Due to the arrival of Covid-19, lockdown has implemented worldwide by several governments. As a result of this people are compelled to stay at home to break the transmission chain of corona. This made several business to go down, but this pandemic situation shines as the perfect time for the online businesses. As people are limited from visiting physical stores, they have no other choices rather than going for online platform via mobile apps to fulfill their basic needs.

Well this situation made several companies to struggle to sustain with the changing business environment. But some have taken advantage of the current situation. They have taken their services on-demand, allowing users to avail them online. Many entrepreneurs build their own app for their businesses to encash on this opportunity. This made Gojek clone app development as the most trending business model in the online marketplace.

Among several apps, multi-service providing apps like Gojek are the most sought after app solutions as they incorporate multiple essential services in one app. Moreover, people feels convenient while using these apps as it enables them to book taxi, order food and grocery, make bill payments, consult doctors, send parcels, and much more. Everything by accessing a single multi-services app.

How can I make money by launching a multi-service app like Gojek?

By launching a multi service providing app like Gojek, you can connect the consumers who looks for products & services and the merchants who offer products and services. Here I have detailed the income sources bringing in most of the revenue to understand how does Gojek make money.

Charging fee to Merchants:

You can charge commission to the merchants who sell their services by utilizing your app. Well, this is the primary method how does Gojek makes money. By listing their services in your multi service providing app, you can help the merchants to build their revenues and expand their business to more significant avenues.

Charging fee to Consumers:

In this method, you can charge users a little amount as service charge for bringing a host of services to their doorstep. This service charge is integrated into their bill and they can pay it directly via online transaction. Well, this charge should be minimal as it should not be burden for the consumers.


This is the most common method used by the app owners to generate revenue in these days. In this method, you can show ads to your users and can get a considerable amount from the ad owners. You can charge amount separately for the users to show ads and also can charge additional amount once they click those ads.

Where can I build a multi-service providing App Like Gojek?

Well building a bug free multi-service providing app like gojek might not be a simple task. Integrating a 50+ on-demand services in a single app and making it to work smoothly will a challenging one. In order to overcome these challenges, you are in need of an expertise like MacAndro. Being a reputed on-demand app development company, MacAndro upholds heap of domain knowledge in providing the best Gojek Clone App Development Services. Using our Gojek Clone Script, you can launch your on-demand multi-service business in both mobile platform and as website. Our ready-made gojek clone script scan be quickly customized in just 5 days as per the business needs.
Mathewbairstow 14 september 2020, 12:01

Gojek clone app is the best on-demand service app because of the ability to cater to multiple services from a common platform. Gojek being the largest on-demand service sector has provided services in various domains.

Few services provided by a Gojek clone app are

1.ride-hailing and rental services like taxi app, car rental, motor rental, helicopter ride, boat ride, boat rental, packer mover, etc.
2. Delivery services like food delivery, grocery delivery, pharmacy delivery, water delivery, courier delivery, flower delivery, marijuana delivery, alcohol delivery, commonly delivered, etc.
3.Other services like a car wash, dog grooming, barber, catering, mechanic, tutors, psychologist, babysitter, fitness trainer, housemaids, carpenter, etc.

How does the Gojek clone app benefit the business

1. It increases the brand awareness of your business and creates excellent visibility and reach among your users.
2. You can provide multiple services and maintain all of them in one platform. This makes it so much easier to maintain business processes.
3.The more the services, the better the revenue. There is going to be scope for a high return of investments and revenue generation for your business.
4. It is also easier to market the app using a Gojek clone. Customers who try to order food from your app will be inclined to use your digital wallet system as well. Thus it is easier to help market other services in your app automatically.
5. The COVID-19 safety features integrated into the app can help you run your app following all the safety standards and norms of this time.

Mobile apps are expected to generate a revenue of $189 billion by the end of 2020. The usage of mobile apps to avail on-demand services are increasing profoundly, and investing in the Gojek clone app will aid you in being a huge part of it.
Jerlinjustin 11 september 2020, 5:12

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Coronavirus, or COVID-19, had severe consequences on the world. The Ongoing Pandemic has affected the life of every individual around the world. As per the latest report, approximately 3.75 million people and counting have been affected and the number is increasing at a rapid pace.

Coronavirus Outbreak and Quarantine have changed how we are used to living. Whether it be education, work, or Shopping, everything has changed. People are finding very difficult to reach their needs such as food, grocery, medicine, or any other needs due to coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks to Modern Technology, it has provided a one-stop solution, the On-Demand Apps. The need for On-Demand Apps has been increasing day by day. With COVID-19 Pandemic pushing people to lock themselves into the four walls, On-Demand Apps are helping them get their needs. On-demand apps are available for almost all services nowadays.
Rise of On-Demand App Services during this Quarantine Season.
-Food Delivery Apps
-Grocery Delivery Apps
-Pharmacy/Medicine Delivery Apps
-eLearning Apps and Much more.
Provide On-Demand multi-service with a single app
Instead of Creating Separate Apps for every service, think of a smart way. Have you ever imagined delivering multiple services such as food, grocery, and pharmacy in a single app? On-Demand Multi-Service App lets you provide those services from a single App. Gojek is an On-Demand Multi-Service App which are pioneers in this multi-services market. So Providing multi-services from a single during this quarantine season can be a great benefit to people.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner looking to invest in this flourishing market, there is no better time than now. Start an On-Demand Multi-Service App with Gojek Clone App and Supply to the needs of the people on their Door Steps.
davidryan 16 may 2020, 10:19

By definition, a Gojek clone is one that allows the user to avail of a multitude of services that encompass various fields. As we know, the reason people go for an app like Gojek clone is that it has everything that they would need in one roof. From medicine to toys, groceries to massages, the Gojek clone accommodates it all. Similarly, when it comes to the features included, customers expect the Gojek clone to provide a long list of services.
Features of Gojek Clone expect by customers:

User profile management - options to sign up, log in, log out, etc.

Search/ browse services - browsing/ searching through the list of services available.

Choose service - availing the service that you need

Scheduled bookings - choose the date and time when you want the service by.

Multi-payment modes- choose from a variety of payment modes - cards, cash, internet banking.

Real-time tracking - track your delivery or service in real-time.

Ridesharing - applicable for ride-hailing services

Order history - users can see a past list of all their orders

User panel - users can find all the information they need from this panel

Admin panel - admins can manage the entirety of the operation from here

Manage orders - users can get information and also manage their current orders from here

Push notifications - users will be notified in real-time via push notifications

Ratings - Users can give ratings based on the service

Fare estimate - Users can get an accurate fair estimate of the services availed

Concurrent services - users can avail more than one service at a given time

Cancellation - users can cancel service when they want - a small fee might be charged.

Customer service - around the clock customer service to help users with issues

These are some of the must-have features in any competent GoJek clone app. Building upon this basic building block can give an added advantage to any budding entrepreneur looking to grow their business and earn big in on-demand services. Consider getting in touch with a reputed Gojek clone developer to gain more insights.
Jasmine 26 march 2020, 11:38

Gojek clone script is the best source code for all your business solutions; it can be developed in both android and IOS platform which are easily customized according to the customer’s requirements.

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