I read an article about Kerning.js, which is a small JavaScript library that even can be the utility to implement the marvelous typography on the web pages. Then I remembered that I had used something like Lettering.js library lately.

I am not going to give the detailed instruction on its use (I will give some links to this instruction and every developer will figure it out), as well I will add some information about two other small libraries, l have used their functional in my projects.

Lettering.js is an assistant for radical web typography, Cryptico.js is an assistant for encrypting text and Rasta.js is anonymous domain-less key-value store for frontend JavaScript. Here are the links to the developers’ websites of these libraries and instructions for their use.

Lettering.js is on Githab

Lettering.js allows breaking the words into letters, sentences into the words and the paragraphs into the lines, as well it arranges the broken fragments in an interesting way using css. The examples are on the website letteringjs.com.
Sparks 20 december 2011, 17:31