Currently, most Indian peoples are interested to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which is the best part for future investment. So, buy bitcoin in India is easy and simple. Here, we have described the points for buying bitcoin in India online.
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Before starting their journey in cryptocurrency trading, one of the major confusion that the traders have been facing every time is spot trading or margin trading & which one is suitable for us. These are the two trading options given to the traders that you have to decide before begin your trading journey. In the article, let's discuss spot & margin trading, and also you can choose from it.

What is spot trading?

From the term, we could define that spot trading is buying or selling your digital assets instantly on a specific timeframe. In this type of trading, you can make a purchase and your crypto will be delivered to your wallet instantly. It takes into account the time of the payment.

For example, if you are buying $2000 worth of Ethereum (ETH) with a spot trading process, you will need to have a balance of $2000 into your account at the date of settlement (usually T+2 days of the trade). Otherwise, the exchange wouldn't allow you to enter into the process.
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If you are looking for crypto trading platforms, there are several cryptocurrency exchange sites available but you have to consider some of the essential factors before choosing it. But selecting the best one is always difficult and challenging as you need to gain a profit. Don't get into the wrong platform that leads to potential loss and waste of effort. Therefore, you have to choose the right platform that meets your trading requirements.

For better options, you need to decide whether your trading is long-term or just frequent changes in regular aspects. The right platform will help users to buy, sell, and trade their cryptocurrencies safe and at ease. Koinbazar - one of the best centralized p2p cryptocurrency exchange platform allows users to buy, sell, and trade their assets. And also it comes with a crypto wallet that helps to store your cryptocurrencies for a long term or frequent trading.

In this article, we will help in choosing the best platform as per your expectations. And also you will find the crucial factors to look up before selecting the best cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Important aspects to look for cryptocurrency or bitcoin exchange:


Every cryptocurrency exchange sites follow different laws. It depends on the offering, practices, and, locations of the cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and others. Some of the platforms demand KYC (Know Your Customer) or AML (Anti-Money Laundering process. These practices are proposed for the users to submit some of their personal information which is required for creating their account and performs the exchange process.

Reputation of the crypto exchange platform:

Cryptocurrency is a massive industry today and gaining a lot of reputation in the market. Before picking the crypto exchange platform, reputation is essential for considering it. Because, some of the exchange sites have resulted in scams, hacks, and others. Before choosing the platform, you need to do proper research about the website to make sure that it is highly reputed. From this, you will get to know about the efficiency of the platform. However, you can also check out the terms and conditions of all exchange platforms to ensure that there is nothing doubtful in it.

Security aspects:

Almost all exchange platforms offer high security that helps to keep your investments and trading process safe. You need to make sure that the exchange sites offer two-factor authentication or not. In addition to this, you also need to consider whether it is compatible with google authentication or not. Because you can ensure better security for your exchange platforms. There are several safety measures that you need to look at before investing in any of the exchange sites. Some other security aspects are SSL certification, cold storage wallets. This security feature offers different trading experiences to the users.

Available in your country:

Not all platforms are available for the trading process worldwide. To ensure that the exchange website is available for your country or not. Many financial regulations are there which creates an impact on the cryptocurrency market. Keeping this aside, the regional factor is important to consider as some of the exchange platforms won't allow trading in different countries rather than the one which is based on the country where the exchange platform available. However, do some research and ensure that you choose the right crypto exchange.

Trading fees:

You need to check out the trading fee which is charged by the exchange platform. You can buy cryptocurrency with exchange websites to ensure that you save some amount of money. A specific trading fee is there for every time you buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency from the exchange platform. For daily traders, it is one of the crucial factors to consider. So, look for the platform who charges low trading fees.

Availability of cryptocurrency:

Before choosing the best exchange platform, you need to look at the availability of cryptocurrency options with the site. There should be various digital currencies available for buying, selling, or trading which help users to choose the right ones on the site. Moreover, liquidity is also an important factor that must fill orders on the platform. With the different options available for their choice, users will invest in the right one to gain profitable outcomes in the long run.


