Twitter has changed 3 offices during its short history, and soon it will make its largest moving to a new office. Let us take a look at the origin of its office history.


The beginning

Initially, Twitter’s office was located at 164 South Park Avenue in San Francisco:
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Yesterday Twitter unveiled a new version of its interface. Its design is simplified to make it easier, faster, and richer experience. The new design will be the same for and mobile applications. In addition, TweetDeck application is updated and ready for the new version.

Visit and find out more details about the upcoming changes.
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According to analysts of eMarketer the worldwide revenue from advertising on the social networking services will reach 5.54 billion dollars in 2011 and it will be doubled by 2013. Calculation was made by eMarketer based on a range of popular social networking services including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Half of the revenue that makes 2.74 billion dollars from advertising on the social networking services goes to the United States this year. It is not surprising that a large portion of the amount is the credit of Facebook service, which according to the expectations of experts will get more than 3.8 billion dollars in 2011 thanks to advertisements that is viewed by a large audience of 800 million members of the networking.
Profit is growing steadily and eMarketer company data suggests that in the next few years there will be major sources of advertising revenue not only in the U.S., but also in other countries. By 2013 the profits will make 51.9% of the total in other countries, which is estimated at $10 billion dollars. The social networking services will get nearly $5 billion dollars from advertising in the United States this year.
Revenues from advertising on the social networking services grew by 50% in 2010 and according to the preliminary estimates will increase by 55.6% this year. However, the growth will fall to 45% in 2012 and 25.2% in 2013.
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