Refinancing rental properties has gotten inseparable from a few convincing advantages. In any event, it can open a huge number of wealth-building openings, including the capacity to bring down interest rates, costs, and regular monthly payments, improve loan terms, and make extra money streams.

All things considered, dreadfully barely any new investors know that this system even exists. For some explanation, there’s a whole unforeseen set of investors that don’t understand the open door they are missing up. Honestly, rental property refinancing corresponds with an inborn level of danger. Along these lines, it’s basic for investors to grasp their motivation for refinancing as well as gauge the dangers versus the prizes. Done accurately, and for the correct reasons, refinancing a rental property can be an incredible move. Study why investors might need to refinance a rental property in their own portfolio, here.
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Snippet: in this post we look at Airbnb, how it makes money and how much it costs to build an Airbnb clone script.

What is Airbnb

We all know that Airbnb is a peer to peer service sharing platform. It allows people list their assets (homes or properties) and allow others to pay for such temporary living accommodation. All this is carried out online – via both web and mobile apps. Airbnb has turned the hospitality industry upside down ever since it broke through the market in 2008.

01 - Airbnb home page - Rentcubo
Not only the rooms and homes are affordable (some are expensive, we agree), but the whole transaction happens so seamlessly as well. We have a very interesting account of how transparent and open Airbnb is, and what entrepreneurs in the sharing economy can learn from Airbnb – check this detailed post – we are sure you will like it.
ShirleyStewart 18 november 2020, 12:37

In this post: we look at how major cities could manage parking issues with smart parking solutions and what regulations can help cities plan future-proof infrastructure.

America’s fascination towards football – especially the Super Bowl LIII – is mesmeric. While the city of Atlanta hosted the latest showdown, the city planners, police and even Lyft had a part to play in ferrying hundreds and thousands of sports fans. More than 1 million people were expected to arrive in Atlanta by that afternoon. Just watch this video to see the impact of people influx on a city’s traffic management.

Some percentage of fans would come from other cities or states, and the rest from Atlanta itself. The question is, if cabs such as Lyft and Uber are bringing people in and thousands who drive down to the majestic Mercedes Benz stadium, where do they park all the cars?

Atlanta, USA – February 2018: Cars drive by the Mercedes Benz Stadium illuminated at twilight.
Most American mega-cities – such as Philadelphia and New York – have excess parking spaces. The trouble is, they are being used inefficiently. If we ask mayors and city planners of each major American city about what concerns them about city planning – they wouldn’t hesitate to point at managing traffic and parking.

Most of human population is heading towards major cities, the urban jungles, so to speak. While many of us move to big cities in search of jobs, business opportunities, hundreds and thousands of travelers arrive for leisure and cultural events and activities. One major factor which influences what people think about a particular city’s infrastructure, is the ease of travel and parking. Either people clog roads to travel to and from work, or the city welcomes millions of tourists, either way, there got be efficient parking facilities available. All of us expect to quickly and efficiently locate an open parking space.

The time is right to implement smart parking management

Every major city around the world is about to face similar challenges. Many cities in the United States alone are talking about implementing smart parking solutions. The idea is to bring a variety of parking spaces under a handful of grids to simplify parking space management on a city level. The issue is not lack of parking spaces, it is to do with efficient management of parking slots.

A recent study conducted by the International Parking Institute in 2018 threw some light on what people expect in terms of parking technology to be implemented across major cities. What people want is intelligent guidance systems built into parking management solutions. Such a feature, when integrated on to a parking lot service app, would guide traffic to empty parking slots quickly and efficiently. Thereby saving time and money (gas) in finding a place to park your car.

With usage of smart sensors and affordable IoT platforms, any parking space can be converted in a smart parking lot. When LIVE data is fed into the parking lot app, then it is easy for people to be guided to the nearest (available) space. Real-time updates with reliable and live information captured from sensors facilitate intelligent parking decisions that are based on data, not luck.

For cities such as Atlanta, which saw a tremendous influx of people arriving for the Super Bowl LIII, such smart parking initiatives would have eliminated most issues in managing traffic and parking.

