Max Schrems is a 24-year-old law student at the University of Vienna who has been engaged in an unequal battle with Facebook company for several months. It all started with the fact that Max sent a few well-composed requests and got a CD-ROM with all the personal data that was collected over three years of activity on the site from California's office.

Every citizen may demand from Facebook within 40 days of all collected personal information on him/her. The website has a special form for such request. You will receive a CD with the PDF file in the size of several hundred megabytes and more than 1,000 pages. Max Schrems got a PDF file of more than 1,200 pages, all information has been divided into 57 categories in the file (work, education, friends, political views, hobbies, pictures, etc.). As Max says, even the KGB did not have such a complete dossier on the citizens.
Sparks 21 october 2011, 12:37