Reduce asset-related expenditure and improve savings. Get SmartAMS, the most highly acclaimed government asset management software. It is loaded with essential features to simplify tracking and managing inventory. Improve the prospects of government assets. Contact our experts for a live demo of SmartAMS today.
sarahsmith 18 october 2020, 7:20

Cut down on unnecessary expenditure and enhance asset lifecycles with SmartAMS, our leading government asset tracking software. Create custom reminders, use barcode technology to track assets, perform accurate audits and more. Streamline your asset tracking process. Book a demo with our experts at SmartPoint today.

sarahsmith 7 september 2020, 15:05

It is important for governments to practice transparency in how they use public funds to run their operations. That is best done with a government asset management software. Using a software application to track, monitor and regulate government assets offers a plethora of advantages over using traditional methods such as spreadsheets and paper-based methods.

sarahsmith 26 june 2020, 15:14