Parking management insight is a gold mine

The bigger picture city planners should look at is the insights they generate. Once smart parking systems are implemented, it starts collecting massive amounts of data about traffic and parking inflow. Analysts can dig deep to ascertain hourly demand each day. Such data can help city planners make adequate upgrades to existing city infrastructure to tackle future traffic and parking demand. Hang on a minute. How can the traffic management hub of a particular city get its hands on data generated by each and every – privately owned – parking space?

We need new data sharing regulations in major cities of the world

Regulations should mandate every parking space owner to implement smart parking solutions – may be through subsidies to encourage quick on-boarding. This is possibly the only way to boost mass on-boarding in quick time. The second part of the regulation should ensure that each parking lot business to share data with local municipalities. Insights gathered from this data will help cities to better equip themselves to tackle sudden influx of traffic and demand for parking.

We all know that Airbnb is a prime example of a business which has excelled at allowing people to share resources on-the-go and make money from it. What we have done is take the Airbnb platform, clone it, and redesign it to suit the parking spaces industry.

What you get is an Airbnb like platform where parking lot businesses can register and sell slots on-the-go. Not only that, the in-built map allows drivers to check empty parking spaces and let the app guide them to the desired location.

Users can pay within the app itself, making the entire experience completely paperless. Visit for detailed info.
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Snippet: in this post we look at the what a vacation rental script is and what features are absolutely necessary for you to choose the best script.

How about an Airbnb clone script

The Airbnb platform – on both web and mobile – has disrupted the travel and tourism industry. The platform is safe and secure for both hosts (property owners) and guests (travelers).

We have extensively written about Airbnb’s successful business model and how you can create a platform exactly like Airbnb – with all the features on both web and mobile platforms.
ShirleyStewart 12 november 2020, 13:42

Coworking spaces are quickly gaining momentum across the globe for a couple of years. The concept of shared office spaces has been in the market for a while, but its popularity has been rising in recent years with entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for dynamic and flexible workspaces. Coworking spaces have disrupted the traditional work environment and are emerging as a rapidly growing sector and are expected to continue in 2020 as well. According to Statista, there will be over 22,400 coworking spaces by the beginning of 2020.

Coworking spaces are shared office spaces that allow both individuals and businesses to share the office space and resources like desks, meeting rooms, and collaborative areas. With the rising demand for coworking spaces among people, more and more brands are entering into the coworking space marketplace business to make it easy for people to find and book coworking spaces. But how much does building an Airbnb for coworking cost?

If you are looking for different ways on how to start a coworking marketplace, you are at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss the cost to create a coworking marketplace, its business model, essential features, and other factors that influence the overall cost.

The business model

Basically, coworking space marketplaces work exactly like Airbnb. While Airbnb is a peer-peer marketplace that connects travelers and hosts, coworking space marketplaces connect shared office space providers and businesses looking for shared office space rentals.

Just like Airbnb, coworking management software is also made for a mass market that connects different markets- Coworking space owners and entrepreneurs or freelancers through customized user experiences. When it comes to the revenue strategy, the platform makes the money from the commission for hosting listings and renting from each booking. For example, Airbnb takes a hosting fee of 3% and a rental fee of 6%-12% for each booking. While the basic revenue model of a peer-peer coworking management software is the commission model, you can employ other monetization strategies like premium listing, in-app purchases, etc.

The Cost to set up a coworking marketplace
Coworking marketplaces are complex and require a lot of work. The overall cost of starting a coworking marketplace depends on a lot of factors. Of course, the functionalities of the platform affect the overall cost. The good news is that there are cost-effective alternatives when it comes to building coworking marketplaces.
Let’s explore the factors that affect the shared office space cost.

Core features and functionalities

When you want to launch a coworking marketplace, it is important to differentiate between the core features and additional features of the platform. The coworking platform has three types of users- The coworking space owners, the renters, and the admin. The most complex part of development is in implementing the features for the service providers. Here are the common features and functionalities you must implement in your coworking marketplace.


To start using your coworking platform, both users (excluding admin) have to register and sign in. The basic option is to allow users to register using email and password registration. You can also allow social media signup to make it more convenient for users. Once the registration is done, users must be able to log into the platform.

Set up user profiles

After signing in, users must be able to create user profiles with their personal information like name, mail id, passwords, etc.

