In recent years, cryptocurrency has been widely used all around the globe as a mode of payment. To incorporate this mode of payment, the cryptocurrency payment gateway has to be integrated.

In fact, there are a lot of cryptocurrency payment gateways that have emerged to make merchants transfer crypto coins between individuals without any third-party tracking your transaction. This allows businesses to accept transactions of cryptocurrencies from one customer to another in exchange for goods and services.

Through this payment gateway, merchants can perform transactions in cryptocurrencies and encourage a quick exchange of crypto into fiat currencies.

Here are some best cryptocurrency payment gateways solution provider that can help skyrocket your business.


Bitpay is one of the easy and simplest payment gateways to operate. This bitpay is considered as one of the leading bitcoin payment processors. It has been established in the market since 2011.
The main feature of bitpay is that you can set your withdrawal transaction speed as per your requirements.
In terms of security, bitpay focused on a two- factor authentication feature which added an extra element for merchants to choose this payment gateway.
Bitpay supports almost all fiat currencies, including US dollar, Euro, Chinese Yuan, Pound sterling, and direct bank deposits.
Coinbase commerce:

Coinbase is considered as the largest crypto exchange across the globe. This holds all the legal procedures which are necessary for being a cryptocurrency payment gateway and hence it is stated as one of the most trusted crypto exchanges.
In this, you can convert your cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies in no time and can withdraw money without the merchant request.
This gateway helps you to accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.
You can incorporate their API into your website if you have vast knowledge in developing your own payment gateways.

The unique feature of is that it is an open-source project that means it is free for users to join. It doesn’t require any ID verification to sign up.
This is more compatible and works on all major bitcoin wallets.
The other best feature about this platform is that it allows merchants to perform one-click payment on their sites.
It provides merchants with fully integrated payment forms on their websites without involving any external payment pages.
Final thoughts

These are the top 3 crypto payment gateways. Apart from this, there are so many platforms available in the financial markets. Yet, these are our top 3 choices and hope it was worth knowing. It’s totally up to you to choose one of the best cryptocurrency payment gateway platforms.
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Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and much more technical jargons have become the buzzword in our economic posts. Every industry out there competes for technical evolution, and the fintech industry is leading the race forever with amusing, innovative ideologies. Our minds never have though of fiat currencies when the barter system was in existence. As of now, the cryptocurrencies inception has hit more than a decade!

The booming popularity of cryptocurrencies makes merchants, and entrepreneurs integrate payment gateways that accept multiple currencies in their POS. In this blog post, let’s take a look at the top payment service providers and features of cryptocurrency payment gateways!

Top Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways and its features!
BitPay is one of the leading crypto payment service providers who serve across leading brands like Microsoft, Shopify, NewEgg, Virgin. The aspiring feature of BitPay payment service is that they offer their consumers “BitPay Card”. BitPay card enables the swapping of bitcoins into dollars. The service provider has a widespread network with 38 countries across the globe. Bitpay accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Features of BitPay crypto gateway are:

Open-source plugins
Point of Sale(POS)
Billing & Accounting
Effective portfolio management
11 Add-on solutions
Coinbase has made accepting crypto payments much easier for the merchants with just email address and integrated contact number. Over 2000+ merchants across 42 countries utilize the coinbase services to accept popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic. Coinbase POS can be integrated with Shopify, Woocommerce, Opencart.

CoinGate supports the acceptance of 50+ cryptocurrencies in the POS system. The infrastructure is reliable and renders better services to both merchants, consumers. The CoinGate payment system is convenient, user-friendly and ergonomic for consumers. CoinGate POS system can be integrated with WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento.

Fintech industry is evolving every day with the innovative contactless payment systems. You can contact the desired cryptocurrency payment service providers support team and enquire about the features, price range and other details of the payment system. If you’re in need of any technical or professional assistance, do contact a cryptocurrency payment gateway development company!
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The digital revolution in the industries has simplified data management, payment transactions and other processes to a greater extent. Still, the traditional fintech system has hindrances in performing overseas and trade transactions. The fiat payment system takes 5-15 business days to complete the international transaction. Hence, the world shifts to better, swift and secure crypto payments!

As of now, around 3 million active crypto users frequently utilize the crypto coins for their trade transactions. In most of the developed countries, cryptocurrencies are accepted as a legal payment method; thereby, it becomes inevitable for all the countries to accept crypto coins soon. You can accept the crypto payments for your business just by integrating the gateway from the
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