money into the development of self-storage business owners are faced with the difficulty of managing manual tasks while running their business. But too often, they rush into choosing any management software without analyzing whether it fits their needs or not. Due to the unique nature of a self-storage model, it is important to determine which program best suits your requirements today and tomorrow.

What is self-storage management software?

Self-storage management software is a solution that provides the ability to manage self-storage units on the basis of facility size, budget, and operational requirements to meet business goals. Whether you own a small self-storage business or a well-established one, self-storage management software helps you in managing your storage facilities in a quick, methodological, and professional manner.

Simply put, self-storage management software is a system that enables storage space owners to manage their storage units remotely and have all the key pieces of information available and accessible at all times. You can easily access the data on available storage spaces, booking, payment processing, etc.

This helps you save your valuable effort and time, control your workflow, and help you focus on other aspects of business more intensively. Alternatively, there are white label self-storage management solutions that help you to create a full-fledged website to develop your self-storage platform.

Benefits of self-storage management software

The advancements in modern technology have brought in significant changes in the ways we do self-storage business. The use of self-storage management is one of them, which helps businesses to have better control, enjoy improved efficiency and high productivity, and eventually deliver better customer experiences. The benefits of this amazing software solution don’t end there. Here are some of the benefits of self-storage management software for your self-storage business.


The most significant benefit of using self-storage software is the incredible convenience it offers. This holds true especially if you are using a cloud-based self-storage system. This facilitates your business to access the data from anywhere when you have Internet capability.

You could be traveling at work or stuck at home, and still have access to all your booking information and billing reports. The self-storage managing software also allows you to have a degree of control over the business operations to make sure everything is running smoothly. This expedites your response to issues and allows you to enjoy greater control to set things in order.

Self-storage unit management

The fundamental function of self-storage management software is to allow businesses to manage move-ins and move-outs of self-storage units, keep a database of user information, and allow you to review the payment status of customers. Good software also comes with a

A user-friendly dashboard that gives you a quick view of the availability of spaces, occupancy, revenue generated, and other key metrics relevant to your business success.

Website design

Some self-storage management solution comes with web design features are an ideal option if you have no web presence and want to set your own self-storage platform. This comes with several advantages like seamless integrations between your online booking, inventory control, and other management systems.

User-friendly system

Self-storage management software offers a simple and user-friendly system to manage your business effortlessly. With user-friendly software, your team need not spend a lot of time to familiarize with the software system. Higher-end solution providers offer better customer support which allows enjoying constant support and guidance in case you need any help after installation. Most software is PC and Mac compatible, allowing you to access the software from literally any computer system you use.

Inventory control

One of the primary benefits of software for self-storage business is to keep track of which storage spaces at your facility are available for rentals in real-time. Some software systems also give you a visual picture of available and occupied storage units through a custom storage facility map.

Process and collect online payment

The ability to process and collect payments online is a game-changer for self-storage space businesses. In this digital age, customers prefer to enjoy the ability to book and pay for self-storage units online.

If a customer comes to your self-storage website through an online search, the ability for them to book and pay for a storage unit online will impress them which will benefit your business in turn. Otherwise, most probably, they will continue their search to book your competitor’s services that allow them to pay online.

Recurring billing

Unlike the standard account management software, self-storage management software allows business owners to apply recurring billing. At any point while using your services, your customers can get a detailed report on payment details which all customers will appreciate.

As billing is made in advance for self-storage businesses, regular accounting software cannot offer complete payment information. This is where self-software management software becomes significant.

Efficient customer relationship management

Self-storage management software offers an automated way to proactively communicate with your existing customers and prospects. The software would feature many built-in trigger events to activate a customer relationship management process that you can configure. It also handles lead management allowing to automatically follow up and send notifications to respective customers. Altogether, self-storage management software is not just a customer relationship management tool, but a go-to multi-purpose tool to run your business efficiently.

Security integrations

The success of self-storage businesses lies in the security integrations it provides as security systems being the most important aspect of any self-storage facility. With self-storage management software, you retain the ability to lock out non-paying customers and customers who are not adhering to the policies which help to keep your self-storage facility more safe and secure.