Create listings

Coworking space owners must be able to list their shared office spaces in your platform with details like name, location, type, and images.

Powerful search

This is one of the important features of any coworking marketplace to help users find the right match. Your platform must have an advanced search system that allows users to search for coworking spaces based on location, availability, and various other factors.

Booking system

The advanced booking system of the coworking space marketplace will allow users to check the availability of coworking spaces for a particular time frame. After inputting the desired date, the user must be able to see a list of suitable coworking spaces with all essential details like descriptions, photos, reviews, etc. Once a user makes a booking, the service provider will receive a notification and can choose to accept or decline the booking.

Messaging system

An in-app messaging system is essential to facilitate communication between service providers and renters to discuss things regarding booking a coworking space. This is an important feature that allows establishing trust between users.

Online payment

If you are thinking about how to start a coworking marketplace business, this is one of the most important functions you must implement in your platform. Integrate a full-fledged online payment in your coworking space marketplace to make it easy for renters to pay for booked space and for service providers to receive payment for their rental services. The online payment system comes handy for users to make the payment on the go and for the admin to earn commissions from each transaction that happens in the marketplace.

Building a coworking platform

The most important part of launching a coworking business is to build a coworking marketplace. Building a coworking platform involves planning how to set up one. Do you want to build it from scratch or build the platform efficiently using a white label solution? These factors will play a major role in deciding the overall cost to set up a coworking marketplace.
Let’s cover the two alternatives and the cost involved.
• Building a coworking marketplace from scratch
• Building a coworking marketplace using a readymade script

Building a coworking marketplace from scratch
Creating a coworking marketplace from scratch is the most elaborate and costly method. The cost of starting a coworking marketplace depends on the unique requirements of your platform. There are a lot of aspects that influence the overall cost like the technical complexity, the number of platforms, the number of developers, standard or customized design, etc.
Each feature of your platform must be created and configured on both the client-side and server-side. The server-side tech stack is one of the significant and the most time-consuming part of the entire development process.

The overall cost to build an Airbnb for coworking space can range anywhere between $50,000-$100,000, or more depending on the average rate for a developer. Globally the price differs for an hour of developers and can range anywhere between $20-$500 per hour.

Building a coworking marketplace using a readymade script
Using a white label script to build your coworking marketplace is an efficient and cost-effective way to reduce the coworking space cost significantly. A readymade script is ready to deploy a program that helps to create a peer-peer rental marketplace with all the features and functionalities similar to Airbnb.

If you are thinking about how to start a coworking marketplace on a budget, a clone script saves you a lot of time, effort, and yes, a significant amount of money as well. A good script comes with all features like powerful search, advanced filters, booking management system, communication system, online payment integration, multi-currency support, admin dashboard, and monetization features. And, all this will just cost you around $1000-$2000 alone with all the customizations you require.

Wrapping it up!

The trend of coworking space is increasing and is going to continue the same in 2020 as well. The cost of starting a coworking marketplace with a clone script is quite affordable when compared with the cost to build the marketplace from scratch. Building a peer-peer platform for your coworking space business is a better alternative as the work is already automated for you. You can customize it to incorporate any degree of personalization you require to make the final product unique.

Even with the high demand, there is a lack of an efficient coworking management software that connects two user groups to facilitate business between them. For the same reason, launching coworking management software will always be a lucrative business.
ShirleyStewart 30 october 2020, 0:28

If your parking business suffers from inefficiencies, it is time to switch to a smart parking solution. Central to smart parking solutions is the software that powers it. A smart parking management software automates the parking spot searching, the process of payment, integrates revenue strategies, and includes critical components like big data, data analysis, and complex algorithms. Implementing parking software for your business can have several significant benefits in terms of business success.

How to improve your parking business?

So let’s have a look at some of the benefits offered by smart parking systems and from that, you will realize how you can improve your parking business!

Easy to use
The ease of accessibility and user-friendly nature of the parking software makes handling the system quite easily. Apart from usability, cost-effectiveness is another benefit of this system as it runs on a minimum workforce and saves more money. Maintaining the parking management system is also easy as it is well organized and structured.

