imageAfter three years of working with studio lights, I thought I knew a lot about the on-camera flash. Three weeks ago, I went to visit one very experienced strobist, who told and showed me so much that I immediately understood that I have to do.

I am going to give you a list of things where you can find something new for yourself. For example, it will explain how to use some photoflash features, and if at least you can find one feature useful for you, then I will consider that my task is done well. Please note that the material is related only to the Canon cameras and its flashes in the technical parts of the special features. For other brands the general idea of using is the same, but the specifics are slightly different.
ZimerMan 1 october 2012, 12:21

imageIn this article you will find out why the photographic studios do not use the fluorescent lighting, as well why LEDs have not taken over the world yet, and has it been worth to use them for street lighting. Let's go!

Color and spectrum

We all know that our eyesight is primitive and ternary: we have three types of color receptors, such as red, blue and green.

However, the life is more complicated as usual, and the color is determined by the length of wave / energy of a light quantum. Accordingly, we get into our eyes a light quantum in the middle between red and green, and these types of receptors will react to it in half of force. From here comes the various strange mixing of colors, and if the object reflects both red and green light, we will see the yellow, although in fact there is not any light quantum with yellow length of wave.
Siera 22 march 2012, 15:45