Over the past few years, traditional taxi services have become almost extinct. This is due to intense competition and customer loyalty is very high in online taxi booking companies. So the market for these cabs will not fall no matter how the situation changes. People are not willing anymore to wait for a taxi on the streets and call out for them. The tables have turned with the arrival of Uber.

Witnessing their several taxi companies have started to follow their steps to grow in the market. For entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to develop a standalone Uber-like taxi app then providing a mobile solution for their customers would be the best option.

Uber clone apps revolutionized the way the taxi industry worked and made it a fundamental part of a taxi business no matter where the business was operating in the world. Here are a couple of entities that will make you get a better understanding of how the Uber clone business works.

Uber clone app primarily saves the time for a taxi business from developing an app from scratch and deploying it in the market. Even if the app is deployed chances are slim that the app will be free from bugs. So it would take several months to get rid of the bugs in the app-based upon the customer’s feedback. Truth to be told a Uber clone app will save a lot of time for an entrepreneur so that they can concentrate on the innovative features that they can include in their app.

Planning on providing innovative features to your customers will increase the chances of getting your app to the top tier in the market. This will also help your app to stand apart from that of your competitors.
Basically one needs to pay for the following services

iOS and Android native app development
Backend development
Web development
Project management
Quality assurance

Building a Uber clone app is much easier than developing an app from scratch. Though the investment might seem more it will bring fruitful results in the long run.
Jasmine 2 april 2020, 7:23

With the success seen by premier taxi applications like Uber and Ola, the industry has been revolutionized to a great degree. Gone are the days when one had to flag a taxi down by running after one.

The ease and accessibility with which one can hail a taxi t from the comfort of their home with a few simple swipes on their smartphone have never been seen before. The entire process has been simplified for the comfort of the user. This has caused taxi usage to spike up tremendously over the past few years.

It has come to a point now where every taxi business has to have a dedicated app for their venture. A popular variation of the taxi app that’s been circulating the industry is the Uber clone. A Uber clone can do wonders for your taxi business as it’s a tried and proven model.

The benefits of Uber clone are numerous

Simplifies the taxi booking process for the customer
Customers are more likely to hail a taxi because of the ease of use and added comfort.
There is a great deal of safety and transparency in the taxi industry. Drivers are held accountable with their information being shown beforehand to the customer. There is a rating system that acts as an incentive for drivers to give great service, improving the quality of the service provided.
Female passengers feel safer in an Uber-like model of taxi service rather than a standalone taxi service.
The entire process is also simplified for the business owner - they can track and manage fleets and drivers.
Entrepreneurs can get to know their customers better.
This leads to multiple usages and repeats customers.

These are just some of the reasons why one should invest in an Uber clone for their taxi business. Consider looking into a reputed uber clone provider like Turnkeytown to learn more and take advantage of the present opportunity.
Jasmine 31 march 2020, 9:46

By build, do you mean by yourself? If so, unfortunately, you need to be an expert app developer to even imagine developing a real-time app like Uber.

Luckily for you, there are numerous app developers out there that can do the job for you! As someone who has been in the industry for quite some time, here is how I advise you to go about building your own uber-like app.

Before we go searching for a developer, we need to understand that the application industry is inundated with numerous options. The success of apps like Uber and Ola has created an avalanche of taxi app development companies to enter into the market space. We first need to know what to look out for in an app developer to weed out the bad apples.

But before you start doing that, be clear of what you want/need in the first place. App development companies tend to specialize in varying niche sectors in the market so having an understanding of what you require is the first step in the search for a competent app developer.

Be clear about your needs/requirements

Now that you’ve decided to get into building a taxi app like Uber, you need to understand that there are numerous different types of Uber apps out there. For example, one could build an app from scratch, use the services of a uber clone, or even a white label/turnkey solution. Each of these offers its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so find out what suits your needs the best.

Your budget

This is a given in pretty much any business but knowing your budgetary limitations can make the choice a lot easier for you. For instance, if you have a lot of money at your disposal, you can afford a fully customized app that is complete with all the bells and whistles in the market. For someone with a more constrained budget, a white-label solution or a clone app can be the way to go.

The additional services

Your job doesn’t stop with developing. There are also other things to consider like the launch, maintenance, customer support, etc. In an ideal situation, one should opt for all of the above, but depending on your budget, you might be constrained on your choices.

There are what you should consider from your end, depending upon which you can start your search.

Look for a company that has the following qualities.

Their experience level
Their reputation
Independent reviews on 3rd party websites
Testimonials from customers
The other services that they offer.
The expected time of development.

This is the proper way to go about making your own uber-like app. For more information, you can try getting in touch with a reputed app developer to learn more.
Jasmine 28 march 2020, 8:08

Inspired by the success of one of the most popular industry giants - Uber, several entrepreneurs are coming forward to try out their hands in the ride-hailing industry. This created a huge demand for an ideal Uber clone script. Read further to know more about an Uber clone script, and the futures that can be integrated into it.

About Uber clone script

The process of developing an app from scratch can be time-consuming, challenging, and expensive. By using the Uber clone script, entrepreneurs can cut down on the development costs and time. The Uber clone app will have similar features and workflows as the original version. It can be customized by adding, removing, or modifying the feature set so as to meet the varying business needs.

Salient features

The major advantage of the Uber clone app is that you can provide dedicated panels to your users based on the role they perform at a considerably low cost.

For the benefit of the riders

The following are some remarkable features of the Uber clone script for the customers.
    Users can book their rides or schedule them for later.
    Users can also cancel the ride request. But, they will be charged a penalty.
    Users can monitor the details of their previous trips using their trip history.
    The app is integrated with a GPS-enabled navigation system so that users can track the whereabouts of the driver in real-time.
    The app provides users with fare estimates for the ride.
    Users are kept informed about the status of their ride through push notifications.
    Users can share the details of the trip, including the driver details, with their trusted contacts for safety reasons.
    Promo codes enable users to avail of a discount on the fare.
    SOS button is provided in the app so that the users can get timely help in case of any emergency.
    The app is integrated with multiple payment gateways to enable fast and secure financial transactions.

For the benefit of the drivers

Drivers play a crucial role in the ride-hailing industry. For their benefit, several features are added to make the app driver-friendly. Those are:
    Drivers can create an account or log in to an existing account through their phone numbers, email IDs, or social media accounts.
    Drivers can view the details of the ride requests.
    The app is integrated with a GPS-enabled navigation system for easy navigation.
    Drivers can make in-app calls or chats for any support.
    Drivers can keep track of their earnings through the history of earnings provided in the app.
    Availability toggle allows drivers to mark their availability in the app. They can choose to go into an offline mode when taking a break or closing for the day so that they would stop getting any further ride requests.
    Drivers will be provided with the invoice details of the ride.
    Drivers will be updated about the price surging so that they can plan their rides accordingly.
For the benefit of the admins

The primary responsibility of the admins is to ensure the seamless functioning of the business operations and ensure customer safety. To assist them, the following features are added to the app.
    Admins can offer and manage promo codes to the customers as a form of retention strategies.
    Admins can initiate, monitor, and manage surge pricing effortlessly.
    A report on earnings will be provided in the app for effective monitoring.
    God’s eye view allows the admins to monitor and manage the overall business operations.
    The process of document verification is made easier with the help of the app.
    Admins can add or remove bank accounts of the drivers to the app.

Summing Up!

Now that you have got the essential idea of what an Uber clone app is, go ahead and leverage this incredible technology to skyrocket your business beyond imagination!
Jasmine 19 march 2020, 7:45