Real-time data
Launching a parking software system gives you instant access to real-time data of your parking lot business. By collecting information about customer behavior and other important details, your business gains a competitive advantage from a marketing standpoint. Your business will grow tremendously as you streamline your focus towards offering better solutions to your target audience. With real-time information about the parking space, your parking solution can generate a report based on the data. Your parking software generates reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis and it can go a long way in helping your business gain insights about your customers.

Superior technology
Parking management software is well renowned for its integration with technology. Smart solutions are based on technological innovations like IoT. You can customize the technologies that power your parking solutions to suit the unique needs and requirements of your parking business. The technology that powers parking management software makes it easy to install and access from any device, anytime, and pay securely within the app itself.

Delivers great user experience
If you are looking for different ways on how to improve your parking business, focusing on delivering a great user experience to your customers is important. Launching parking software for your parking business will likely transform the user experience of your customers. The location search, ease of finding parking lots, different payment methods, and other integrated features contribute to the seamless user experience for customers. By enhancing the customer experience, you ensure the growth of your business via word of mouth.

Higher ROI
Implementing smart parking solutions can be costly (there are low alternatives as well), but the investment is worth it. By using an automated parking management service, you can implement a tiered payment model for users and thereby a revenue channel for your business. You may also integrate loyalty programs for consistent users. By boosting the customer experience and convenience, you can improve your brand image which is bound to considerably increase your overall revenue stream. If you want to gain a competitive edge in the market and generate a steady amount of income, implement a peer-peer parking management marketplace that connects parking space owners with car owners.

Improves security
Focus on the security aspect of the parking management system to strengthen the trust amongst your users. Car theft is one of the major problems in most parking lots. Hence, when you develop parking management software, integrate safe features to ensure the security of vehicles. Integrate theft dynamics built into your software to offer an improved security benchmark. With the technologically advanced features, parking management software offers safety, privacy, and upgraded security features to all users. Parking management systems must also prevent unauthorized access to parking spaces which will improve the confidence of car owners to use your parking management platform.

Another benefit of parking management software to parking business is its versatility. It is quite easy for both parking space owners and vehicle owners to leverage it. The software is very flexible and offers convenience to users. Based on the number of vehicle traffic, you can adjust the software to cope up with the incoming bookings. As parking solutions are organized in a structured manner it is easier to regulate, manage, and control.

Parking management software offers a real-time capability to ensure that user demands of convenience and speed are fulfilled. The software can also be customized to include loyalty programs to reward regular customers. By creating customer profiles that collect data on buying patterns and behavior of users, a reward system helps to widen the customer base and to retain them at the same time.

Increases revenue generation capabilities
Parking management systems also increase the revenue generation capability of your business and helps in boosting loyalty. Most parking businesses generate revenue by earning from the flat rate or hourly parking rates. If you are running a parking management marketplace, you will make money through commissions earned from each transaction. To set up additional revenue streams, you can offer premium listings, loyalty programs, and other add-on services to your users.

Reduce management cost
By implementing parking management software for your business, you can automate the major operations. This automation reduces the staffing requirement as your business can save on labor and other costs. Automating the otherwise manual task improves response time and cuts down the time lost in fulfilling these tasks. Additionally, digitization also helps to reduce extra costs and offer a clear value proposition for ROI planning.

Integrates other software applications
For better results, parking software uses integrated software applications that can be customized according to your business requirements. It creates space for third party software and integrations that are designed to make the user experience of your parking management software uniquely great.


Managing parking space is a demanding and tedious job and advanced parking management solutions that cater to a diverse requirement are essential to the success of any parking business. An innovative parking management system that is dynamic, adaptable, and features highly customized functionalities can effectively improve customer satisfaction and optimize revenue generation. The efficient functioning of parking management software makes it a great integration for any type of parking business. A parking management system is mutually beneficial for both parking space businesses and users alike.
ShirleyStewart 29 october 2020, 10:56

As the self-storage business is unique with tasks and reporting unlike other businesses, the management software for self-storage must be designed to meet a brand’s specific needs. After investing both time and money into the development of self-storage business owners are faced with the difficulty of managing manual tasks while running their business. But too often, they rush into choosing any management software without analyzing whether it fits their needs or not. Due to the unique nature of a self-storage model, it is important to determine which program best suits your requirements today and tomorrow.

