GuildWars 2 is a new multiplayer game that is one of the most expected MMO in Europe. In addition, it is one of the most promising projects in the recent years. ArenaNet developers went through all standards of MMO and destroyed them, or at least they overtaxed them. If the developers’ promise will come true for at least 60% -70%, this game could really become something new and very interesting. According to the beta tests, they proved to be 90% for sure.

So, what's so special in this game? I want to make a reservation right away, the most features of the game are not new, but before all these solutions were never used together and worked out so carefully.

The first and perhaps the most curious feature is almost complete absence of standard in-game quests. They are replaced by the dynamic events. For example, the developers give the following situation:

In a regular MMO with the quests, you run into a farm during traveling around the world, at the porch entrance stands a peasant with an exclamation mark above his head. You come to him, click on the button and read the plain text, which states that a farm will be destroyed by terrible trolls. You take a task to protect the farm and go to the nearest glade with trolls. These miserable monsters did not even think to attack the farm, they just have grazed on this glade and gathered flowers all their life. You kill dozens of trolls and go back to the farm, there you hand over the task and get your reward ... It looks standard, it is known and boring.
KlauS 28 march 2012, 11:05