Due to the fact that a relatively large (and very loud) part of IT lives in the next bubble of dotcoms (now startups), some representatives of this tribe, and especially all Evangelists and even HR, have the illusion of the following property.

A pier, any device, a framework or a way of operation sharply raises success of the enterprise. For example, "we all use the MacBook, and we already have a third round of investment." Or "we decided to open a travel agency, and hire only those programmers who do not get out of travel; we want all employees to share our values, and we already have a turnover of $ 100 million. " Or "as soon as we implemented React + Vue + Angular, our business went uphill, and we bought Google." And so on.

At first glance it seems absurd? - Yes, but we admit: Hype and hubbub are indisputable accompanying elements of the modern IT-world. Any phenomenon that is on the edge of public attention, and IT, of course, from such, can not absorb the characteristic features of the society of its time. In particular, the tendency to prevalence of form over content.

KlauS 21 october 2017, 16:54

imageWorker is a source of ideas, and not just a pair of working hands.
Bias of Priene.

IT-companies are highly flexible and able to adapt to the changing market conditions quickly, the recent global crisis clearly has demonstrated that ability. In the conditions, which turned around as cause for a significant drop for the companies in other sectors of the economy, IT-companies were able to survive and even show some growth. This is despite the fact that budgets for IT-companies and many market participants were substantially revised in time of crisis. An important factor that provides the ability not only to survive, but to grow is the central position of specialist in the production structure of IT-company. The main costs and the resulting profits are dependent from the people that directly are involved in the process of creating a product, and not from the technical equipment of company. So, for example, the software developing company is able to build its capacity, involving in the development of a greater number of specialists, and increasing their professional level, while for other companies in other sectors the growth will be associated with the development of material and technical resources. IT-companies are able more effectively to realize their potential in the promising new fields without the significant increase of costs in the changing market conditions.
Pirat 26 october 2011, 12:36