The documentation for a non-blocking web server Tornado beautifully described as it copes with a great load, and generally it is the crown of mankind creation in the field of non-blocking servers. This is partly true. But when building the complex applications beyond the scope of “one more chat” reveals many non-obvious and subtle points about which we should know before run into the pitfalls. The club developers of intellectual games “Trellis” willing to share their thoughts about the pitfalls.

We are talking about a second branch of python, the latest version of Tornado 1.2.1, and postgresql, which is connected over psycopg2.

Application instance

Many programmers love to use a pattern of singleton for easy access to the application class. If we think about the future horizontal scaling that is not recommended to do it. The request object will give you a thread-safe application that can be used safely.
KlauS 12 september 2011, 12:42

I faced the necessity to introduce a sip phone to the browser. On the internet mostly is the information on the basis of red5 + red5phone, but it seemed a bit of crocky and insufficiently reliable. Let us just say I was not satisfied with the time correlation of deployment and the required hardware resources to a level of quality, support, and ranging, also it is problematic for integration in a web project.
A little more searching I found this one project on the internet. It makes essentially the same as red5, but it is written in python and it has a flexible web interface.
In fact, the web-based interface is a small application on the flash, which is controlled by JavaScript or other programming language by calling the built-in functions of applications and processing of events. It has the ability to be integrated in other flash applications.
Tags: Flash, python, rtmp, sip
Pirat 7 september 2011, 10:24