Bitfia is the best crypto wallet in India.Cryptocurrencies offer an exciting instrument for trading and creating wealth. However, the complexity surrounding its lifecycle is a major hurdle. Cryptocurrency trading, for example, can be a cumbersome affair, especially for someone who is just starting off. Even for seasoned traders, it is often a time-consuming business.
While there are several exchanges which allow trading between parties who are registered on the system, getting onboard with these platforms is no less of a hassle. Moreover, on these platforms security is an inevitable problem. In this scenario, the PINT platform is not less than a saviour, as it can reduce these troubles to a great extent. And it gives the best bitcoin exchange in India.
The most differentiating feature of the PINT platform is that it is a wallet-based marketplace, and not the other way round. All other exchanges provide a wallet to the user in which the user can hold their funds. However, the private keys to all these wallets remain with the exchange provider. In the case of PINT, the private keys of the wallet always stay with the user which gives the user — total control of his or her funds and also provides the highest level of security for funds.
Crypto trading, while being an excellent way for wealth creation, is also fraught with concerns of security and identity theft/loss. The PINT platform, built on cutting edge blockchain technology, is the perfect choice for any user who is concerned about the security of funds and personal data and wishes to enjoy safe and real-time crypto trading. The ecosystem is dynamic and will work continuously to stay abreast of the latest technology to provide a seamless and holistic experience to crypto enthusiasts.
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Bitfia 1 october 2020, 17:14