This morning I found a letter in my mail:
In fact, this letter does not have any files attached, it just has 6 links (View, Download...), and they lead to the same address:
mt/0AgIDhQrUEZCMdGc0ejVXZGZpb1FrbWo5cmc2ZVZOalE/[email protected]

First I got to fake Google Docs with the message "document cannot be displayed", and then I was redirected to fake Google Account, where I was asked to enter a password. I guess for my own safety :). After I entered “screw you”, I got to the third fake page of docs with a list of some components.
Papay 27 november 2012, 17:05

This article is not a panacea for all security lacks, and it does not reveal any new attack vectors. I just saw a serious implementation of the fake for Google mail and decided to warn all UMumble users.

Recently, I have received an interesting letter, supposedly to confirm / cancel automatic forwarding to my mailbox.
Tags: fake, fishing, gmail
Papay 14 may 2012, 10:18


It seems that presently Google has a very productive period. There are released new products, and old products have been undergoing through upgrading in the form of new features and design elements. E-mail service is not an exception, now it is planed its significant update, despite the fact that new Gmail has not been presented yet, however, we can see how it will look like after the redesign. The developers have posted a video introducing the all new Gmail on an official Google’s YouTube Channel.
Killer 22 october 2011, 15:20