As we all know that after streaming series like stranger things, black mirror, elite and money heist, Netflix evolved as a titan of media industry. With more than 150 million paid subscribers and by consuming about 25% of online video streaming traffic, it attracts tons of entrepreneurs to drive into video streaming platform via Netflix clone. If your are one smart business minded, you would already come up with this idea in your mind. How can I Earn from Netflix Clone? Get the basic ideas from which you can generate revenue via Netflix clone App


In subscription method, user will pay considerable fee as subscription for short period of time. This method appears as the cheapest and finest way for the users. Through this process, you can generate a good amount of revenue without doubt.


This model is nothing but showing advertisement to your user’s while they watch videos. After attaining a good number of subscribers, it is possible to generate immense revenue via advertising. Showing ads is a simple task using in live streaming software. YouTube runs under this formula.


In Pay Per View model, a user can purchase videos to view through private telecast. This method is mostly followed by business models who won’t publish content regularly but on intervals just like WWE or UFC. Here, if one is interested to watch only selected videos, then he pays for watching it.

Where can I get the Best Netflix Clone Script?

In order to enter into the OTT market and to dominate like Netflix, you would need a powerful and high functioning Netflix clone script. Well, we MacAndro are highly reputed and recognized OTT app development company in providing powerful Netflix clone script with admin dashboard. Our Netflix clone script helps you to launch a remarkable and scalable video streaming app like Netflix with advanced tech and smart features. MacAndro’s Netflix clone script is especially designed to run in all popular mobile operating systems like Android, iOS and also for web platform.
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People need not rely on a specific schedule to watch from on-demand video streaming apps. Apps like Netflix have given people a wide range of content to choose, such as thriller, comedy, drama, romance, detective, etc. For people who wish to watch the content of their favorite TV channels, these apps also include that. Starting from the news to sports channels, customers can watch these attractive content without any interruption. There are many app developers out there aspiring to develop Netflix clone app. So here are the popular video streaming apps to get inspiration from


Netflix is one of the most widely streamed apps in the US, according to Statista, so it is no wonder that entrepreneurs are willing to invest in these clone apps. Coronavirus has led to lockdown in several countries, so most anticipated movies are directly launching their films in OTT platforms like Netflix. It has led to a further increase in demand amongst people. Apart from that, Netflix has its original content, which has content equivalent to a well-produced movie franchise.

Amazon Prime Video

Nearly 50% of the people use Amazon streaming services for watching the Original. The added advantage of Prime video is that users can get special offers on Amazon. The membership fees are economical compared to Netflix. Recently they have added an age tag for the content, so now parents can choose the appropriate content for their children to watch.


The service is initiated by Fox, NBC Universal, and Disney to become the largest video streaming app. Customers can watch live TV, and Disney produced content through these apps. The basic plan is available at $5.99 per month, and the rates vary depending on plans.

While developing the Netflix clone app, try to incorporate the exciting feature set of popular video streaming apps like Netflix.
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The popularity of video streaming services has increased tremendously since the virus outbreak. Though the Coronavirus has taken a toll in several businesses, video streaming sectors has been a boon in disguise. Here are some aspects to built Netflix clone with advanced features.

A recommendation system can offer users content based on their recent viewing history and search requests. This recommendation is based on the artificial intelligence algorithm that comes up with the list based on user ratings.

Video Download
This feature would be helpful for users who go to places that have no mobile service. A simple download button will defeat the boredom of long flights or road trips. Users can download any shows or movies they feel like.

Video quality

The reason for people using these is for the quality of content they provide, such as 4k resolution or HDR resolution.

Technical stack for Netflix clone app development

The following is the leading technologies used across the various process of streaming app clone development.
Languages: C#, Java, JavaScript, Python
Frameworks: Node.js,
SDK and API: Wowza, AWS, Twilio
Database: MySQL, Oracle
Cloud hosting: Amazon EC2
Cloud storage: Amazon S3
JS libraries: React, WinJS
The feature-rich complete clone script for Netflix offered by Appdupe is bound to bring in more customers. We guarantee that it will be a worthy investment and will bring in substantial ROI.
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