imageWhen I opened a mail for the domain on Yandex, I decided to open a free registration for unauthorized users to the mailboxes on mine “fancy” domain. In addition, I enabled catch-all feature, which directs all incoming mail of nonexistent mailboxes of my domain to my main mailbox. I faced necessity to reserve all the “standard” names of mailboxes for myself in order to avoid confusion, when some name already has been reserved by another user, and all “service” mail goes to someone else. Of course, you can any time expropriate any mailbox that is under control of domain. I'm puzzled: what are the names of mailboxes standard and system-defined? Yandex technical support said that they reserve for themselves only the name of postmaster @ for each domain to keep track of complaints and problems with the mail. Further, the search of results on the Internet was a bit predictable.
(On the picture is: the famous black mailbox, a place of pilgrimage for UFO enthusiasts)


First, I wanted to find RFC, which is RFC 2142, MAILBOX NAMES FOR COMMON SERVICES, ROLES AND FUNCTIONS (mailbox names for the public services, roles and functions), which was last amended in 1997. Here is just interesting information for us. Based on the document, the following mailboxes should exist and have the following functions:
ZimerMan 6 october 2011, 19:56