What is self-storage management software?

Self-storage management software is a solution that provides the ability to manage self-storage units on the basis of facility size, budget, and operational requirements to meet business goals. Whether you own a small self-storage business or a well-established one, self-storage management software helps you in managing your storage facilities in a quick, methodological, and professional manner.

Simply put, self-storage management software is a system that enables storage space owners to manage their storage units remotely and have all the key pieces of information available and accessible at all times. You can easily access the data on available storage spaces, booking, payment processing, etc.

This helps you save your valuable effort and time, control your workflow, and help you focus on other aspects of business more intensively. Alternatively, there are white label self-storage management solutions that help you to create a full-fledged website to develop your self-storage platform.

Benefits of self-storage management software

The advancements in modern technology have brought in significant changes in the ways we do self-storage business. The use of self-storage management is one of them, which helps businesses to have better control, enjoy improved efficiency and high productivity, and eventually deliver better customer experiences. The benefits of this amazing software solution don’t end there. Here are some of the benefits of self-storage management software for your self-storage business.


The most significant benefit of using self-storage software is the incredible convenience it offers. This holds true especially if you are using a cloud-based self-storage system. This facilitates your business to access the data from anywhere when you have Internet capability.

You could be traveling at work or stuck at home, and still have access to all your booking information and billing reports. The self-storage managing software also allows you to have a degree of control over the business operations to make sure everything is running smoothly. This expedites your response to issues and allows you to enjoy greater control to set things in order.

Self-storage unit management

The fundamental function of self-storage management software is to allow businesses to manage move-ins and move-outs of self-storage units, keep a database of user information, and allow you to review the payment status of customers. Good software also comes with a

A user-friendly dashboard that gives you a quick view of the availability of spaces, occupancy, revenue generated, and other key metrics relevant to your business success.

Website design

Some self-storage management solution comes with web design features are an ideal option if you have no web presence and want to set your own self-storage platform. This comes with several advantages like seamless integrations between your online booking, inventory control, and other management systems.

User-friendly system

Self-storage management software offers a simple and user-friendly system to manage your business effortlessly. With user-friendly software, your team need not spend a lot of time to familiarize with the software system. Higher-end solution providers offer better customer support which allows enjoying constant support and guidance in case you need any help after installation. Most software is PC and Mac compatible, allowing you to access the software from literally any computer system you use.

Inventory control

One of the primary benefits of software for self-storage business is to keep track of which storage spaces at your facility are available for rentals in real-time. Some software systems also give you a visual picture of available and occupied storage units through a custom storage facility map.

Process and collect online payment

The ability to process and collect payments online is a game-changer for self-storage space businesses. In this digital age, customers prefer to enjoy the ability to book and pay for self-storage units online.

If a customer comes to your self-storage website through an online search, the ability for them to book and pay for a storage unit online will impress them which will benefit your business in turn. Otherwise, most probably, they will continue their search to book your competitor’s services that allow them to pay online.

Recurring billing

Unlike the standard account management software, self-storage management software allows business owners to apply recurring billing. At any point while using your services, your customers can get a detailed report on payment details which all customers will appreciate.

As billing is made in advance for self-storage businesses, regular accounting software cannot offer complete payment information. This is where self-software management software becomes significant.

Efficient customer relationship management

Self-storage management software offers an automated way to proactively communicate with your existing customers and prospects. The software would feature many built-in trigger events to activate a customer relationship management process that you can configure. It also handles lead management allowing to automatically follow up and send notifications to respective customers. Altogether, self-storage management software is not just a customer relationship management tool, but a go-to multi-purpose tool to run your business efficiently.

Security integrations

The success of self-storage businesses lies in the security integrations it provides as security systems being the most important aspect of any self-storage facility. With self-storage management software, you retain the ability to lock out non-paying customers and customers who are not adhering to the policies which help to keep your self-storage facility more safe and secure.

The software is industry-specific

From the surface, renting self-storage units appears to be simple. However, in reality, it’s not. It involves a complex set of business operations that needs careful execution. For the same reason, your self-storage software is industry-specific to deal with customers according to the specific industry. Each industry needs a specific self-storage management software system to complement the business the best way.

