What "circle" is perceived as the most "round"?


Our eyes are a rather strange organ, which, often, deceives us. But if you know the features of human visual perception, then you can create a more understandable and clean design. Typographers are not the only ones who use optical tricks in creating readable and harmonious looking fonts. This knowledge is also useful to interface designers who organize communication between the user and the machine.

How to create visually proportional icons, correctly arrange objects of different shapes and perform an ideal rounding of corners. In the post there are more than 50 images.
Skull 2 november 2017, 11:25

Hungarian designer Martzi Hegedűs has created the original font, named Frustro, which is based on the idea of impossible objects. This is one of the types of optical illusions. Like the classic Penrose Triangle, the letters of this font appears to be facing two different directions simultaneously, and it is impossible to create a 3D-model for them.
xially 4 april 2012, 16:07