The software is industry-specific

From the surface, renting self-storage units appears to be simple. However, in reality, it’s not. It involves a complex set of business operations that needs careful execution. For the same reason, your self-storage software is industry-specific to deal with customers according to the specific industry. Each industry needs a specific self-storage management software system to complement the business the best way.

Don’t have to worry about updates and backups

With a self-storage management software system, you need not worry about software updates and backups. You need not download or install anything. The management software will always be live and up-to-date. As the software can be updated so easily, any problem can be easily fixed, tested, and updated quickly. Finally, you never have to worry about backing up data and the software will do all these tasks on its own so that you can focus on other business activities.

Customer support

One of the most important factors while choosing any software is the customer support you receive. Self-storage management software programs that are web-based are more easily supported when compared to web-enabled software programs. The reason being, the solution providers can access the essential data along with the user, see exactly what they see and often fix the problems quickly. When picking a self-storage software system, make sure fee support is integrated into the package as well.

Things to consider when purchasing self-storage management software for your self-storage business

Choosing to invest in a self-storage management software system for your storage business is the most significant decision that drives your business growth. To make sure you are making the right decision, here are some of the key things to consider when buying self-storage management software.

Buy the software at the right time

When buying self-storage management software for their business, most brands make the mistake of being late with the software purchase. Many think that they can manage the business operations manually, only to realize later that it is hectic.

It is important to choose the software at least sometime before you officially enter the storage business. This is important as the software must be customized according to your unique business requirements. Having enough time to consider all the necessary features and customizations and then choose the best software is of key importance.

Choose a flexible self-storage management system

Your self-storage businesses will go through constant development which is impossible without making necessary customizations in the way you run your business. Hence, it is really significant to choose a flexible self-storage management system that adapts to your changes in policies to follow and support your business as it expands. Otherwise, you will really risk the smooth running of your business as your software fails to adapt to your business changes.

Get clarity about software terms

If you don’t understand the terms and conditions, you will have a tough time making an informed decision about which self-storage management software system is best for your business. For example, you need to understand PC-based software, web-based, and web-enabled software programs.

PC-based software is a web-enabled software system that can be installed directly on a computer system and doesn’t need to be connected to another computer. Whereas, web-based software is a software on-demand system that requires an ongoing fee instead of a software license purchase. Web-enabled or PC-based software run in all Windows operating system environments.

Buy software that interface with other software systems you use

Most businesses select software systems without realizing it will not interface with other business systems. If you don’t choose a software system that doesn’t interface with other software systems, you use it. For example, payment integration systems, access control, electronic payment processing, etc. A mistake like this will prevent your self-storage software from following the growth and development of your business.

No flexible payment option

When you run a self-storage business, you must make sure you offer convenient payment options to your customers that will result in timely financial transactions and great customer relationships.

The software you choose must allow customers to make payments on your business website through electronic check processing or automatic credit card processing. The more options you offer to your customers; the fewer excuses your customers will have for missing a payment. This will also help in retaining your customers.

Choosing the wrong software solution

When you are investing your time and money into choosing the right self-storage management software, you need to ensure that you are making the right decision. Build a strong relationship with the solution providers, to pave your path to success. A good software system along with a relationship with knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful solution providers will ensure your long term business success.

Coming to an End!

The Self-storage software offers a number of benefits, but ultimately it’s up to the self-storage business owners to determine what’s appropriate for their business. Unique business requirements, budget, and a number of other factors play a significant role in your key decision. If you are choosing to invest in the self-storage management system, it is important to remain up-to-date about new technologies so you can operate your self-storage business and serve your customers in the best way possible.
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Self-storage is one of the trending things, which is growing day-by-day. The growth of the self-storage trend is creating new and unique opportunities for developers, operators, and investors. For example, the marketplace of the U.S. is continuing to be strong, with almost 10% of the population spending money on products.

When it comes to the operation and growth of self-storage all over the world, there is a range of new trends coming into effect.
Interested to know about the self-storage trends? If yes, then here it is.

