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Make use of a legitimate whitelabel leverage crypto exchange offered by CES, that allows you to leverage upto 100X value and boost up your profit values. Our whitelabel leverage exchange is highly customizable, integrated with the trendiest features of your choice, that will gain you a competitive advantage. The features include risk management strategies that will help you with minimal losses, and assures maximum profits for the business.
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Cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges are completely disrupting and transforming the business world in this currently, digitally evolving phase. Many budding entrepreneurs are aspiring to be a part of the cryptosphere and build their own crypto exchange to amplify benefits and profits for their venture! The number of cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges increases with every fraction as newbies enter the market. There are different types of crypto exchanges, among which one of the most trending one currently is the cryptocurrency exchange with leverage. Why is it trending? What is a leverage exchange? Let’s find out.

Crypto trading with leverage- A quick peek!

A crypto leverage platform is where an investor deposits a minimum margin amount and borrows a larger sum of money (leverage) from the exchange to perform their trade. This helps them predominantly, to expand their position in the market and gain huge profit returns with minimal investment. A crypto leverage platform also involves several other benefits such as,

Widen user portfolio
Instant commencement of transactions
No involvement from third parties
Substantial profit returns
Increased potential

These are the top benefits a crypto leverage platform offers to the users. Now if you want to build your own crypto leverage exchange, let’s see what are the chief features required to make it authentic and profitable.

Salient features of leverage exchange

Index price, margin limit ratios
Auto deleveraging
User-friendly interface
Partial closing trades
Conditional orders, market orders, copy trading
Risk management
Transaction fee structure
Admin backend panel
Enhanced, multi-layered security

The above mentioned are most essential features for a leverage exchange platform. To acquire a cryptocurrency exchange software of your choice, with advanced features and functionalities, hire a well experienced company. One such company currently in the market with a team of experts is CES. They will offer whitelabel solutions for every exchange of your choice, with top-notch features and functionalities that will expand your scope globally and earn massive profits for your business. You can also buy their ready-made crypto exchange scripts and launch them in the market in no time. Reach out to them to know more.
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