In modern software very often there is a need to perform various operations with all kinds of money. However, until now, I have never found documentation, which would have brought together the basic rules for presenting amounts and implementing financial calculations. In this article, I will try to formulate those rules that have been compiled on the basis of personal experience.

Skull 11 october 2017, 9:40

This is the text on a coin: "Strength in Numbers" (Latin)

The "Bitcoin" is an anonymous crypto-currency that are based on Peer-to-peer (P2P) networking. Its main disadvantage is the absence of supportability of the material resources, because hash does not represent any real value. An attempt to solve this problem by casascius also is not the best solution.

Thus, Mike Caldwell issued coins, and the value of each is equal to some Bitcoins. There are currently offered only two alternatives: 1 and 25 Bitcoins. Each one has its own Bitcoin -address and a valid private key under the hologram.
ZimerMan 28 october 2011, 12:59