Don’t have to worry about updates and backups

With a self-storage management software system, you need not worry about software updates and backups. You need not download or install anything. The management software will always be live and up-to-date. As the software can be updated so easily, any problem can be easily fixed, tested, and updated quickly. Finally, you never have to worry about backing up data and the software will do all these tasks on its own so that you can focus on other business activities.

Customer support

One of the most important factors while choosing any software is the customer support you receive. Self-storage management software programs that are web-based are more easily supported when compared to web-enabled software programs. The reason being, the solution providers can access the essential data along with the user, see exactly what they see and often fix the problems quickly. When picking a self-storage software system, make sure fee support is integrated into the package as well.

Things to consider when purchasing self-storage management software for your self-storage business

Choosing to invest in a self-storage management software system for your storage business is the most significant decision that drives your business growth. To make sure you are making the right decision, here are some of the key things to consider when buying self-storage management software.

Buy the software at the right time

When buying self-storage management software for their business, most brands make the mistake of being late with the software purchase. Many think that they can manage the business operations manually, only to realize later that it is hectic.

It is important to choose the software at least sometime before you officially enter the storage business. This is important as the software must be customized according to your unique business requirements. Having enough time to consider all the necessary features and customizations and then choose the best software is of key importance.

Choose a flexible self-storage management system

Your self-storage businesses will go through constant development which is impossible without making necessary customizations in the way you run your business. Hence, it is really significant to choose a flexible self-storage management system that adapts to your changes in policies to follow and support your business as it expands. Otherwise, you will really risk the smooth running of your business as your software fails to adapt to your business changes.

Get clarity about software terms

If you don’t understand the terms and conditions, you will have a tough time making an informed decision about which self-storage management software system is best for your business. For example, you need to understand PC-based software, web-based, and web-enabled software programs.

PC-based software is a web-enabled software system that can be installed directly on a computer system and doesn’t need to be connected to another computer. Whereas, web-based software is a software on-demand system that requires an ongoing fee instead of a software license purchase. Web-enabled or PC-based software run in all Windows operating system environments.

Buy software that interface with other software systems you use

Most businesses select software systems without realizing it will not interface with other business systems. If you don’t choose a software system that doesn’t interface with other software systems, you use it. For example, payment integration systems, access control, electronic payment processing, etc. A mistake like this will prevent your self-storage software from following the growth and development of your business.

No flexible payment option

When you run a self-storage business, you must make sure you offer convenient payment options to your customers that will result in timely financial transactions and great customer relationships.

The software you choose must allow customers to make payments on your business website through electronic check processing or automatic credit card processing. The more options you offer to your customers; the fewer excuses your customers will have for missing a payment. This will also help in retaining your customers.

Choosing the wrong software solution

When you are investing your time and money into choosing the right self-storage management software, you need to ensure that you are making the right decision. Build a strong relationship with the solution providers, to pave your path to success. A good software system along with a relationship with knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful solution providers will ensure your long term business success.

Coming to an End!

The Self-storage software offers a number of benefits, but ultimately it’s up to the self-storage business owners to determine what’s appropriate for their business. Unique business requirements, budget, and a number of other factors play a significant role in your key decision. If you are choosing to invest in the self-storage management system, it is important to remain up-to-date about new technologies so you can operate your self-storage business and serve your customers in the best way possible.
ShirleyStewart 26 october 2020, 5:04

Today the entire world is affected badly by the pandemic named Covid-19. Everything has changed due to this pandemic. This pandemic has affected several people, as well as business worse.

This scenario has made people getting adapted to a virtual living style. Not only just people but also businesses are adopting the virtual side.

Though there are many businesses, here we’re focusing on vacation rental homes. Many vacation rental homeowners are facing difficulty in managing their rental businesses remotely. In this scenario, keeping your home booked is quite difficult as flights and trains are canceled and borders are closed.

However, every business is slowly coming back to their routine schedules. When it comes to managing rentals, vacation rental owners can use the vacation rental management software. With this software, the owners can manage the vacation rental home remotely.
Now, here we’re explaining certain tips including rental software that can manage the vacation rental business remotely.

