Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular as an investment opportunity as more and more people recognize the possibilities the virtual form of currency offers us. The value of bitcoin is increasing and more people are using Bitcoin for shopping and everything else. And to do this, they need a reliable bitcoin wallet. Now if you want to build a bitcoin wallet, then it is an amazing opportunity for you, since the popularity of bitcoin wallets are at an all time high now. Now, if you really want to develop a bitcoin wallet app, this article can give you some useful insights.
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Why the economic feasibility may lead to the collapse Bitcoin

The author of the article is Alexey Malanov, an expert of Kaspersky Lab's anti-virus technology development department

We will discuss what determines the profitability of mining bitkoy, what principles for adapting the speed of mining were laid in it initially, and why these principles can ultimately lead to the collapse of this crypto currency.


We assume that the reader has an idea of ​​the basic mechanisms of Bitcoin operation, such as: blocking , mining , mining pools, reward for the block.

Warning. In this article, we explore the theoretical possibility of developing the described scenario, taking into account the algorithms put into Bitkoyn. We did not set ourselves the goal to analyze in detail the cost structure of the miners, electricity prices in various parts of the world, bank rates and the payback period of equipment.
Papay 19 october 2017, 16:01

This is the text on a coin: "Strength in Numbers" (Latin)

The "Bitcoin" is an anonymous crypto-currency that are based on Peer-to-peer (P2P) networking. Its main disadvantage is the absence of supportability of the material resources, because hash does not represent any real value. An attempt to solve this problem by casascius also is not the best solution.

Thus, Mike Caldwell issued coins, and the value of each is equal to some Bitcoins. There are currently offered only two alternatives: 1 and 25 Bitcoins. Each one has its own Bitcoin -address and a valid private key under the hologram.
ZimerMan 28 october 2011, 12:59