No matter what type of assets your government organization has, all of them can be effectively managed with our government asset tracking and managing software. SmartAMS uses barcode technology to accurately monitor the movements and physical conditions of your organization’s assets. Explore SmartAMS’s features today.

sarahsmith 11 august 2020, 16:41

Improve the transparency of how the assets in your government organization are utilized using SmartAMS. It is a robust and reliable government asset tracking software that automatically tracks the movement and condition of assets. Moreover, you can efficiently manage asset service schedules and stay ahead of AMC, insurance and warranty expiries. Contact us to know more.
sarahsmith 25 june 2020, 15:42

Regardless of the type of assets you have in your governmental organization, be it infrastructure, vehicles or land, SmartAMS will help you efficiently manage all your assets with a simple-to-use software application. It is a government asset management software that enables you to make informed asset management decisions. Contact us today.

sarahsmith 19 june 2020, 15:21