Smart Security

Security is one of the most important factors as there is an increase in the demand for self-storage units.
To stand out from the crowd, the operators must offer unique, innovative, and stunning offerings.
As of now, technology has developed a lot in terms of mobile phones, electronic locks, etc. All these have provided the tenants with more enhanced access.
Smart devices allow remote access to monitoring activity and making payments over the apps more convenient. There have been advancements in features of smart security, which include authenticating access, allowing entries, and unlocking doors from a smart-phone that has made security features even more advantageous.

Though as of yet, some marketplace might not have enhanced security features. You, as an operator, can provide enhanced security options; and stand out from the crowd.


Kiosks are not a traditional mall but are interactive booths. With this, the users can control the process of self-storage from the initial stage to the end. This is one of the best options to plan their storage requirements 24/7.
Self-storage kiosks consist of software, which has a direct link with the software database is used by the property managers. With this, the information as well as data can be transmitted without much effort.

Baby Boomers

The generation of baby boomers came into existence between 1946 and 1964. Thus, in the year 2020, the age of baby boomers will be somewhere between 60 to 64 years (average).
Now, you may think, what’s the need for baby boomers, right? If yes, then we must let you know that the requirement for storage will increase in this powerful generation. This is because many people are moving on to small apartments or condos and selling their family home. The population of baby boomers is one-third of the US population. Some of them are closer to their retirement, and they will continue to spend money on second homes and luxuries.
Thus, there will be rapid growth in the industry because of baby boomers.

Mobile Apps

In this current scenario, everything is possible with mobile apps, ranging from banking to fitness, to ordering food. Thus, managing self-storage apps is not a surprising element.
Self-storage apps make the storage process an easy job, and as a result, it has received great value in the self-storage market. With these apps, you can search facilities, check your items, manage your contacts, etc. at the comfort of your home. Apart from this, these apps also help the users in communicating with the staff of the storage unit directly. This will help you to solve your doubts or queries without hassles.

Moreover, you can also create an access code to enter into the app for additional security.

Remote Monitoring

This is an amazing tool, as you can monitor things without leaving the comfort of your home. For example, a surveillance camera. Visualizing things in real-time is amazing and essential.
As per the research, currently, more than 30 million surveillance cameras are installed all over the country. Many people are using these cameras to check who is standing outside their door, whether their packages are delivered safely to their home, etc.

This is what the remote monitoring system also does with the storage facilities. When it comes to storage units, the most common threats are temperature damage and theft.
A remote monitoring tool can help you monitor the internal temperature of your storage unit. Not only this but also will get alerts if any issue. Thus, this is the best tool for all the storage facility owner to enhance their storage facility services.

Automated Process

As of now, several things are becoming automated, which includes storage facilities as well. Storage facilities are making their entire process automated.
If you are a storage facility owner, then it would be good if you automate the entire process. This will help you save a lot of your precious money.

Artificial Intelligence

In every step of our life, artificial intelligence is making its unique way. This applies to a storage facility as well.
In the field of storage facilities, AI has shown its presence in the form of interactive robots. This has launched in Europe. The name of this robot is Keylo, a Kiosk, which helps the clients with the rental process. However, it different from the traditional kiosks.

Stern Competition

Competition has become stern between the storage facility owners. They are struggling hard to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.
As of now, more storage companies are coming up, and that too with the newest technological trends. Thus, to succeed in your industry, you’ve to come up with remarkable and stunning ideas.


Software is playing a vital role in the growth of almost every business. Similarly, self-storage management software is an asset for storage facility owners. With this software, the owners can monitor the activities of customers, trends, sales, etc.
When it comes to software, the latest trend is a cloud-based one. It helps the owners in knowing all the current aspects of the business. This, in turn, makes the daily task an easy process, enhances customer experience, etc.

Real Estate

In self-storage, real estate market trends have not shown any signs of going down. These companies have maintained a balanced position even during recessions.
Investors are looking forward to buying new builds as these don’t require too much maintenance. They are also looking for the ones that are equipped with the latest features and technologies.


Therefore, the self-storage industry is growing tremendously, and technologically advanced features are being added from time to time. If you would like to know more about self-storage and how to get started with a self-storage rental business, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]
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