The advent of on-demand service apps have caused a major disruption in the healthcare sector. These apps were a breakthrough in the industry as people can get quality healthcare services from anywhere. These apps are popularly known as Uber for doctors apps due to the similarity in its business model and functionalities. With its take on the mainstream market, the number of physical doctor visits have dropped.
If you are planning to build an on-demand service, consider the following as your objectives for better results.
1. Do not charge excessively from the patients
2. Offer premium healthcare services on your platform irrespective of the patient’s location
3. Offer emergency care feature to alter doctors in the vicinity
4. Focus on improving lifestyle of people
5. Offer medicine deliveries
6. Collaborate with testing and diagnostic centers
Healthcare apps have already started to conquer the market as it lets people consult doctors online without leaving their home. They can seamlessly book appointments online and choose their preferred time. The wide adoption of IOT devices, smartwatches, fitness trackers, etc., have made it easier to keep track of personal health. These devices can help to track the patient’s heartbeat rate and cardiovascular pressure. Although the results aren’t clinically accurate and cannot be used for treatment purposes. However, these devices have shown effective results in the real world and have saved thousands of lives.
As the healthcare apps experiences a paradigm shift over the recent years, the market is filled with potential opportunities to excel in this business. Developing an on-demand doctor service app in this stage can be highly profitable and beneficial. The easier accessibility and reliability will determine the success of your app. Discuss your needs with a Doctor on-demand app development company to kickstart your venture in this niche.
With their accumulated base of knowledge and expertise, your app can be launched on the mainstream market in the shortest turnaround time. Take the healthcare sector by storm by getting a white label fully customizable Uber for doctors app. Making a venture in this niche is one of the fruitful ways to generate income in a short span. With the integration of smorgasbord features and intuitive functionalities, streamline the full potential of this sector. The integration of on-demand service apps in the healthcare sector has resulted in a surge of income for doctors.
RobertPattinson 10 november 2020, 11:21

Medical services are valued and respected more than any other because of the hope it evokes. And given that it is not very easy to avail of medical services because of the hospitals and medical professionals being busy, especially at this time of COVID-19. Medical service apps come as a stroke of luck at this time. Practo is a top graded medical service app Practo has gained a revenue of $228m. The app is widely used because of the smooth user experience it offers. Practo clone app development is readily available because many healthcare setups are willing to integrate one into their system. Let us take a look at a few seamless features that a Practo clone app has.

Splash screen
An interactive splash screen that is attractive and interactive for the user to use.

Search for doctors
Users can easily search for the doctors they want based on their specialization. They can also view the doctor’s profile and their details easily in the profile.

Schedule appointments
Users can easily schedule virtual appointments with doctors they want based on their availability.

Doctor toggle mode
Doctors can go online or offline as per their convenience and can update the same in their app using the toggle mode provided in their panel.

Video conferencing
Users can connect with doctors and avail consultation through video calling. They need not wait for hours like in the case of visiting a hospital in-person.

Digital medical records and prescriptions
Users can also upload their previous medical reports or get new reports in the app. They are private and can be accessed by doctors only if the user wills to share them.
Users can also upload prescriptions and buy medicines easily.

A practo clone app has all the above and many more seamless features, making it the best for availing medical services
Jerlinjustin 2 september 2020, 5:54