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The E-commerce apps have become a simple way for people to get the necessary items through the app. Online sectors are getting competitive day by day with many apps emerging with efficient technology and swaying people along with it. Budding entrepreneurs who are willing to be part of this sector need to upscale and give their ace Etsy clone app so that more and more people are willing to purchase through these apps. Here are the following features to consider during Etsy clone app development:

Guest checkout : This feature is not offered by many apps. Most of the apps require people to log in before purchasing. Through the guest profile, people can sign in using their social media account and order & buy through the app. They will receive notification regarding order status in their email.

Enhancing the shopping experience: For every product, there must be a detailed description so that people can know what they are buying before ordering it. In addition to this, there are can pictures that completely cover every aspect of the item and videos explaining its functionality.

Communication channels: People often have queries regarding the product. In order to clarify that there must be provisions to video call or chat with the concerned seller.

Though it may sound simple to develop E-commerce apps like Etsy. Actually there are several prerequisites, tools, expert teams, and several other factors determining the success of the app. So it would be better to leave the task of development to the experts in app development, Appdupe. We offer a white-labeled Etsy clone script build with efficient technology. Visit our website to learn more.
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