As ICO (Initial Coin Offering) continues to break records by raising huge funds for different projects, it has led to more challenges in formulating the right strategy for token distribution.

More than allocating efforts to develop an impeccable product, a company needs to establish a top-notch marketing strategy for every stage of the ICO. Different kinds of channels must be tapped for generating leads and getting traffic. Maximum exposure is needed to circulate the firm’s message among interested investors.

Factors That Play a Role in Your Final Decision for Employing ICO Marketing Solutions
    Choose a firm with s prior experience
    Check their rating value
    Fulfillment of long-term goals
    Updated with the latest trends
    The clarity in strategy
    Collaboration between team members
    Concentrate on timing
    Verify if the package suits your budget
    Value addition to the product
    Too much emphasis on metrics
    Verify if it is a one-stop provider or has multiple partners
    Priority to privacy
    Technical support
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VanessaJane 10 august 2020, 7:24