Blockchain App Factory, an IEO Development & Marketing Services Company, can assist you from making to marketing your Initial Exchange Offering. You can remain focused on your core business.
BenMilo 28 march 2020, 7:39

Initial Exchange Offering is quickly becoming the go-to fundraising option for entrepreneurs. This can be seen with the increasing number of platforms offering IEO support. This trend is further expanding with the introduction of white label exchange services.

Advantages of Initial Exchange Offering:
In a nutshell, IEOs use exchange platforms to verify, list, and market projects. This is further explained in the following list:

In this funding model, the exchange functions as the trusted intermediary

Exchange conducts checks to authenticate projects and credentials of the entrepreneurs

Exchange lists the tokens on a secondary platform known as launchpads

Marketing campaigns are organized by the platform and are promoted to their members

Exchange also manages smart contracts as well as the token creation process

At a later date, the IEO tokens are shifted to the primary exchange thus providing the user with greater liquidity.

Earlier, the reputation of this decentralized fundraising medium was maligned by dubious projects and malicious individuals. Fortunately, with the introduction of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), this perception is changing the crowdfunding landscape for the better.

In the IEO model, a cryptocurrency exchange functions as a trusted intermediary. In fact, the platform functions as the judge, jury and executioner. They not only verify to check if projects follow compliance but also organize and manage token creation activities on behalf of the entrepreneur. Meanwhile, the project is also promoted to the members registered with the exchange.

However, the marketing strategies offered by the exchanges are incomplete and suffer from the following problems:

Exchange may promote the project for a very limited period

Project does not get any exposure on social media

Most platforms offer only very basic marketing support

Entrepreneur will have to shell out extra money to access extra features

Hence, it can be seen how the exchange inspired marketing services are very bland. However, this can be rectified with the help of third-party operators. These companies are partnered with leading exchanges and offer great packages on IEO services. They also take care of the listing process and give your project an all-around marketing experience.

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BenMilo 24 march 2020, 11:45

An Initial Exchange Offering is a fundraiser that is conducted by a cryptocurrency exchange on its platform. The token issuer is relieved of the burden of issuing tokens, performing KYC/AML procedures, and other processes.

They can take advantage of the existing user base of the reputed exchange. Partnering with an exchange to issue tokens can help the company earn recognition among credible investors. Although an exchange markets the issuer's tokens, it is not enough to ensure a successful IEO.

An exchange does market your project. But, is it enough? Of course not! You are not their priority. An exchange is going to launch your IEO and a hundred others too. If you’re looking for someone who will have a good understanding of your vision and objectives, who better than yourself? Set up your own team or hire a marketing agency who can work with you in close proximity.

Marketing doesn’t stop once the sale is completed. You have come this far and built value for your project. Now, it is crucial to maintain this status. Constantly work to implement new strategies and advances in your project to achieve relevance and perfection.

For this reason, a company conducts its own marketing or hires a team that focuses on marketing the tokens. Are you in search of an agency who can help you market your IEO? Go check out Blockchain App Factory and the services we provide to help companies conduct successful IEOs.
BenMilo 16 march 2020, 12:01