Have a look.

<h2>Prepare a plan</h2>

In today’s world, you must be prepared for difficult situations. Having a lockdown plan will help you to act quickly as per the situations. Know your priorities and make a list of it so that you don’t have to get worried in the middle of any situation.
Now, in this pandemic situation, you’ve to decide on the structure of your remote team. Not only this but also have to select the best decision-makers. Having the best decision-makers will help you to work out your plan easily when you’re working remotely.

As of now, technology has developed a lot and as a result, most things have become automated. The automation system can help the rental owners as well in managing their business.
If you’re a rental homeowner, installing the home automation systems can be quite helpful. With this, you can control several home appliances like AC, smart lighting, and much more. It will help you in reassuring that all the lights and other essential things are switched off after the guests leave the home. With this, you can save unnecessary electricity, as well as heating bills.

<h2>Rental Management Software</h2>

When it comes to managing a property remotely, it’s quite a difficult task. However, with the rental management software, you can control your property even if you are far away from it.
Having rental management software can prove to be an asset for you to manage your rental business in this pandemic. Not only this but also can make use of tools for parking management. When it comes to parking, you can use parking management software.


The security of your home is very important when managing the property remotely. When it comes to the security of your home, there are certain things that you can use. This includes surveillance cameras, burglar alarms, and motion sensors.

You can connect these systems to your PC or mobile. As a result, you will get the notifications instantly if the alarm is triggered. When you get the notification, you can check the cameras live.
However, you have to inform your guests about the cameras in advance.

<h2>Get a Trustworthy Housekeeper</h2>

Managing your vacation rental home remotely is quite a tough task. It’s because you’re the one who is responsible for arranging the home before your guests arrive.

When it comes to managing the home, many homeowners said that they hire the perfect cleaning company. Seeking help from a great maid service is an asset for every homeowner who wants to manage their rentals remotely.

<h2>Respond to Your Guests Quickly and Accurate</h2>

Being online is one of the most important things for every rental homeowner. You must respond quickly to the inquiries of your guests so that you can meet all their requirements when they are staying at your rental home property.

When it comes to dealing with booking requests, you must be aware of the time zones of your guests. It’s because there are situations when your guests call you at the time when you’re not awake.

If you want, you can make the booking process easy for customers by enabling them to do “instant book”.


Marketing is very important if you’re managing the property from a far distance. However, this is not a big deal as there are many marketing techniques. You can market your business by listing on OTAs, email campaigns, promoting your business via social media, having a website, etc.

<h2>Final Words</h2>

Managing your vacation rentals remotely may be quite a difficult task at the start. However, if you follow the above-mentioned tips, then you can perform the process quickly without any hassle.
With this trending tools and technologies, managing vacation rentals remotely can be an easy process. Moreover, upgrading the necessary tools will make your rental home more safe and elegant. If you would like to know more, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]
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Traffic congestion is something that each and every one of us despises. The primary culprit is again the US. With an increased number of cars on the road, average travel time increases many folds, thereby increasing the cost of maintenance. One of the effective ways to tackle this problem is the car rental platform. One may ask- how? Most of us do not use our cars on a daily basis. For such scenarios, we can rent a car if and when required. Other than monetary benefits, it also gives us peace of mind by not needing to worry about the maintenance of owning a car.
Renting a car usually involves renting a car from a car rental company by answering a few questions related to one’s needs and budget. One of the main factors that are considered is when one needs the car and for how long. Based on the budget and availability of cars, one can select a car of their liking. A background check is then done on the driving history and insurance for safety measures.

The Car rental system will have a booking volume that includes- travels booked by the users from selected regions or even independent departure and arrival of travelers. This will take into account time-based rentals from professional car rental services. The sharing of resources in modern times is seen as the way forward for many industries. From office space to transport, this is seen as the most efficient way forward in utilizing the limited resources available.

Digitization is the key mantra for industries of today. Everybody is moving swiftly to digitize their businesses. Car rental business software is the best B2B (Business to Business) software to rent cars.

Revenue in this particular sector is shown to have a steady growth of 3.6% annually which
amounts to US $94,764m in 2020 alone.

