Do you remember this movie? What is it doing here? Why the hell such post on Kukuruku at all?
I guess, because I think that the main piece of IT is human, or rather our brain. I’ll tell you about another possibility of using your brain a bit more effectively. Everything described here has been tried out on me. It’s important to note that I’ll highlight if I haven’t tried something out. I didn’t use any drugs or devices. Popular methods have only been used. And yes, it’s devastatingly realistic. Having tried it once, you'll never resist telling about it.
KlauS 27 may 2014, 9:48

imageAlways I wondered how our brain really works. It is interesting to know how our brain really works, and how much we use of it. You will be surprised when you read this.

Today I was sitting at home, my boyfriend came and asked 'what does this remind you of?' and I had multiple thoughts in my head, but answered with one word. How come your brain works so fast and it never stops? Have you tried not thinking? I try all the time but it is impossible. So I really wanted to know how much we use of our brain, and how clever we really can be. So I thought I would do some research and figure out how our brain works. If you are wondering about this, read along, and I will try and make it understandable.
Sparks 24 march 2012, 15:49

In this article I want to share my knowledge about the brain structure and its practical use.


So, as you know, the brain is the most important organ of our body. Some people say that it is the most complex organ in the universe. And the ignorance of some of its characteristics can affect a person's life deeply.

Understanding the role of the brain

The brain controls almost everything in our body, for example, the breathing system, sense organs, complex thought processes and the imagination. There are many techniques and tips regarding their development, but there are only few of them that focus on the role of the brain in the process.
Skull 12 march 2012, 11:26