The above-mentioned factors are important aspects to consider before you choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange platform for trading, buying, or selling cryptocurrencies. It might be tough to choose if you are a beginner. So, buy cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, ETH, or any other crypto coins after checking all the above factors. There are many spam and fraudulent sites which have resulted in a financial loss for many crypto traders. So, to keep your assets safe, go-through all aspects of the exchange platform that are mentioned clearly to pick and invest on the right platform.
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Bitcoin has grown well in the cryptocurrency world in the last few years and many peoples are showing their interest in this crypto industry. Most of the research and study says that bitcoin is more popular and it might be a benefit for most of the peoples today. Moreover in this, you have to be tricky, it has its risks and if you are not aware of it, you may lose a lot. If you are a new bitcoin (BTC) investor, there are some major things you should know and have to do before you get started.

1. Do your research

Before investing in Bitcoin, it is crucial to do some research about bitcoin. You shouldn't invest in anything before you don't understand it. Understand the concept, how it works, and know the possibilities before you lose your money, let's consider that it also a risk. Take your own time to learn the basics and constantly increase your knowledge of it.

2. Don’t force yourself

It could be more excited when you are investing in cryptocurrencies for the first time. Every beginner in this industry has to look forward to making money as like as the other traders have already claimed. Moreover, as I said earlier you should learn about the basics and not rush up the process. Bitcoin might have been known for some years now. But, nobody knows what will be the future? And also, don't invest more money into bitcoin investment. Start investing small and day by day learning can help you to decide how much you have to invest in it.

3. Invest in other cryptocurrencies

Most of the experts would say that don't get more excited about Bitcoin that could end up investing all your money in it. They suggest that, don't invest your entire money in one cryptocurrency ie., Bitcoin. Instead, make your investment in other assets such as Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Ethereum, etc.

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4. Keep your assets secure

Cybercrime department is more pre-eminent to avoid fraudulent activities in the crypto space. One of the best ways to hold your bitcoin safe is by keeping it in a cryptocurrency wallet. But, before you have to check that the wallet is secure. Because your transactions can get hack and might be ended up losing all of your money if you are not be aware of it. There are no refunds for bitcoin, once lost you can't retrieve it. Be careful and also you should avoid getting into such a situation.

5. Prepare for volatility

Most of the investors would advise that the Bitcoin market is more unpredictable. If you are a new investor, you have to keep a strategy that helps to manage at the time of price fluctuations. Always aim for long term investments, don't get any temptation to get into short-term bets.

Summing Up:

The above-mentioned one which could help you know the best way to invest in Bitcoin for the new investors and begin your journey with enriched information.
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Bitcoin is one of the most discussed topics worldwide since 2017. The fact is that it's becoming more popular day by day. Presently, most of the peoples across the world have started showing their interest in it. But, still, some of the peoples don't have any idea about the Bitcoin (BTC). Even you can be one among them who should know what exactly Bitcoin is? Where to buy it?, and How it's helpful to you?. This article will help you to know more information about BTC but not going much into the technical details. When you heard about this digital currency is your the first time, this guide will be helpful for you. Here, we have mentioned the top reasons that you must learn about Bitcoin (BTC).

No Political Interferences:

One of the main things about Bitcoin is that it's free from political restrictions. These could help users to make use of it anytime they want. Some of the restrictions like fiat currency are not valid to the bitcoin. And also, you can purchase BTC with fiat currencies.

Investing in Bitcoin is Simple:

Understanding the working process of Bitcoin (BTC) is not a big deal, and it's easy to learn about it. Bitcoin is working on a concept called Blockchain, and it usually has a record of all the transactions stored in the distributed ledger that is known as blocks. It is a peer-to-peer (P2P) network connected, and exactly users would be aware of all the transactions. Bitcoin doesn't have any central authority like banks, and its generated by a process called Bitcoin mining. Each user has an upper limit for mining, and you can't cancel the previous record of transactions easily as like as the bank currency.

Irreversible Transactions:

To keep in everyone's mind that all the Bitcoin (BTC) transactions are irreversible and can't be reversed once the user initiates the process. It could be considered as one of the safety concerns of Bitcoin. Because if hackers steal it, the transactions are still irreversible.

Reach Globally:

Bitcoin transactions are much faster, and it doesn't matter whenever you need to send them. Wherever in the world, you can send it instantly. However, you should keep in mind that bitcoin transactions are not valid in some of the countries.