• The average revenue per user (ARPU) currently amounts to the US $199.51.
• The United States of America generates the most revenue in terms of global comparison.
• By 2024, the number of users is expected to amount to 568.5m.

But there are some disadvantages to car rentals. Some of them are as below:
• The car can’t leave the country borders.
• While returning the car, you must return to the same place from which the car was picked. Otherwise, there may be a penalty levied for changing the place of delivery.
• Condition of the car to be the same as when availed. Else a penalty will be charged.

RentCAR is the best car rental software in the market, we provide a customizable Car rental script which is not only built with the latest technologies but is also easily scalable to concur the market space. The process of handling fees and the selection of cars becomes that much simpler. The success of a car rental business software lies in the ease of use of the website for customers. RentCAR is exactly that, giving a great sense of customization and scalability where the renter can choose a car that best fits their needs and budget.

Managing a booming business is always a tough ask. Digitization of the same is that much tougher. With RentCAR, we get car rental management software which is a one-stop shopping cart for all car rental needs. With RentCAR, one can expect safe and secure transactions that are customizable. We provide a user-centric and friendly interface that makes the process of renting a car smoothly. RentCAR has a plethora of collections of economical cars that fit the budget to a tee.

Why is RentCAR the best car rental software? Below are some of the advantages we provide:
• Multiple and dynamic pricing :
We offer a variety of pricing packages for cars with the option of self-drive, thus making your car rental business unique. There is also an option to apply prices dynamically if the drive extends beyond the package using the car rental script.
• Record management:
It is mandatory for the renter to manage all the related documents on the platform before they onboard.
• Navigation, tracking, and overtime policies:
With the help of Google maps integration, the navigation and tracking are real-time keeping everyone involved in the loop about the whereabouts. And as mentioned earlier dynamic pricing is a custom policy that could be created to implement overtime policy.
• Reviews:
Like all successful businesses, RentCAR takes customer reviews earnestly as a barometer to improve the services we provide. It also gives the customer a sense of their peer’s adventure with us.
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As of now, many are looking forward to becoming successful entrepreneurs all over the world. In today’s world, launching a business and reaching the targeted audience is not a complex task. This is easily possible with the help of several latest technologies.

When it comes to businesses, most of the business persons want to attain profit without any investment. However, many of you may doubt whether it’s possible or not. Right? Well, it is possible through rental boat services.
In the field of rental services, several established firms are there. This business is a clear example of attaining great profit without investments. Thus, in this article, we are discussing the boat rental business and the benefits of using boat rental software in it.

First of all,

Why Boat Rental Software is Necessary for Business?

The boat rental business is one of the profitable business as it has a high demand. You can rent varied types of boats. Not only this, but also can hire out your boats to tourists, fishermen, and people who are in search of these services.


Benefits of Using Boat Rental Software

Reduces Workload

With boat rental management software, you can auto ensure that the bookings are possible only when you have availability. Moreover, you can also ensure that you are receiving all the necessary information about the guests. This will help you save the time you require for asking for information.

The software also allows you to send an automated email to the customer as a booking confirmation.


Having the best boat rental management software can help you manage your boats listed. Along with this, it also helps you in managing the details of the trip and users as well.
The robust data system collects, categorizes, and securely stores it.


Attaining the best and quality service is easy with the help of boat rental software. With this software, you can connect the borrowers and boat owners easily and quickly.

24/7 Online Services

If you need the boat service, you can book the boat for rent anytime by contacting the boat rental service providers. It is because online rental services can work 24/7. This, in turn, will increase your sales.

As per the studies, having a boat rental reservation system for 24/7 drastically boosts the number of reservations.

No Manual Workload

Boat rental management software lessens the workload and enhances customer experience. With this platform, you can ensure that all the bookings are synchronized. Not only this but also can make sure that the availability of the service is updated.

Fast Payment

When it comes to payments, most of people prefer fast transactions. Similarly, while hiring rental services, payments are made during the time of booking. Thus, for great customer services, the payment should be quick.


We hope now you have understood the benefits of using boat rental software and how it will benefit the boat rental business. This software enhances the entire boat rental system, which in turn helps the service providers in taking their boat rental business to the next level.
Additionally, if you need any more information, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]
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