Cryptocurrencies came into existence in 2009, with bitcoin being the first crypto coin. Since then, there is a lot of debate and discussion about the cryptos and the underlying blockchain technology. Most importantly, the criticism came from the ardent backers of the existing traditional finance system. They feel threatened by the growing popularity of cryptocurrency and how it is going to change the present finance structure across the globe.

Some of the reasons why they don’t want cryptocurrencies into the mainstream finance structure:

Cybersecurity Issues
Price Volatility
Lack of Inherent Value

Out of the points mentioned above, the naysayers are focusing mainly on the volatility. As any real-world assets back it, they call the cryptocurrency ecosystem is a bubble. To minimize the volatility of the price, the crypto world came with stablecoins.

The stablecoins are crypto-asset designed to minimize the volatility of the price by backing the crypto with real-world assets. There are different types of stable coins: Fiat-backed Stablecoin, Commodity backed stablecoin, Cryptocurrency-backed stablecoin, Seigniorage-style stable coin. A stable coin provides the benefit of a transaction as it has a fixed value relative to the underlying asset.

Many have a question of why we need so many stable coins. That’s a valid question. We have around 200+ stable coins right now. Too many options lead to confusion instead of assisting us in choosing the right one.

Now, people, after assessing all the benefits of each kind of stablecoins, Seigniorage-style stable coin is considered to be worth relying on. This type of coin is otherwise called as algorithmic stablecoin. It is based on algorithmic balancing the circulation of cryptocurrency based on the rise and fall of currency value, just like how central banks manage the currency value of a fiat currency.
BenMilo 3 april 2020, 11:06

Emerged in early 2018, stablecoin is one of the most popular and is becoming the preferable choice of currency among budding entrepreneurs for their digital business. For starters, stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that is backed by tangible, physical assets. Stable coins can be backed by precious metals/stones, fiat money and gold.

The root cause of stablecoins gaining tremendous popularity among potential investors and is preferred more over other cryptocurrencies is that they help cope up with price volatility. As they are asset backed stablecoins, they’re less prone to constant price fluctuations when compared to other cryptocurrencies. Now, with the booming trend and popularity, if you want to create your own stablecoin, this is the right time. But it is essential for you to know the top features to understand the working of stablecoins before going into the development. Let’s find out what they are.

Key features of a stablecoin:

High-Volume Liquidity

Transparent Transactions

Advanced Blockchain technology

100% “stable” asset backed currencies

Widespread integration

Increased access to financial inclusions

Efficient mining process

Energy efficiency- High-speed transactions

Exposure to primary assets

High-end security

Now, when it comes to the development, creating the coins from the ground up involves a lot of technical factors and consumes ample time and money. To build them efficiently and to get them up to speed, the better option will be to get in touch with a stablecoin development company that will be well founded and experienced. Such companies will offer quick, cost effective solutions along with personalised customization according to your preferences. Choose your company today, build a feature-rich stablecoin that will be a hit in the market, and raise huge profits for your venture!
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