Bitcoin Boost Your Bank Balance:

Bitcoin can increase your bank balance in a short period. The demand for BTC has increased a lot in recent years. Peoples who have bitcoins could sell at a higher price at the right time than what they have invested. Many of the experts predict that the BTC will go much higher in the upcoming years.

Summing Up:

The above reasons which show the information you should learn about Bitcoin. It provides you enough reasons to buy bitcoin from the reputed cryptocurrency exchange like Koin Bazar without worrying about anything. The fact is that the Bitcoin (BTC) investment have increased a lot in the last few years, and many peoples have started showing their interest in it. Before proceeding with trading or investments in Bitcoin, you must take experts' advice.
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Learning about trading with cryptocurrency is good and also everyone is interested to learn about it. You can get started this process without money, but once you get more than one wins under your belt it is very easy to dump money into the investments recklessly. Of course, making more money with crypto trading is easy and also it is very important to be careful. If you are new to crypto trading, this article will give tips before starting your trading.

1. Secure Email

Crypto trading needs to be your custodian. This means that your accounts are safe. First, you should keep your email address secure. This is one of the most important factors for your accounts. If you don't keep your email address safe, then scammers will be able to access your exchange you have an account at any time. Use an unpredictable password, don't use that one anywhere before, and also enable 2FA authentication for your email address.

2. Choose the Best Exchange

Not all the crypto exchanges in this platform are equal. Before choosing the best exchange platform, ask any of the crypto experts, and they will try to clarify this. As a crypto enthusiast, I would suggest Koin Bazar, because this platform is a very well established one to perform your crypto trading with more secure, and trustworthy. If you want to know more about these platforms, just look out for active communities on forms that are all speaking of the exchanges. This will help you to choose the best one of it for your purpose of cryptocurrency trading.

3. Learn Wallet Safety Process

Most of the peoples who are losing their coins will say that exchange is the main reason for it. When trading cryptocurrencies, you should need to keep only what you need to trade with it, and also transfer your assets to the safer cold wallet or at least in a private wallet. You should need to know how to keep your wallet safe and also make sure that keep your private key secure. From my suggestions, a hardware wallet is good if you have more number of crypto. Keeping everything in an exchange is not safe instead of a mobile or desktop wallet is better.

4. Learn about TA & FA

You don't want to be an expert on trading your cryptocurrencies before that at least you should learn about the basics of technical and fundamental analysis. Invest your time in learning those prospects, learn how the market works and what kind of asset you want to make a trade. While you should learn TA and FA, it is important to implement it with your ideas. Start with the basics and don't use complicated methods that you won't understand yet. And you can get a lot of tutorials about these topics on Youtube or blogs that can help you to get a better knowledge of how trading works.

5. Don’t Make Investment More

While you may be proud of getting a few wins by yourself, but don't let it go to your head. It may be by your luck, and also you must be very careful with how much you are investing in it. Many of them have invested their rent money or took loans during the crypto boom and it leads to failures. So, if you can afford your loss then don't invest more. Getting into this can be very cheap but don't put yourself into a poor financial status. If you have low funds, don't worry, start investing a small amount for trading and grow your portfolio slowly.

6. Take an Experts Advice

There are lots of peoples who are ready to provide advice on this, but you should be ready to take their words in your minds. And also many of them are blindly showcase their love for a particular project or they are acting in their self-interest. So, do your research and judge yourself whether investing is worth it or not. It doesn't mean that you must ignore all other opinions, you should verify them before proceed it.

7. Don’t Catch up in the Scams

Cryptocurrency is mostly unregulated, and also it leaves a lot of space for scammers to find their marks. Avoid Telegram or Twitter groups that promise you are instant rich or otherwise regret it all later. Learn your trading and analysis skills by yourself which is the best for it. Some sources may be real, as a novice trader, it will be extremely difficult for you to identify or even make use of real ones.

8. Don’t Get Covetous

The downfall for most of the traders is not that they didn't pick the profitable trades, it is that they don't know when to make it. Set your goals and stick with them. You have to spend some time on it to make your profit or otherwise, you don't make any profit on it, and there is nothing worse than you realizing this later.

Summing up:

The above-mentioned points describe that there are a lot of factors available to learn as a new cryptocurrency trader. Follow these tips and practice it with yourself as an experience and you should do better in the future.
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